Melissa poses next to her desk on day one
Melissa Nguyen, UX Content Strategist

Melissa Nguyen shares her first-day experience working from home at Indeed 

Starting a new job can be an anxious experience – transitioning from something familiar and comfortable to the many unknowns that come with a new company. While questions like, “How will I get along with my new coworkers?” to “What are my benefits?” are common for any job transition, it can be especially stressful for those starting in remote roles or working from home (WFH) during the pandemic.


New year, new place, new job!

2020 was a year unlike any other in our lifetime, and many of us were looking forward to 2021. Melissa started the year with two huge milestones: transitioning to a new job at Indeed and, simultaneously, moving into a new place. For Melissa, 2021 kicked off with a bang of new beginnings.

Watch Melissa unpack her day one in the video below.


Melissa found Indeed’s onboarding to be comprehensive and streamlined for ease, allowing her to focus on getting her new home office situated. 

In the week leading up to her first day, Indeed mailed computer equipment, including a laptop, work monitors, noise cancelling headphones, and accessories. Not only did Indeed send a full office set up, but a fun “new hire kit” featuring Indeed swag (swag is our love language): a coffee mug, socks, our orange chair, backpack, and our instantly recognizable ‘I Help People Get Jobs’ t-shirt was included as well. 

Morning Orientation

Most Indeedians start on a Monday, with orientation led by our fabulous Employee Experience team. They coordinate with the various teams needed to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Members of IT and HR are there to help new hires set up their logins, health benefits, payroll, etc, before going over extra benefits, such as a generous WFH stipend for all employees working from home during the pandemic. Since Melissa just moved into her new place, she used the stipend on a computer desk, chair, ergonomic chair cushion, and robot vacuum to keep her at-home workspace clean.

Afternoon with the team

After the morning orientation, Melissa got to meet her teammates. The rest of the day flew by with team introductions. The smiling faces and warm welcomes gave her the confidence to hit the ground running, excited to work with her new team. 

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