Yasushi Ishi is a Manager of Business Operations and Support Solutions (BOSS) in the Sales and Client Success Strategy team at Indeed Tokyo. He shares how his journey with Indeed has changed over the years… except for one thing. 


When I joined Indeed five years ago, the company’s brand was not recognized as much then (this was before the Japanese song on TV ads was popular). But I knew I had to join the team as the mission of “I help people get jobs” really stuck with me. 

I started Indeed in July 2015 as a Client Service Specialist in Tokyo. Indeed was the first tech company I had worked for and everything looked very different – from a beautiful office to a variety of free snacks, a brand new laptop and an ergonomic workspace. 

Working at Indeed is exciting with new learnings and experiences everyday, and my journey at Indeed has been a series of great challenges and opportunities. I am lucky to work alongside amazing peers, teams, managers, stakeholders and clients who trust me and draw on my strengths. The way we work really falls in line with my values of:

  • Following my heart in any situation
  • Positivity, where we learn from our mistakes and how we get through tough times
  • Growth mindset, where we accept challenges and go forth

This is fundamental to who I am and how far I’ve come.

Indeed Lead Q2 2017 in Stamford

One of the highlights of my career was being one of six people who received the opportunity to be part of a two-month long training program called Indeed Lead. This was a training program specific to management and leadership that was held in Stamford, Connecticut in early 2017. 

From the program, the key takeaways for me was to always be confident in what I do and believe in myself. As I go along with work (and life), I have found that there are many things that I may not know and sometimes change is scary.

Confidence helps with making decisions and moving forward and even if I make mistakes, I learn to accept and learn from them. 

I also learned that we should take ownership of what we do and persevere to make it happen.

With CS Managers before moving to BOSS Support team in Q1 2019

In the three years following Indeed Lead, I was grateful to be promoted twice in the Client Success (CS) team, followed by a successful internal move to the Business Operations and Support Solutions (BOSS) Support team in March 2019. 

The transition has enabled me to extend my technical knowledge further and contribute to Indeed from a different perspective, while still tapping on my previous skills and experience. 

Author sits with team member in the lobby of an Indeed office with a living wall in the background

Today, I manage a team of four in Tokyo and our job is to ensure that we give the best solutions possible to our internal partners (Sales and CS) for any product bugs, and acting as a liaison with our Product teams globally.

I believe that the core of my career development at Indeed is to keep finding solutions of how I can make a positive impact to help people get jobs and add value to the job seeker market. No matter how small my win, I believe it will make a big impact towards job seekers and our clients. 

As I am writing this in April 2020, we are currently in a different place… the way we work has changed as we all work from home now with all our meetings being virtual. 

Author and a group of co-workers

The way I live my personal life has also changed, but my passion for our mission has never changed.

Though it is a challenge for all of us, I acknowledge and accept these tough times as an opportunity. It has pushed me to learn differently by thinking of different ways to be successful. My priority as a husband and Indeedian is really to keep myself happy and healthy. 

Since we are working from home, I now get the simple pleasures of cooking lunch for my wife everyday, which I never got to do before this (you should try my hot sandwiches!) 

Screenshot of Zoom meeting

I also share fun ideas with my team to make working from home fun and to keep everyone engaged. I truly appreciate my team, my managers, stakeholders, family and friends who have made it all possible.

I would like to close this blog with my favorite quote:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

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