Author and co-worker play ping pong in the new officeGo Araki is a Business Recruiter at Indeed Tokyo. Here, he gives us a glimpse of what it’s like working from one of our Tokyo offices.


As mentioned in a previous article, Indeed Japan has moved its head office to our brand new space at Roppongi.

“What an amazing workspace!” Those were the first words that came to mind when I arrived at the office.

I joined Indeed Japan in February 2019, and it has been about a year now, but looking back, the first thing that caught my attention was the office environment. It was beautiful, spacious and had an open working culture and it’s even better now in our new Roppongi office.

Before I changed jobs, I was working for an established Japanese company, and I hadn’t noticed it at the time, but the office environment was a traditional one where it was quite conservative and did not have such an open work culture. 

Wall of drink and snack coolers in the cafe at Indeed office

I’m grateful for many things now at Indeed Japan and I wanted to share a couple of perks we get here at Indeed:

  • A variety of drinks 
  • Different types of coffee makers
  • There’s always cereal, snacks and sweets available at our pantries
  • There is also fresh fruits, pudding, yogurt, and juice
  • Breakfast and lunch is provided

We are blessed with the variety of food and drinks at the office and I think I can even just live in the office.

In addition to the variety of food and drinks, our workspace and office equipment is incredible:

  • We have ample desk space
  • The seating is also great with sufficient space between workstations
  • We have an ergonomic adjustable standing desk
  • Sufficient meeting rooms
  • There is a game room
  • Video conferencing system

All our meeting rooms across offices globally are themed. At Roppongi, one area of our meeting rooms are named according to Japanese gods. 

Sky view from lounge area

You can choose to work from a workspace overlooking the views of the city.

The advantages of having a spacious workspace means that there will always be sufficient rooms to host guests, have team meetings and conduct interviews.

This helps us become more efficient as we spend less time coordinating room bookings or allocation among ourselves. We can then spend more time focusing on achieving our objectives.

Though room booking and coordination seems like a small challenge, the difference of not having to do that has a substantial impact on the work that we deliver.

I hope my sharing gives you some insights into working at Indeed Japan. 

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