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A working mother’s story inside Indeed

Being a new parent gave Fiona McCoy a new outlook in both her professional and personal life, thanks to the unwavering support from her team at Indeed.

Fiona McCoy is a Business Recruiter at Indeed in Sydney. She has recently returned to work as a mother and shares how Indeed has supported her in this transition.

I returned to work last year after 13 months of maternity leave and wow, what a transition it has been! If you are a parent that has experienced this, you will understand the challenges of balancing a career with your family life. 

Author holds her daughter beside a beachfront area with surfboards in viewBeing a new parent has truly given me a new outlook in both my professional and personal life. The experience helped me put everything into perspective… I sharpened my skills in time management, multitasking and of course, negotiating as I have come to learn that it is quite challenging to negotiate with a toddler on little sleep. 

Now that I have a family of my own, I truly understand how important it is to provide and care for the people that I love.

All while working for a company that supports me with a mission that I now resonate with all the more!

For me, this has made helping people get jobs more meaningful as I feel how much it impacts families as well as individuals.

The flexibility Indeed provides has been the most important factor for my family in this transition. Sickness, sleep deprivation, daycare pick up/drop off and the daily hustle of getting out of the house on time has been challenging. 

I feel very proud to work for a company that recognises the challenges of a working mother. Indeed offers me support and trust in being able to work around these obstacles. 

The open PTO is my favourite benefit at Indeed and is something I feel very lucky to have. I am originally from the UK and being able to take time off to see my family every year and enjoy holidays on this side of the world (especially now with the little one) is key to maintaining a healthy work life balance.

It motivates me to be a high performer as I feel recharged and ready to challenge myself in my role. 

In addition to the flexibility, open PTO trust and support Indeed provides, I really love being able to help build the amazing culture that Indeed works so hard to deliver. 

Author embraces her daughter inside an outdoor playhouseWe hire diverse talent that brings new ideas and perspectives to our business. In return, we treat employees as individuals and appreciate that they have a life and responsibilities outside of the office. 

I find this level of support pretty unique in the business world. I hope that in years to come, this is the norm and managing a successful career outside of the family home is more manageable.

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