Are speed interviews like speed dating? A University Recruiter’s perspective

Alan Lim, a University Recruiter based in Singapore shares what his role entails as well as tips and tricks to prepare for a speed and virtual interview.

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Alan Lim is a University Recruiter based in Singapore. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore, and has been with Indeed for close to two years. In this podcast, he shares what his role entails as well as tips and tricks to prepare for a speed and virtual interview.

As part of the Talent Attraction team, Alan is responsible for connecting with students and those who oversee employer relations in universities.

He also recruits students for both graduate and intern positions at Indeed.

“The main part of my job is to engage students in universities, share what we do at Indeed and how we help people get jobs. I also organise webinars and workshops to help students with interview skills, resume writing and technical skills,” Alan shared in a podcast conversation with Inside Indeed.

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“There are regular series of talks where we get speakers from the Engineering, Data Science and Product teams to share with students about their job scope… and if students are interested to join the team, they can link up with us individually,” Alan said.

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He also talks about speed and virtual interviews. In the podcast, he walks us through what these types of interviews entail, tips and tricks on how to differentiate ourselves and how to perfect an elevator pitch.

Alan also gives advice on some of the key things to keep in mind and prepare before you attend a virtual interview.


To find out more, listen in on this episode of our Culture Matters podcast via the SoundCloud player below:

We hope this gives you some tips to prep for your next speed or virtual interview. If you would like to read more stories from our university graduates or interns, find out more here.




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