APM Rotation Program

Indeed’s APM Rotation Program transforms aspiring product managers into the leaders who will build the future of the hiring industry, and beyond.

Through direct mentorship, high-impact projects, exposure to global markets, and hands-on learning with product leaders and cross-functional partners, you’ll learn how to create global impact for millions of users around the world.

More about the program

We built the APM Rotation Program to invest in aspiring product leaders who are ready to solve challenges in the global job market using technology—product leaders who want to help people get jobs, and to help employers find the right talent for their companies.

At Indeed, Product Management is about more than just getting stuff done. APMs drive impact and inspire loyalty throughout the company. You’ll be an entrepreneur from day one, reimagining existing products and inventing new ones to meet our users’ ever-changing needs.

Think about your experience applying to jobs. Consider all the joys and frustrations that come with that journey. Now imagine if your job was to build products and experiences that empower and enable jobseekers and hiring teams all over the world!

In the APM Rotation Program, you’ll have:

  • Ownership and visibility — Right from the start, you’ll lead a high-profile product with visibility to senior product leaders and executives. We’ll place you on products across the company, so you and your cohort will gain insight into Indeed’s product organization. 
  • Managers, mentors and peers — During your product rotations, you’ll work with a manager with a passion for developing new product leaders, develop valuable relationships with mentors and learn as much from your peers in the program as they’ll learn from you.  
  • Cohort learning — You and your cohort will explore product philosophies with subject-matter experts and hone fundamental skills. You’ll explore other parts of the business through partnerships with various teams at Indeed. And, together, you’ll travel the world to engage directly with global users. 

Timeline of the program


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Find out more about the APM Rotational Program Read our blog

Find out more about the APM Rotational Program Read our blog

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