At Indeed, our UX teams consist of talented individuals who spend their days making sure our site doesn’t just list jobs, but also works in a way that is as easy and functional as possible.

“Design is all about problem-solving,” Marc Harrod (left), a UX director based at Indeed Singapore, says. “In my opinion, what it takes to be successful in the world of UX is to be obsessive over the problem.”

He explains that UX teams must have to have a deep understanding of what their users needs are, and to be bold and test ideas. Marc adds there is nothing more rewarding than being able to “literally change people’s lives by listening to job seekers and ensuring we focus on what matters to them”. 

Wendy Ng, a UX designer based in Indeed Singapore, adds: “User experience is about making the things you do easy rather than frustrating.”  

Wendy, who has been an experience designer since the age of 17, recalls the first time she realised she had an interest in UX. 

“Growing up I have always had a creative side – I was that kid playing in Photoshop and making websites because I thought computers were cool,” she says. “But design as a career path pretty much found me.”

She got her start as a freelance designer, helping to design and build a contact form page for a golfing academy in Singapore… a project that only paid $500.  It may have been a small start all those years ago, but was the first step that pathed the way for her to Indeed.

After a recommendation from a friend who already worked at Indeed, Wendy (right) researched the company’s values and found it aligned with what she’d like to be doing. 

“I was ready to take on new challenges, and sought a company that empowers and challenges its employees to be the best professionals they can,” she says. 

“Everything I found about Indeed supported my information and intuition that this is a place I’d love to work, and where my design efforts can impact the product and empower job seekers and employers around the world to connect in meaningful ways.”

Wendy joined the UX team in Singapore in February 2020, and not too long after, Sara Koay, joined the same team as a UX researcher. 

Initially both a designer and researcher, Sara chose to pursue UX research and support the designers on her team. 

For her, working in UX allows her to exercise two passions – technology and psychology – and put that to use every day. 

“It’s very rewarding to know that I’m helping people with something they really need, and that my role means I’m directly advocating for those people and their goals,” Sara says. 

“Work is a big part of many peoples’ lives and it’s both empowering and humbling to be able to help people find jobs.” 

For both, the average work day is spent in meetings, doing research and learning about people’s experiences to keep improving their experience on 

“I find it useful to block out time to have at least a couple of uninterrupted, consecutive hours of design time every day. Throughout, I’m also collaborating with other designers ad-hoc or through critiques,” Wendy shares. 

Sara (left) shares that in order to keep work manageable, she works with her teams to keep her work hours flexible, especially on days where she may need to collaborate and work with her US-based counterparts. 

“Every day is different depending on the mode the team is in,” Wendy adds. “But the work remains fulfilling, knowing my skills and actions can help others by shaping the best experience of connecting millions of people to new job opportunities.”

Both Wendy and Sara started at Indeed remotely, as the company had moved all employees globally to a work from home structure in March 2020. 

“It was quite an unconventional start to work remotely, but I sure feel good that I have an excellent support system all-around – a good manager, an impactful product, a good team that I am working with – putting it simply, an ideal setup for me to do my best work,” Wendy recalls. 

The Singapore UX team

For others who might be looking to pursue a career in tech, Wendy says the best way to start is to “just go for it”.

“My advice is to read everything you can on the tech industry to prepare for applying to jobs, and to attend MeetUps and events where you are sure to meet new people, say hi to them, ask questions and be open,” she says, adding that since a lot of events are online now, it makes them a lot more accessible as well.

Marc ends with a reminder that not every idea will succeed; “Don’t get too attached to the solution, learn from the good and the bad, and move forward focused on solving real problems,” he says. 

So… if you are ready to just go for it, why not check out all the available roles at Indeed Singapore by clicking here?