Abhishek Dhasmana is a Product Director based in Hyderabad. He joined Indeed in 2018 and has extensive experience building products in various tech companies. 

In this Culture Matters interview hosted by Lynn Chang from the Employer Brand team, Abhishek shares more about his role, some of the exciting projects his team works on, and what it takes to be part of the team.

“One thing that sort of stuck with me was how powerful the mission that Indeed is working on. It’s very simple, and it’s helping people get jobs. Its simplicity and its scope really resonated with me,” Abhishek shares when asked about one of the reasons he decided to join Indeed. 

His passion for building exciting new products has also been evident in his career trajectory, including joining Indeed 3 years ago.

As he walks us through his experience and what made him join Indeed, Abhishek also shares the two things he discovered.

“The power of small teams that are empowered to make decisions: At Indeed, you truly have the power to decide what you want to work on, and of course this comes with responsibility”

“The second thing that’s unique to Indeed is the extent and depth to which we use data to inform our decisions,” Abhishek shares.  

Abhishek and his team on a virtual meeting

Abhishek continues to elaborate that although we use a lot of data to inform our decisions, the team uses a combination of qualitative data, where we still apply intuition to inform what we’re going to build. 

“Just the scale of Indeed and the data we have on how jobseekers are responding to our features, our value proposition… It’s eye-opening and very very empowering,” Abhishek highlights. 

When looking for someone to join his team, Abhishek shares the importance of people who share the passion for Indeed’s mission. He also highlights the value of having a sense of ownership, as well as a growth mindset. 

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