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From the Stage to Sales: How I Became A… Senior National Account Manager in Düsseldorf

From being a bikini athlete to becoming a Senior National Account Manager at Indeed, Daniela shares her story of struggle and success.

From being a bikini athlete to becoming a Senior National Account Manager at Indeed, Daniela Stamm shares her story of ups and downs, and how a positive mind set helped her overcome obstacles.

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Many might be surprised to know this, but Daniela’s background is in fitness – in fact she is a certified gymnastics coach and was an active bodybuilder and award winning bikini athlete. She has worked in the fitness industry for several years, even as a managing partner of two fitness studios. Fitness is her passion, however back then it was also her profession. 

“I was often giving fitness classes in the evening, although I spent all day in the office taking care of the business matters. This led to the decision to drop out of the business,” Daniela shares. “What I wanted was a job that I considered to be a ‘normal job’ in an office, working from 9 to 5. So I got my first job in sales in an international chain for fitness studios.

Later, I turned my back on the fitness industry and was able to demonstrate my sales talent in a cargo company.”


After a few years, the cargo company went through an internal restructuring process and as a result Daniela lost her job. “It was the first time that I was laid off and I was in shock.” Nevertheless, during that time, she took some time for herself to reflect on what happened and decided to reposition herself and get back on her feet.

“This is something that I learned from my life as an athlete. If you fail, you have to come up with a plan instead of burying your head in the sand. You have to be consistent and never lose sight of the goal that you pursue and so I used this experience to pick myself back up.”


Daniela knew of Indeed as a jobsite but wasn’t fully aware that they offered jobs inside Indeed too. She started scrolling through the site looking for anything but sales roles as she wanted to begin something completely different. “I decided to see the job loss as an opportunity for a new start, outside of sales.”

But regardless of her search criteria, there was one job advert that constantly popped up: Account Executive for Indeed. 

“I kept seeing the job over and over and thought: ‘What I need is a new job, maybe this is a sign.’ So I decided to apply.” Daniela didn’t hesitate any longer and submitted her CV. She instantly received a call from the recruiter, and two weeks later it was her first day as Account Executive at Indeed! Everything happened very quickly and it was in April 2016 that she found herself in Dublin for the onboarding and training process.

“I was super excited to take myself to new heights with my new job at Indeed, but I began to struggle right away,”



Daniela admits. “The training sessions in Dublin were conducted in English and my English back then was poor. There was loads of Indeed terminology and sales jargon that made it even harder for me to follow. On top of that, I was overwhelmed with all the different Indeed products and their technical comprehension.”

Back in Düsseldorf, she was determined to defy the initial difficulties and put into practice  what she had learned in Dublin. Daniela had the full support of her team and a colleague was assigned to her as a buddy to take care of onboarding and training. “Without my team I wouldn’t be here today.” Daniela reckons. “We practiced the course of the sales dialogue over and over again. We supported and motivated each other, even recorded ourselves on video,” she remembers.

Shortly after, she realised that clients were responding positively when she called. “Suddenly I was able to sell them our sponsored jobs and the other products,” Daniela says. “It gave me a real lift and I thought, ‘Wow, I can do it after all!’”

The most important learning for Daniela from this time:


“Give yourself time. Even for experienced sales reps like me, it was a process. It took me about six weeks to master the products well enough to be successful in sales.”


“Initially my plan was to be a sales director one day, but over time I was more and more fascinated by becoming a National Account Manager,” she says. “The large customers and enterprise accounts seemed to be exciting and I liked the idea to negotiate with decision makers on a top level and to handle huge sums of money.

I was ready for a new challenge and applied as National Account Manager.”


That was exactly two years after Daniela’s first start date at Indeed in April 2018. Another year and a half later she was promoted again and is now a Senior National Account Manager. She believes a big part of what has really helped her along the way was the mindset of an athlete.

 “What matters is to be consistent when it comes to pursuing a goal and not to be discouraged by setbacks. Nevertheless, fitness is now just a hobby for me on the side.” she shares.

“My top priority is my job at Indeed. Indeed is my everything and means the world to me. I love my job and that’s the reason why I am so successful.”







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How I Became An… Associate Site Lead

From academia to the civil service and now working at Indeed as an Associate Site Lead, Lynette Tan walks us through her mid-career changes. She shares what she learnt, her challenges and what helped her through it all.

From academia to the civil service and now working at Indeed as an Associate Site Lead, Lynette Tan walks us through her mid-career changes. She shares what she learnt, her challenges and what helped her through it all.

Lynette grew up in Singapore and spent some time in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California, where she studied Neuroscience and Anthropology while minoring in Classics.

Always fascinated by human behavior, she had an interest in looking at human interaction from different angles. 

“I know it might seem like an odd combination, but studying the rise and fall of ancient civilizations went hand in hand with examining our evolutionary history. What motivates us? What frustrates us? What makes us come together as communities and work towards shared goals? What makes us want to tear systems down?” she reflected.

With a passion for human behavior, her journey to Indeed strangely enough, began with chickens.

“My first real job was as a lab manager looking after dozens of chickens. Our lab was doing research on cognitive development in newborns – basically, what are we born understanding,” she said. 

“Chickens turned out to be the best test subject for this, and so I learned to build cages, wire up a lab for monitoring, create and animate 3D models… and care for chicks!”. 

After a year of this, she moved on to join the Singapore government as a policy officer, and eventually underwent training as an Organisational Development practitioner. In 2019, she made yet another transition and joined Indeed.

Transitioning between sectors is not easy, but Lynette has been driven by the desire to find a place where she can do meaningful, impactful work.

“My discovery of the field of OD was life-changing. When I first joined the government I didn’t know what OD was. I had already been interested in the human aspect of team effectiveness, and had tried to work on issues like team morale and accountability,” she shared.

“One day my agency’s OD team came to chat with my unit, and started asking all these questions about challenges our team might be facing – it was like they were reading my mind…as the team left the meeting, I grabbed them and said, ‘I want to do what you do’!’” she recalls.

The opportunity to join the OD team arose and Lynette seized it. She shares how at the time, a lot of people she respected were not in favor of the decision she made as OD was not a high-prestige role in government. She went ahead with her decision as she really wanted to learn what made teams tick.

She never regretted her choice. “I received incredible training in this role, got to meet and learn with others who were working towards the same goals, and could start testing out my own ideas – and this time my idealism was backed by a more solid foundation.” she said.

As she grew in her OD experience, she became interested in learning more about how good organisations work, and wanted to make the jump into the private sector to broaden her experience.

A friend referred her to the job at Indeed which was exactly what she was looking for. She joined as the Site Operations Manager, looking after the health and effectiveness of the Singapore site. Now, a year later, she has stepped into the role of Associate Site Lead which has allowed her to branch out to regional and global work as well. 

“Indeed has been more than I dared hope for. Indeedians are incredibly mission and value-driven, and the work culture is the best I’ve come across,” she said. 

When the Function Office team were all together in Austin

“Besides being surrounded by people I respect and have so much fun with, I get to work on building teams and communities, and on improving fundamental organisational processes, like interviewing, training and performance management; helping our teams grow through their careers. This role gives me exactly the view I wanted to see: what makes organisations great?”

Her role by nature involves managing a significant amount of uncertainty. Indeed has moved very quickly in the last year especially, which has meant that everyone has needed to adapt to more changes than usual.

“The Function Office, which I belong to, has sight into multiple teams and access to many streams of information, which can mean learning of events or situations on the horizon before we reach consensus on how to respond as a company,” she explained.

“Over time, I’ve come to realize the importance of being able to sit with the feeling of being uncomfortable,” she shared.

She emphasized the importance of differentiating between what we can and cannot control. This comes with some patience and self-awareness and for those looking to learn, she recommends Peter Bregman’s “Leading with Emotional Courage” as a place to start.

Above are some pieces of Lynette’s artwork!

Lynette also believes that it’s important to make space for pursuing different passions. During the height of the Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore, she picked up watercoloring as a way to calm herself. “I find that painting allows me to fully focus my mind on the task at hand, and take a break from my normal thoughts and worries. It helps me maintain perspective,” she said.

In addition to continuous learning, Lynette said she owes her success to the people who believe in her. “It’s an empowering thing to have someone raise your horizons by expecting more of you than you would yourself, and I am thankful to everyone who does that for me, some of whom are right here at Indeed,” she said. 

From that, she has gained a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge. Her advice to those who might be going through or planning on changing industries mid-career is to focus on your strengths, know the direction in which you want to go, and see what you should add to your toolbox of skills to be really successful in your next job,” she added.

“Know that it’s normal to be afraid! I’ve never been more terrified than in making the jump to Indeed!” she admitted.

“At the time, I figured out I was afraid of failing in such a public way, of proving that I couldn’t do the job I was claiming to be capable of. I had to be okay with that – once I realized it was just pride holding me back, I was ready to bite the bullet. And luckily for me, joining Indeed has turned out to be the best decision I’ve made!”

To hear more from Lynette, listen in to this episode of our Culture Matters podcast:

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Two internships and three years on: Leading a Software Engineering team in Hyderabad

Vidhem Chhabra shares some of the misconceptions about his role as a Staff Software Engineer working #insideindeed Hyderabad and gives us insights into his world on the Indeed Apply team.

Headshot of authorVidhem Chhabra graduated with an Integrated Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) in Delhi. He had his first (and second) experience with Indeed as an intern, and later joined as a new graduate. He then grew his career with Indeed and is now overseeing a team as a Staff Software Engineer at Indeed Hyderabad.

Today, there are so many tech companies for Software Engineers to choose from to grow their career. 

If working on global products at scale gets you excited, or if you would like to find out what it’s like working at Indeed Hyderabad, you may want to listen in on this episode of our Culture Matters podcast.

Vidhem shares why he chose to join Indeed, walks us through how he has grown in his career and gives us insights into his world as a Staff Software Engineer on the Indeed Apply team.

Vidhem and team clowning around at an Indeed event

He explains one of the reasons for joining Indeed was because of the incredibly positive internship experience he had with Indeed. “The level of ownership that I had during my internship was pretty unheard of! I also spoke to other peers who interned at different companies… The kind of work I did during my internship really made an impact in the real world and truly made a difference in the lives of jobseekers,” Vidhem shares.

Vidhem also talks about some of the misconceptions about his role and working at Indeed. One of the misconceptions he shares is that Engineers based in India do not work on significant or critical products as compared to the rest of the company. 

Vidhem's team at Indeed

“That is a very big misconception. We get to build and own software that helps people all over the world get jobs. The level of impact that we make out of Hyderabad is as significant as any other location. It’s a world class engineering office and we have top notch engineering talent working on those products,” Vidhem mentions.

In his conversation with Inside Indeed, he continues to share more about the Indeed Apply product, the challenges he faces in his role and also provides tips as an interviewer at Indeed.

To find out more about Vidhem’s experience and advice, listen in on this episode of our Culture Matters podcast.

To find out more about jobs at Indeed Hyderabad, click here.


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One year and counting: From fresh grad to software engineer at Indeed

Join Jiayee Lim, a software engineer based in Indeed Singapore, as she reflects on her first year at Indeed.

Jiayee Lim, a software engineer based in Indeed Singapore, reflects on her first year at Indeed.

It has been a year since I joined my first team at Indeed. I am now a software engineer in the International Employer Engagement team, helping employers help people get jobs! But when I started at Indeed a year ago, I joined through the New College Graduate (NCG) program in Singapore.

I’m doing great now but my first few months at Indeed sure wasn’t a walk in the park. 

Jiayee’s set up on her first day at the Indeed office

There are many clever development tools and integrations at Indeed, and it took me a while to gain sufficient exposure to them. I am still learning about them now as we speak. In addition, both my team and teammates were new.

Read more: New college graduate bootcamp; Building products the Indeed way

In our first few months at Indeed, we had to deliver our products while learning how to work together and establishing team processes which can optimise our productivity.

We also had to familiarise ourselves with the various support teams in Indeed so that we can focus more on our products. It wasn’t easy but we made it.

Jiayee with the International Employer Engagement team

Some of our notable projects included automating personalised email marketing campaigns through data pipelines and accelerating the localisation of emails through my team’s email localisation manager platform.

Our next challenge is to remove ourselves from the data pipeline by enabling marketers and product analysts to build and run personalised campaigns through a user interface. My team and I are motivated to make personalisation of experiences for customers accessible to Indeedians.


A unique hosting opportunity

In addition to my duties as a software engineer, I am now also a host of ‘Demos, Demos Demos’ – or Demos^3 for short – for the Singapore office.

Plate of homemade tacos

In a nutshell, Demos^3 is a platform for knowledge sharing which is open to all Indeedians… anyone can share anything they have learned or find interesting and want to share. Past presentations ranged from demonstrating prototypes, running through product decks, code deep dives to saving money on electricity and even a live cooking demonstration on how to make tortillas.

Currently, with all Indeedians working from home, we have been hosting a joint Demos^3 with the Hyderabad, Singapore and Tokyo offices.

It has been an enjoyable experience as we now get to see a greater variety of demos and we get to understand what Indeedians from the other offices have been working on.

Although there are more participants to manage, we also have more hosts from the different offices so when one of us is unavailable, someone else can take over.

Adapting to becoming a full time engineer

I believe that the skills I honed while in college and my past internship experiences were key to helping me learn and adapt to the work at Indeed. 

In college, I was expected to take charge of our learning so I had to be independent and resourceful; during my internships, I learnt to communicate with my team and work together to deliver software products. To me, both of these experiences have helped me with my role at Indeed.

The past year of working at Indeed is rewarding, as I get to ease people’s (job seekers, employers and even Indeedians!) lives through technology, get involved with activities and initiatives in my office (e.g. Demos^3, Hackathon, etc.) and am recognised for my contributions.

Participants of Indeed’s virtual Summer Hackathon 2020

Looking forward, in my next year with Indeed, I hope to be one of the main driving forces in bringing my team’s projects to fruition, benefitting Indeedians and employers who hire through Indeed.

For any young engineers or fresh graduates looking to join the industry, my biggest piece of advice for them is to stay motivated, strive to improve and to always pursue their passion. It is important to derive meaning and satisfaction from a job so that we are more than willing to deliver our best and grow to become better employees and contributors to society.

To learn more about our Engineering work, click here, and you can find our University blog here. Interested to find out more about Indeed Singapore? We’ve got you covered.



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Contract to Full-time: How I Became A… Sales Director in Sydney

Natalie Seaman walks us through her journey at Indeed, her passion for coaching and developing people, and what it takes to be successful in a sales team. 

Natalie Seaman walks us through her journey at Indeed, her passion for coaching and developing people, and what it takes to be successful in a sales team. 

I was originally referred by a friend of an Indeed employee. I had heard of the company because of its excellent reputation. I knew it was the world’s number one job site, respected for being innovative and inclusive, with a great work culture. What’s not to like! 

The idea of working for a company that puts job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs and post resumes also appealed to me. We all know how hard it can be finding a good, suitable position, so I was attracted to a company that had that mission statement at its heart. It’s good to feel you are helping people while contributing to a company’s success, learning and having fun at the same time. Win win!

At the time of referral, I had been offered a position at another tech company, but opted to attend the interview at Indeed as it was a dynamic start-up in a small office overlooking The Sydney Opera house and Harbour Bridge – a dream for a Brit!

In the interview, I was told that they were looking for two people to help launch the Content team in Sydney. It was only a pilot project, and the role might only last for two months. I readily accepted and as soon as I joined, I knew this was a company I could see myself with for the long haul. With that mindset, I was more determined than ever to make an impact on the Content team, with the goal to become a permanent Indeedian. The pilot was successful and the following weeks and months saw the team grow and my contract was extended. 

After six months in the role, I moved to an Account Executive role looking after the Staffing segment (the team focusing on recruitment firms) and then shortly after, I was asked to help start up the Dradis team (which is the team looking after all businesses that operated solely on the hosted platform). This proved very successful where the revenue and team grew very quickly, and I was promoted to Team Lead after overachieving all of my targets. 

Being a Team Lead helped me focus on my passion for coaching and developing people to perform to their very best, helping them achieve their targets, as well as my own. After a successful year in the role as Team Lead, I was promoted to a Sales Director. 

It’s been an incredible journey and I’m hugely grateful for the opportunities Indeed has presented me with. 

It’s great to work for a company that seeks to invest in its talent and promote from within – this brings about great loyalty and respect.

Author and friends at a trailwalk

This experience has taught me skills that I am able to bring with me wherever I go. From wearing many hats in my current role, I’ve picked up skills such as the ability to be flexible, work under pressure, collaborate well with others, have good communication skills and determination. Not forgetting a good sense of humour – that goes a long way in life!

As I learn to sharpen those skills, grit, passion, hard work and dedication has helped me achieve my goals.

Indeed is a highly innovative company that is ever evolving and re-inventing itself, so we need to be resilient and be able not just to adapt to change, but also thrive and be successful within the ‘new world’. 

We operate in a highly competitive industry so we also need to be courageous enough to try new methods and dare to make mistakes – as long as we learn from them.

Author and friends on a sunset hike

I love the working culture here in Sydney. Our culture is inspiring, fun, collaborative and hugely supportive. Indeed Australia is currently number two in the market and this drives us as employees to fight even harder for every deal to get to our goal of being number one. 

I believe this translates into the constant collaboration across teams to increase performance and close those deals that will get us to number one in the Australian market. Together we are stronger! 

There are many aspects of my job which I find rewarding… here are a few that makes me want to get up in the morning and perform to the best of my abilities: 

  • Smashing sales figures
  • Developing and motivating others – seeing them learn, grow, perform and be their best selves. When one person wins, we all win!
  • Inspiring the team. Sales is a hugely exciting and dynamic area of the business – with great highs and therefore great lows too. It’s my job to ensure people get through those lows, motivating them to push on, do better and perform to the best level they can. I get a great deal of satisfaction from this part of my role.

That said, these aspects are also the reason for my hiring decisions for the team. A good resume can only tell you so much about a person, so when I am looking for candidates I want to really understand what drives them. 

Sales is not an easy role, so I look for people with true grit and determination, resilience and people who are strong team players. We are only as strong as our weakest performer. These are essential attributes that can see individuals thrive and contribute to the success of Indeed. 

In addition to a great team and learning from them, I feel proud to work for a company that is ahead of the field when it comes to diversity, inclusion and belonging. 

Author and friends in the Indeed booth at a Pride celebration

At Indeed, we have Inclusive Resource Groups (IRGs) and as I believe in leading by example, I actively participate in these initiatives to drive engagement and awareness to my team and the organisation. 

I am one of the founding members of iPride which has been established for over 4 years and Access Indeed that was established two and a half years ago. In addition, I have also recently joined the All Generations Empowered IRG. 

For me, working closely with these groups has made me more mindful, compassionate, supportive and most of all, a more well-rounded Sales Director that treats all employees equally and gives them the space to bring their true authentic self to work. 

As I am a huge champion of diversity, I believe whole-heartedly that ‘in difference there is strength’! It has been proven in multiple studies that diverse work forces produce high-performing, happier work cultures – and in turn, more profitable companies too. 

In short, nothing but positives come from cultivating a diverse workforce.

Author holds up her Indeed scarf at a sporting event

I wanted to end with a quote from my current heroine, Jacinta Ardern who’s the New Zealand Prime Minister. She is universally respected and most importantly, she is true to her own leadership style. In her words:

“One of the criticisms I’ve faced over the years is that I’m not aggressive enough or assertive enough, or maybe somehow because I’m empathetic it means I’m weak. I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong.”

― Jacinta Ardern

Believe in yourself. Don’t second guess yourself and be true to your own leadership style. 

She who dares, wins!

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