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How I Became A… Client Success Director

Yumi Okada, Director of Client Success at Indeed Japan, shares her journey from feeling isolated to being a leader in her field.

Yumi Okada, Director of Client Success at Indeed Japan, shares her journey from feeling isolated to being a leader in her field.

There were moments when she was growing up, where Yumi Okada felt her home country Japan to be quite isolated because it was an island.

“At that time, I could not imagine the future where the world would be connected, and any information would be available anytime, anywhere with the small device called a smartphone!” she said.

So Yumi took matters into her own hands, and decided that in order for her to expand her knowledge and experience, she had to move abroad.

At 18, she flew to Denver, Colorado and took a four-month immersive English course to learn the language. She then moved to California for college, pursuing Business, Accounting and Finance.

“I found my first job in my life in California. It was a company providing the educational courses in the resorts,” she recalled.

“My job was to take care of inbound calls and emails, and process the reservations online. Looking back at my career, I think this was the very beginning of my career supporting customers and clients.”

After a few years of working at this company, Yumi was forced to return home due to immigration challenges. She thought about going back to the US several times, but it was too difficult so Yumi gave up pursuing a career in the US.

Back in Japan, she worked at several companies before finding her way to Indeed. In previous roles, she was responsible for everything from customer communication, processing orders, invoices, logistics, and payments.

“I was also in charge of developing the CRM with an engineer and selecting the third party systems,” she said. “Researching for the new items to sell and writing the descriptions of those items was also one of the tasks.”

But the most important skill she developed in all those companies was her people management skills.

“Even though my role was not a manager, I was in charge of hiring members in the customer service function, guiding the members to set up their goals, and evaluating their bonus percentages while I, too, was taking care of the same daily tasks,” Yumi said.

Today, as the Director of Client Success (CS) at Indeed Tokyo, Yumi doesn’t have her own clients anymore, but plays a more strategic and indirect role.

She does that by creating new ways of working or improving the current situation for clients so they are comfortable with using Indeed’s services and products.

“When the impact is positive and there is something that can help our clients with, I will communicate that with the CS management team and the other departments such as Product, Search Quality, and Marketing teams, so we can all accomplish what is best for our clients,” she said.

Yumi started at Indeed in November 2013, on the same day as her manager Iichi Watanabe. She was on-boarded to the team at Indeed’s Stamford office, and received her initial training there.

Yumi (centre) with the CS team at the Indeed Azabu office back in 2019

“Back then, there was no operation rule, no flow, no example, no email templates… but there were always people who helped me through and who provided the right information when I asked,” she recalled.

“With lots of support from all Indeed offices around the world, I was able to build my own way to process these inquiries as much as possible. This was one of my favorite things, as it allowed me to come up with a method that is faster and more impactful than before.”

Yumi was promoted to the role of Senior Client Support Specialist in 2014, and then to a managerial role the year after.

As a manager, she was in charge of Ad Agency, Direct Employer, and Small Business teams, and was involved in the project of partnering up with the recruit group company building the foundation of the service currently provided.

In 2018, she was again promoted, this time to Senior Manager, overseeing the Shared Support and the Inside Sales teams.

“Being involved in both Shared and Dedicated teams was very advantageous for me that I was able to understand clients in the different phases,” she shared.

“I had to take some or many trial-and-error approaches being a new position there was no example that I can follow. However, I have been able to enjoy that kind of situation because there were always the team members who encouraged me. So I have no concerns being a director on the team because there is sufficient support available at Indeed.”

While Yumi has seen many changes at Indeed over the seven years she’s been here, she said the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that clients and jobseekers always come first.

“When they are happy, I’m happy,” she said. “Whatever happens, we always return to our mission of ‘We help all people get jobs’.”

Reflecting on her career journey so far, Yumi said her mentality of taking ownership of work she’s been tasked to do, as well as not setting limits to what she can achieve, have been a great mindset to keep.

She added working for a company like Indeed that listens to and supports the opinions and suggestions of employees has also made a big difference.

“I feel this company, especially the leaders, listen to the voice of employees,” she said.

“When employees are taken into consideration, it leads to things happening and improving… that is always exciting to see in an organization.”

Click here to see all available roles in Tokyo and Osaka, or find out more about our benefits here (Japanese site available here).



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Trading high heels for slippers: Virtual onboarding at Indeed

Indeed's Vice President of Client Success describes her virtual onboarding experience.

Glenda Kirby, VP of Client Success

Indeed’s Vice President of Client Success describes her virtual onboarding experience

Glenda Kirby is a Vice President of Client Success at Indeed focused on the European markets. She is also the Executive Sponsor of Indeed’s Women at Indeed Inclusion Resource Group.  Glenda comes from an engineering background and loves technology. She lives with her husband, Stuart, and their two children in Dublin, spending time outdoors and critiquing her husband’s great cooking! 

Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of building teams across the globe that have focused on many different disciplines from transformation, change management, support and technology with the main constant being a focus on the customer engagement and satisfaction. My passion is working with teams that are agile, innovative and have the ability to execute and share ideas. With the ever-changing world we face today, I’ve seen my team at Indeed demonstrate this from the very beginning.

I applied to work at Indeed just before the business moved to working from home in March this year. Nervous feelings were very real for me at the beginning as I pondered the prospect of a new leadership position all while homeschooling my son and looking after my 3-year-old daughter.I experienced the Indeed culture first hand through my Executive Recruiter, Valentina who had such a welcoming nature and demonstrated such enthusiasm throughout the hiring process.

Chief Revenue Officer, Nolan Farris

Setting a tone of understanding

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Nolan Farris, met with me shortly after I started and asked how I was doing. I told him that I was nervous about minding my kids and starting a new role. His words were so kind, compassionate, and have stuck with me since the beginning!

“I have 4 children and I’m nervous about homeschooling too. Your home is their territory and never be worried about children being around during your day.” He assured me children are always welcome.

Day one

Glenda’s work from home set up

My first day of onboarding, started a little different than usual, with an honest discussion about my “assistant” I’d have with me throughout the day. (My son was just as excited about day one as I was!).

The onboarding team were incredibly understanding and allowed for lots of breaks to accommodate any personal commitments I had. (My daughter was hiding somewhere in the background of this picture).

The training itself did actually surprise me as it was in-depth and technical from the get-go. I couldn’t believe the array of products Indeed has to offer and the trainers did an outstanding job keeping me engaged and providing a really safe space for optimal learning.

Building my work from home setting

Courtesy of Indeed, I used two $500 stipends to upgrade my working from home set up. My new desk should arrive soon and I’ve been enjoying the regular kitchen banter with my husband.  Swapping commute time for family time and trading my high heels for slippers have also been a real added bonus, but it is important to try and separate your work and home life the best way you can.

Belonging in a remote world

Glenda’s quick-fire get to know you Q&A

Technology has really improved throughout the ten years I’ve been managing teams remotely, so I do feel I had a slight advantage when meeting my team for the first time. They were so welcoming and held a happy hour in my honour alongside a quick-fire Q&A session about me.

There’s nothing quite like being put on the spot in front of your entire team to accelerate the getting to know each other process. Thoughtful acts like this created a real sense of belonging for me early on.

Although there is no substitute for face-to-face interactions, some of the most inspiring ideas for our department has been a result of coffee mornings and open office hours with the entire team. So, who knows what sort of innovation the future holds?⠀⠀

Glenda’s team welcomes her on her first day

Advice for changing jobs in an uncertain environment

If you’re a job seeker looking for a new opportunity right now, it’s important to know what you are looking for. Figure out what’s important to you at this stage of your career and life.

Be honest and upfront about your non-negotiables while stretching yourself and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Before making my move to Indeed, I acknowledged my need for a challenge that allowed me to be innovative, as well as offering a fast-paced, agile environment. Company culture is also so important! I’d encourage anyone considering a new company to try and connect with as many people as possible at the company, to really understand what the culture is.

There are a lot of amazing opportunities popping up at the moment and never before have we been faced with such a flexible working environment. Now is the time to challenge the status quo and be brave when choosing your next opportunity.

The journey continues

As I reflect on my time since joining Indeed, I’m struck by how much senior leadership really believes in the power of staying connected. Now that I’m settled into my role, connecting with them is a given at least three times a week, alongside small daily acts like wishing each other a good day.

I truly appreciate how human this time has made us all feel and working for a company that has values aligned with mine reminds me that I’ve made the right decision to join Indeed.

Hear more from Glenda in this “Here to Help” series interview with our VP of Diversity Incisuion & Belonging, LaFawn Davis

Learn more about the virtual onboarding experience as an Engineer at Indeed and 4 lessons learned from working from home on our #insideindeed culture blog.




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Indeed’s Got Talent: Pablo ‘follows the light’ in song and Client Success

Pablo Sánchez Acero is a Client Success Specialist at Indeed Dublin. Learn how his passion for music makes Pablo communicate better with his clients.

Pablo on a mountaintop with a beach view

Pablo Sánchez Acero is a Client Success Specialist at Indeed Dublin. Pablo was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and is a passionate singer-songwriter, who goes by the moniker Sánchez Acero.⁣

Pablo Sánchez Acero is a musician with a strong professional background in marketing, having studied Advertising and Public Relations in Complutense University of Madrid while also double hatting as a drummer in the band Básico Permanente for seven years.

While experimenting with other musical genres, he eventually decided to go a step further, picking up the guitar and writing his own songs.⁣

In December 2015, he released his album ‘Follow the Light‘, inspired by the time he spent in Iceland, where he worked as a volunteer on a farm.

“To me, being a musician means that you have to be creative, see the world from different perspectives, know how to communicate what’s inside of you, and, probably the most important thing, keep trying, no matter how many times you fail,” Pablo says.

Pablo singing on stage and playing guitar

“I’d say that those points are applicable to many different jobs, and all of them are also applicable to Client Success at Indeed.” 

In his current role at Indeed, Pablo is able to unfold his creative mind in many ways and mentions a few examples: “We frequently monitor our internal processes and how we can improve them and sometimes I come up with new ways and creative ideas.”

“Sometimes this is a process within the whole team,” he shares.“A sense of flexibility and creativity is also helpful to adapt in a fast-paced environment that is always changing.⁣”

When Pablo joined Indeed and moved to Dublin, he was slowly composing some of the new songs that are now available on his new album.⁣

“What I love about Indeed is its work-life balance, which allows you to dedicate time to your job, but also to other things you’re passionate about.”

“When I worked in Spain, I worked overtime most of the time (this is something quite typical in the Spanish culture), so it was hard to find some time for composing, rehearsing, recording and so on.”⁣

In July 2019, he released three singles. A new album, Emerald, has been released in March 2020. The album has been produced and recorded by Pablo Sánchez Acero in Dublin, starting the first recordings in 2017 and ending the full album in 2019.⁣

“As a Client Success Specialist, you have to communicate with your clients and help them in every way possible on how to make the most out of Indeed, and as a musician, you communicate through your music.”

Pablo and his guitar by a dock

“Both are different ways of communication, but in both cases, if your message is heard, you will be successful,” he says. “How you communicate is also very important, especially working in a client-facing role and with a product that not all the clients are familiar with.”

He adds: “The way you communicate and the ability to adapt to your clients is key for their success (and yours too).” 

“If you are honest, the rest will follow,” he says. “And I know this sounds cliche, but keep trying, thinking outside the box and escaping your comfort zone will take you to success, sooner or later.”

To learn more about Indeed Dublin, click here.



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Virginia’s story: Client Success, AGE inclusivity and having dinner with the Indeed CEO

I just feel very fortunate and grateful that I work for a company that cares about the wellbeing of all the employees. Additionally, what I love is...

Author and adult daughter10 Questions with Virginia Campoy

Virginia is a a Client Success Specialist in Scottsdale, Ariz.  She is also a site lead for All Generations Empowered (AGE), Indeed’s inclusion resource group focused on age diversity at Indeed and beyond. April is AGE’s inclusion identity month where we share the stories of the members of that group.

How do you help people get jobs? 
Currently, I am a Client Specialist for Blue Value, Scottsdale. On our team our mission is to consult with clients and provide tips and tricks to allow for the best experience and return on investment for our clients. As a result we offer churn findings to help in our shared mission to prevent churn and increase client satisfaction!

Where is your office and what do you love about it? Author and co-worker pose in their Indeed Ugly Holiday sweaters
Currently, I am WFH

What do I love about what I do? I just feel very fortunate and grateful that I work for a company that cares about the wellbeing of all the employees. Additionally, what I love is the ability to continue providing service and produce quality results feels so rewarding.

What was your first job?
I sold stationery at the age of 10. My mom was creative with implementing incentives to keep me busy. She signed up to be a door to door representative and sell stationery, but after the book of products arrived, she handed it to me. Together we would walk the neighborhood to sell stationery to our neighbors. I gained repeat business.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? 
One thing people would be surprised to know is about my love of horses and horseback riding. I always loved to ride and did it often. I was able to acquire my first horse when I was 18. Oh, I also play guitar.

Why is AGE important to you? 
AGE is important to me because I value the mission of All Generations Empowered (AGE). We provide opportunities for networking, community outreach and education while exploring the benefits and challenges of a multi-generational workplace.

Author and her parentsWhere was your favorite vacation?
I was fortunate to visit and experience the town that never sleeps. The energy, culture of food in New York City is a thrill to experience. I return as often as I can.

What’s the best thing about your Indeed team? 
We are committed to our mission and rally together. We are a bright creative team and our manager has a knack to bring out the best in us.

Are there any causes you’re particularly passionate about? 
I am passionate about ending Domestic Violence and was an executive board member for a shelter in Orange County, California for more than 15 years.

Virginia with Indeed CEO, Chris Hyams

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given?
The best career advice I have ever received reflects two motto’s suggested by two different directors I had the privilege to work under.

    • “Be brilliant with the basics”.
    • “Rejection is protection”.

What do you consider your greatest Indeed achievement to date? 
My greatest Indeed achievement to date reflects two opportunities:

  • Voted Above and Beyond Client Specialist Share Q3 2019. This vote is based on case notes that are presented anonymously and voted by peers.

  • Because of fulfilling the Site Lead for AGE, I was privileged to enjoy a dinner with CEO Chris Hyams when he visited Scottsdale for the first time — what a pleasure.

Learn more about our AGE inclusion resource group in the video below.

Check out our official Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging page for more on our inclusion initiatives and read more Indeedian stories on our Inside Indeed culture blog.



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