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Earth Week 2021: Building environmental sustainability inside Indeed

Every April, Indeed celebrates mother nature during Earth Week. From panel discussions to cooking classes, we are immersed in...

Earth Week 2021 is April 19-23 and each year Indeed offers employees various opportunities to learn as well as get involved. We dive into why environmental sustainability is important and find out what it means to Indeedians. 

Every April, Indeed celebrates mother nature during Earth Week. From panel discussions to cooking classes, we are immersed with lessons on how to decrease our carbon footprint and take better care of our planet. This year, we’re focused on laying the foundation for environmental sustainability and focusing on the crisis of climate change.

Why is environmental sustainability important? 

Environmental sustainability means a dedicated effort to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems with a focus on the health and wellbeing of everyone. It’s thinking about what we can do today, but also how we can carry that into the future. 

Indeedian holding litter bucket.

Sarah Bucci, Employee Experience Specialist based in Stamford, CT during a litter pickup around her neighborhood.

As a fast growing company, we recognize that how we approach issues such as climate change and clean water affect how our clients and job seekers see us, so it’s important that we are transparent about our commitment and our plans for corporate sustainability. 

“There’s a piece around looking at the future and futuring-proofing Indeed, and then there’s the reputational piece too. There’s reputational risks for not addressing environmental sustainability,” says Indeed’s Head of Environmental Sustainability, Valeria Orozco. 

“I never say ‘it’s because it’s the right thing to do.’ There are so many things that are the right thing to do, but we need to frame it in the business continuity piece as well.” 


Environmental sustainability goes beyond just good business. Indeedians care about these issues and want to help make a difference. Our Employee Experience team, along with a dedicated Environmental Sustainability function within Indeed give us the tools and resources to join the fight.

Employee holding a salad.

Jill Wong, Operations Specialist based in Singapore, has committed to one “meatless day” a week.

While the Environmental Sustainability function officially began in April of 2020, sustainability has been a focus for Indeed for a long time. Indeed’s Green Team (iGreen) is a group of like-minded Indeedians with a deep passion for the environment who come together to plan sustainable action initiatives. iGreen played a key role in the rollout of Indeed’s Zero Waste program. 

The “zero waste” approach seeks to maximize recycling, minimize waste, and reduce consumption, as well as ensure that products are made to be reused, repaired, or recycled back into nature or the marketplace.

Sustainability from home

And while we continue to work from home it’s important we keep sustainability in mind. There are so many little things we can all do to begin to decrease our carbon footprint. 

“Read your utility bill, really read it, read the four pages that they send,” Valeria recommends. “Get a sense for what percentage of fossil fuels are being consumed to power your home or your neighborhood. Starting with the basics of really getting an understanding of kilowatt hours can go a long way.” 

Hear more about Valeria’s work and her recommendations in her interview on our #insideindeed Culture Matters podcast below. 

Climate Ride

Biker atop a mountain.

Ethan Avey, Product Manager in Austin Domain

While so many amazing sustainability initiatives happen inside Indeed we’re lucky to have Indeedians who are also passionate about this in their daily lives.

Ethan Avey, Product Manager in our Austin Domain office, participates in Climate Ride, a nonprofit organization that organizes life-changing charitable biking, running, and hiking events to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes.

Employee in desert holding bike above head.“I have participated in 8 Climate Rides throughout many locations like Death Valley, Glacier, and Big Bend National Parks as well as international locations like Bhutan! Over the course of these 8 rides, I have raised $35,000+ for 10 non profit organizations.

Ethan is sharing his enthusiasm for sustainability and active transportation and hopes others will join in as well! 


“Looking towards the future, I have a personal goal of raising $1,000 for my California Weekender Climate Ride in May, and I also have a goal of bringing 10 Indeedians along for a virtually-coordinated ‘Climate Rise’ bike ride on 4/24/21. We are going to bike 15-25 miles on the South Walnut Creek trail.” 

DIY detergent

Monica headshot.

Monica Dahlgren, Client Success Specialist in Stamford, CT.

While Ethan gives back by going out and being active, others are helping the planet from the comfort of their own homes. Monica Dahlgren, Client Success Team Lead in Stamford, CT, has started making her own laundry detergent which is not only better for the environment, but also saves her quite a bit of money. 

“The products I buy all together cost $18 and those will last me over 6 months,” says Monica. “To be generous, let’s say I spend $45 a year which is a savings of over $100! And if I had the space to store it, I could buy these products in bulk and save even more money!”

Through her research Monica has discovered making detergent is 10x cheaper than buying. And in addition to that, it saves a lot of plastic and waste. 

“There are also other options like soap nuts and DIY liquid detergent! For the dryer, I use wool balls and essential oils and I have not missed dryer sheets in the slightest. Which is good because they are terrible for the environment!” 

Monica’s DIY Detergent Recipe: 

2 cups washing soda

1 cup borax

1 cup citric acid

DIY detergent products

Monica’s DIY Dish Soap Recipe:

1 cup Borax

1 cup washing soda

½ citric acid

½ salt (for scrubbing action)

“You can use the same products to make dishwasher soap too! There are many recipes out there for DIY dishwashing pods, liquid soap, or even Borax-free powder, swapping Borax with lemonade packets, but this is the easiest version for me and it works great! If you are trying to get some extra shine in you can also put a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack facing up!” 

Earth Week events at Indeed

While celebrating Earth Week virtually this year, we participated in various interactive and informative sessions. In addition to Indeedians getting involved by making their own personal commitment to environmental sustainability, our Employee Experience team organized workshops on topics such as how to reduce waste, composting, and home gardening, as well as classes on how to create DIY paper bowls and sustainable floral designs.. 

Thank you to Indeedians and everyone around the world working to build a more sustainable future for us all. Happy Earth Week!

Want to learn more about life inside Indeed? Check out our culture blog.

Interested in becoming part of a mission-driven company dedicated to sustainability? Check out our open roles.



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RSUs: Indeed’s Equity-Based Incentive Program Explained

An introduction to Indeed's Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

An introduction to Indeed’s Restricted Stock UnitsAn Indeedian poses in front of a "We help people get jobs" sign

In 2021, Indeed began offering Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) as a way to reward employees who contribute to the long-term success of Indeed.

What is an RSU?

RSUs are equity-based incentives issued by an employer in the form of company stock shares. At Indeed, our RSUs are stock shares in our parent company, Recruit Holdings, which is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan (6098.T)

Our RSU long-term incentive program has three goals in mind

  • To encourage employees to think like owners
  • To align incentives with company performance
  • To reward employees for the company’s financial success

Why Recruit stock rather than Indeed stock? 

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Recruit Holdings, Indeed is a key part of Recruit’s HR Technology Strategic Business Unit (SBU). The HR Tech SBU is a significant growth driver for all of Recruit Holdings, and as a result, is a significant contributor to Recruit’s share price performance. 

How do RSU grants work?

RSUs are issued to employees via a grant award agreement.  The agreement identifies the number of units granted to the employee. The initial grant date will always be the first day of the second month of an employee’s first full quarter at Indeed. That also means in the case of a start date changing to a new quarter, the grant date will be modified. 

For example, if someone starts on Feb 10, 2021, their RSU award will be granted May 1, 2021. They then receive the remaining shares incrementally and can sell them at their discretion unless it is during a 6 week black out period before Recruit announces their earnings.

RSU grant schedule

3 steps to calculating RSU value

The number of units someone receive will be based on the closing price of Recruit Stock the day before their grant date. 

  1. A candidate is hired in Q1 of 2021, with an approximate RSU grant value of $4,000 with a grant date of May 1, 2021 (subject to board approval)
  2. On April 30th the closing price is $42.17 (converted from Japanese Yen) 
  3. The RSU grant would be 94 RSUs. This is calculated by simply dividing the amount by converted price, rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Calculating RSU value

When do RSUs vest?

The RSU vesting schedule is the same for all countries Indeed has offices except for Canada. At each vesting date, a portion of the RSUs granted will become shares of Recruit Holdings stock.

Vesting schedule for all countries except Canada

  • Total 4 years vesting
  • 25% will vest on the first anniversary of your grant
  • 6.25% of the award will vest each quarter thereafter over the next three years 

Vesting schedule for Canada

  • Total 3 years vesting
  • 33.3% will vest on the first anniversary of your grant
  • 9.524% of the award will vest each quarter for the next two years 

Vesting Schedule

How long do units last?

The vested shares will remain in an employee’s account until they direct their sale or transfer. There is no obligation to sell, even if they leave Indeed. However, they must be employed on their vesting date to receive shares. If they leave the company prior to their vesting date, they will forfeit any unvested shares.

Interested in learning more about benefits at Indeed? Check out our benefits site.

Want to join one of our growing teams? View available jobs here.



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Making lifelong learning easy for two Indeedians

One of the ways to keep up with current times is personal and professional development. Two Indeedians share how they have used Indeed’s Tuition Reimbursement Program to upskill themselves. 

One of the ways to keep up with current times is personal and professional development. Two Indeedians share how they have used Indeed’s Tuition Reimbursement Program to upskill themselves. 

Raj Lalwani is a Senior Product Manager based in Singapore and is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Computer Science through the Tuition Reimbursement Program, which subsidizes part of the course.

“As a Product Manager in tech, it is very important to keep upgrading myself with technology, and taking this course has enabled me to be clearer about machine learning and AI models,” he says. 

Selina Ng, a Content Acquisition Market Lead based in Sydney, has also taken up the Tuition Reimbursement Program as she always wanted to further her studies after graduation. 

After joining Indeed and discovering the program, she completed a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management last year.

Taking up this program meant both Raj and Selina had to juggle between work, studies and life. 

Selina shares time management was the biggest challenge for her, and the most difficult part was when she had tight schedules at work while her assignments were due. 

“I am very grateful my manager was really supportive and understanding. I benefited greatly from the flexible work arrangements. I had classes every Wednesday night and the commute was about an hour to get to campus from the office (when we were working from the office)… my manager agreed that I clock off earlier on those days so I could attend my classes,” she explains.

Raj also shares all his weekends are now spent studying: ”I don’t have time for regular social activities or entertainment. I study out of my working hours, but the financial support I’ve gained through this program has helped tremendously.” 

Selina with the team in Sydney last year

Through their experiences, Raj and Selina also share advice on taking up a course while working and balancing life. 

Selina believes in starting something small as it wasn’t an easy feat to study again after 10 years. She wasn’t sure if she could handle it, so she started with some short courses, evaluated her interest and assessed her ability to manage work life balance. After completing the short course, she then knew she could commit and successfully took on and completed annual courses.

For Raj, he sees the program as a great opportunity to take up a course that enhances his skills. 

“It doesn’t matter what you want to learn… Growth mindset is more important than enhancing it in one dimension,” Raj says. “I have noticed that when I start to learn something new, sooner or later I tend to pick the skills which are important to me and grow into that.”

For both, the tuition reimbursement program isn’t the only perk at Indeed they are grateful for. Selina particularly enjoys the health insurance benefit and You Days offered where it allows her to take the time to recharge. 

Raj adds: “The best thing about the perks at Indeed is that we are agile and measure the needs of our employees. For example, we used to offer very good food, drinks and snacks at the office (for free!). But as we now work from home, we have prioritized flexibility at work in terms of time, and have introduced You Days as it serves a better purpose for us.” 

Indeedians enjoy many other perks and benefits while working at Indeed. To read more, visit our benefits page here. For all available career opportunities, click on our career page now. 



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3401Melissa poses next to her desk on day oneIndeedian Stories

A day in the life…Unpacking day 1 inside Indeed

Melissa Nguyen unpacks her first-day experience working from home at Indeed 
Melissa poses next to her desk on day one

Melissa Nguyen, UX Content Strategist

Melissa Nguyen shares her first-day experience working from home at Indeed 

Starting a new job can be an anxious experience – transitioning from something familiar and comfortable to the many unknowns that come with a new company. While questions like, “How will I get along with my new coworkers?” to “What are my benefits?” are common for any job transition, it can be especially stressful for those starting in remote roles or working from home (WFH) during the pandemic.

New year, new place, new job!

2020 was a year unlike any other in our lifetime, and many of us were looking forward to 2021. Melissa started the year with two huge milestones: transitioning to a new job at Indeed and, simultaneously, moving into a new place. For Melissa, 2021 kicked off with a bang of new beginnings.

Watch Melissa unpack her day one in the video below.


Melissa found Indeed’s onboarding to be comprehensive and streamlined for ease, allowing her to focus on getting her new home office situated. 

In the week leading up to her first day, Indeed mailed computer equipment, including a laptop, work monitors, noise cancelling headphones, and accessories. Not only did Indeed send a full office set up, but a fun “new hire kit” featuring Indeed swag (swag is our love language): a coffee mug, socks, our orange chair, backpack, and our instantly recognizable ‘I Help People Get Jobs’ t-shirt was included as well. 

Morning Orientation

Melissa poses next to her swagMost Indeedians start on a Monday, with orientation led by our fabulous Employee Experience team. They coordinate with the various teams needed to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Members of IT and HR are there to help new hires set up their logins, health benefits, payroll, etc, before going over extra benefits, such as a generous WFH stipend for all employees working from home during the pandemic. Since Melissa just moved into her new place, she used the stipend on a computer desk, chair, ergonomic chair cushion, and robot vacuum to keep her at-home workspace clean.

Afternoon with the team

After the morning orientation, Melissa got to meet her teammates. The rest of the day flew by with team introductions. The smiling faces and warm welcomes gave her the confidence to hit the ground running, excited to work with her new team. 

Read Jack’s remote onboarding experience as an Engineer in Seattle or Glenda’s story of trading high heels for slippers as a VP of Client Success in Dublin 

To learn more about the benefits offered to Indeedians around the world, click here



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Sharing love with GOODdeeds

Nathan Barber, Employee Experience Specialist based in Indeed Dublin, shares the history of our charity matching and volunteer program, GOODdeeds, and how he's helped us build a strong culture of giving and doing. 

Nathan and our GOODdeeds volunteers #insideindeed Dublin (pre-covid)

Nathan Barber, Employee Experience Specialist based in Indeed Dublin, shares the history of our charity matching and volunteer program, GOODdeeds, and how he’s helped us build a strong culture of giving and doing. 

I have an incredibly niche role #insideindeed. Out of roughly 10,000 employees worldwide, I am the only person who does what I do. 

There is no set career path for an Employee Experience Specialist and when I left university 10+ years ago the role itself didn’t even exist.

What’s gotten me here? In some ways, the role itself is the sum of all my experiences and opportunities that I said yes to throughout my career! A little bit of customer service, event management, marketing, finance, internal communications, social media all tied together with some formal project management training. 

Doing GOODdeeds planting trees

I joined Indeed a little over five years ago. While I wear a number of different hats in my role as an Employee Experience Specialist, the best part of my job is I get to manage our global volunteering and giving program, GOODdeeds. 

It is a truly global role which sees me working across all functions, countries and timezones on behalf of our employees and the charities that mean most to them. 

We launched the GOODdeeds program in April 2015, and we were at around roughly 2000 employees then. Back in those early years the focus was on promoting the program internally, educating all stakeholders about how to use the tool, improving data collection and enticing people to come and use the program. The broad message was ‘Hey! Here’s GOODdeeds, come and try it out!’ 

My first tasks were to get logos and supporting materials created for the program. Next I met with all Office Managers and started training them to ensure all event details were being captured on the site.

We also began creating procedure documents for everything from how global international payments work, to localised cupcake sale policies. (I literally have a file called the GOODdeeds Cupcake Policy.)

Next we decided to tackle employee education engagement through desk drops, focus groups, creating an internal “How To Guide and FAQ,” linking the program with global internal events like Earth Week, Daffodil Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Movember and Winter holiday donation drives. 

Indeedians team up for Stamford beach clean-up

With increased engagement we needed to help employees tell their stories. We did this through rewarding the top 10 volunteers in 2017. Creating a community and culture of sharing through our internal sites like Huddle / In Office Screens / Slack. We also launched our charity donation option in lieu of receiving a physical holiday gift.

“We worked tirelessly to support local grassroots events and to enable new product features like Dollars for Doers (volunteering rewards), Benevity One World (allowing global giving), Friendraising (creating individual fundraisers), and combining budgets to give employees greater flexibility on how they use their GOODdeeds benefit.”

Indeedians #insideindeed Tokyo complete a Sea to Summit Challenge climbing Mt. Fuji (pre-covid)

Fast forward to 2021, and the company has grown to 10,000+ employees. Our focus is heavily on strategic partnerships like our Employee Resource Groups and Brand Ambassadors.

We push hard for year round giving / education. We align with major events like Martin Luther King Day for a week of service, we promote causes like the Irish Heart Foundation on Valentine’s Day and drive employee support towards sustainability focused charities during Earth Week. We also focus on disaster relief in areas where we have an office presence.

“All employees are encouraged to run their own year round fundraising and giving events and we will happily support them.”

Check out the many other ways Indeedians have given back in the video below.

In 2020, we completely swapped out the physical holiday gift for a GOODdeeds voucher for all of our employees. It was such a tough year and these donations were an incredible gesture.

2020 Holiday Gift Feedback Quotes from Indeedians

“I was able to donate this to Rita’s Foundation in AZ, an amazing program helping to educate and support those who are living with HIV and it brought me to tears being able to send in my donation. I am so thankful for this company giving me the opportunity to give back to a cause that has helped so many, myself included. Thank you so much. ”

“This was another reason why Indeed is the best company to work for: we can feel connected and have a direct impact on the charities of our choice to help make the world a better place.”

“This was a wonderful initiative. This year has made me appreciate the small things. I have enough ‘stuff’ so giving to others, particularly during this time of immense stress in our own lives, felt really good. Thank you for making this happen.”

Seeing the outpouring of kindness, generosity and thanks from our employees is incredibly motivating. The big theme for 2020 was flexibility and choice. We piloted a program enhancement allowing employees to swap their birthday and anniversary gifts for donations and saw over $25,000 worth swapped over since launching in August. 

We also partnered with our Global Events team to provide donations instead of swag. We’re even working on allowing our new hires to choose between onboarding swag or a donation. All of these small changes positively impact our employees, clients and our environmental impact as a business.

What does the future hold for GOODdeeds?

Indeedians in São Paulo band together for Earth Week (pre-covid)

This is something that I think about often. “How do we bring greater purpose to the program?” We help so many different charities in so many different ways that it can be hard to quantify the impact and prove we have truly helped. The future of the program is in aligning with our mission, values and having a clear business justification for everything that we do.

This year we are redefining our OKRs and measures of success. Previously the focus was on participation and donations. We have achieved a very high level of employee engagement and grown our donations exponentially. Now the focus must switch towards volunteering.

There is significant value for employees, the business and society in increasing volunteerism. We have piloted virtual volunteering in a big way in 2020 with mixed results. The challenge is to find the right balance between virtual and in-person volunteering and where possible align with our mission of helping people get jobs. 

Nathan and team raising funds for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Dublin in 2019

I am incredibly proud of what the team and I have achieved over the past five years and so very thankful to all of our volunteers, donors, partners and champions for the GOODdeeds program. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, helping all of you do so much good all over the world, makes my job the best job in the world. 

For more stories on #insideindeed, follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages and read more on our culture blog. To learn more about the perks & benefits Indeed has to offer, click here.



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