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How an expecting mom helped expand home birth coverage at Indeed

Adrienne shares how research and initiative led to quick changes to Indeed's birth option coverage for her and other expecting Indeedians

Adrienne shares how research and initiative led to quick changes to Indeed’s birth option coverage for her and other expecting Indeedians

Adrienne is a Learning & Development Strategist for Indeed Hire and the Regional Co-Chair for Latinx in Tech. She began her Indeed journey in June 2013 in San Mateo, Calif., in Inside Sales and is now on the Training and Development team in Scottsdale, Ariz. She is married, has a 7-year-old stepson, and just had a beautiful baby at home thanks to Indeed’s new home birth coverage!

Content warning: This story contains discussion around miscarriage and may prove triggering to some.

I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of December 2019, the day after the Indeed Holiday Party. This was my “Rainbow Baby” (a baby born subsequent to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant from natural causes) after my miscarriage in June 2019.

When I saw the two lines on the test, I was honestly scared — scared of reliving what happened just a few months before. I didn’t want to get excited because I deeply understood that nothing about pregnancy is guaranteed. I didn’t tell anyone, except my husband, until I was 14 weeks pregnant.

Once I hit week 12, I saw my baby via ultrasound, and I knew in my heart that it was now OK to be excited. It was now OK to share this gift I have been given, with the world.

Looking at Indeed’s Insurance Options 

I spend so much time memorizing the benefits offered to Indeedians, and I encourage every person to know what is available to you. The medical booklet and schedule of benefits is found directly on the insurance website and breaks down in detail our coverage and options.

Having a home birth was always a dream of mine. I had been meeting with the co-chair of Women at Indeed and the founder of Parents & Caregivers IRG around this time to discuss us approaching Indeed’s Head of HR, Paul Wolfe, to improve the offerings at Indeed regarding issues that matter to women and caregivers. We decided to put our focus on things like onsite childcare, a childcare stipend, longer maternity leave offering, and better WFH options (especially for Sales).

During our meetings I brought up issues like home birth insurance coverage, facility fees covered at Birth Centers, and coverage for a Doula (a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible).

Then it was March 2020 and COVID-19 became all and everything. Indeedians were asked to work from home, hospitals were at capacity, and toilet paper was nowhere to be found. This was such a scary time for all of us, but imagine being pregnant.

This is truly what got my wheels turning on reforming the shortcoming I had identified almost a year ago during my first pregnancy. Indeed did not offer any coverage for home births. Being pregnant, the last place I would want to go right now was a hospital. This was my shot, and I was not going to give this up.

Starting at the top

I decided to write a letter to Paul outlining my concerns. Below is an excerpt from my email.

“I think about women who are maybe 7-9 months pregnant at this time and maybe wanting to avoid hospitals or fearing what the state of hospitals will be in 2 months when they are due. Currently our insurance doesn’t cover any home birth options at all. It would be all out of pocket for that employee,” I wrote to Paul in mid-March when the COVID concerns were really ramping up.

“This is something so small but also so huge to us pregnant women and our families. Having the option if things really do get worse and hospitals are maxed out on capacity to have a birth at home with trained midwives and doulas.”

I made sure to point out that Indeed’s current policy didn’t cover home births or Doula coverage.

Even if this pandemic was not in existence, having the right to choose how we birth our babies should be our choice and insurance options should be provided at those levels, I told Paul in my email.

Quick Action

A benefits team member responded to my email to Paul the same day and said my request seemed “very reasonable,” and that they would look into this with our U.S. insurance provider. I did a dance around my house; I was so happy.

And just four days later, the team member shared with me that the insurance plan now covered home births with a licensed midwife! I ended up crying in joy and had a major feeling of accomplishment. I felt so proud of Indeed (Paul and team). It was validation that raising issues that matter to you is important (because they probably matter to others!) and having the courage to ask. I felt heard. “This is the best company on the planet,” I screamed!

How I Prepared

Adrienne and Arabelle

Adrienne and Arabelle

Indeed likely heard me because I did my research and was professional. I read books, credible articles, and framed the benefit for Indeedians as a whole, rather than just myself. I thoughtfully summarized the benefits of home birth, plus the financial implications, and shared this with Indeed to build the case. My path continues, as I will continue to advocate for birth center, doula and additional pregnancy coverage.

Welcome Arabelle Vanessa Smith

Adrienne gave birth to a healthy girl named Arabelle Vanessa Smith on August 20, 2020. She came in a 20 inches long and 7 lbs 7 oz. Congratulations to the Smith family! Enjoy the maternity leave and thank you for all you do Adrienne.

Learn more about our benefits and read more Indeedian stories like Adrienne’s on our #insideindeed culture blog.



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The birth of ‘YOU Day’ at Indeed and the importance of a shared day off

In May 2020, Indeedians received a very special update from our Senior Leadership team (SLT). Topics such as the importance of self-care and mental health during this global pandemic have been discussed at length...

How Indeedians got a monthly global holiday they didn’t know they needed

In May 2020, Indeedians received a very special update from our Senior Leadership team (SLT). Topics such as the importance of self care and mental health during this global pandemic have been discussed at length in monthly Q&A sessions with Indeed’s leadership, prompting one Indeedian to suggest a global company holiday. Leadership listened and we had our very first YOU day on May 22, 2020.

Indeed SVP of HR, Paul Wolfe working from home with his 2 ‘assistants

“Because of technology, the line that used to exist between work and life is really blurred or non-existent so you need to get to the point where you are managing someone’s performance by what they deliver. It’s not about the number of hours in the day they work,” Senior VP of HR, Paul Wolfe explained to the Irish Times recently.

“Also, right now we’re not in a normal working-from-home situation. We are in the midst of a pandemic and trying to work at the same time. This is not a normal WFH experience,”  he added.


Indeed CEO, Chris Hyams

On top of dealing with the stress of a global pandemic, many of us are dealing with unique challenges, from living alone to balancing work and child care to managing pre-existing health conditions to processing racist and xenophobic acts of violence in our communities” said Chris Hyams, CEO for Indeed in a recent virtual Q&A.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Everyone is experiencing the effects of this pandemic differently, and a lot of people are suffering,” he adds.

“If there’s one comfort to take away from what’s going on, it’s that we’re not alone.”

Expanding YOU Day throughout 2020

Our first YOU day encouraged employees to take a well-deserved break to spend time with family, reconnect with loved ones, or just take the day for themselves. The feedback  was so positive, we decided to extend these holidays right through to November, typically falling on a Friday or Monday in the third week of each month.

Sally celebrating her YOU day

“I couldn’t believe how lucky we were…I feel so grateful to work for a company that prioritises the health and well being of their staff. I took full advantage of my recent YOU day, taking a trip to the Blue Mountains to get outdoors and explore,” National Account Manager, Sally in Sydney, explains.

In June, YOU Day fell on Juneteenth, an important date for African American freedom in the United States, allowing Indeedians to learn and reflect in light of the current racial unrest around the world.

Election Days across the globe have also been incorporated into the YOU day calendar so Indeedians can exercise their civic duty without having to adjust their work schedules.

Below are some examples of how YOU Days are allowing us to unplug and enjoy the important things in life outside of work.

Celebrating YOU Day

The Krupp kids celebrate YOU Day with mom




“INDEED YOU DAY Crafts w/the kiddos! Thanks Indeed for giving me a full day to be a mommy!” – Mindy Krupp


Helen repping Indeed in the mountains of Wales



“Took advantage of my #insideindeed ‘Happy YOU Day’ this month to head to Wales for some adventures 🏔 I’m super grateful to work for a business where I can use my Open PTO and these extra days off to explore this beautiful country.” – Helen Durkin, London


Preeti and her new haircut




“Today was me day, indeed gave us you day and after 3 tough weeks I decided to pamper myself…Love my look and of course spending time with boys and coffee.” – Preeti Sikri, Stamford, Connecticut






Erol Bilginoglu on a beautiful scenic cliff walk in Howth, Ireland.




Staying fresh beyond YOU Day

While many of us are missing out on those vital in-person connections with friends, families and colleagues that help us get through distressing times, there is always someone out there who understands what we’re going through or who is at least willing to listen. This includes our entire Senior Leadership team #insideindeed. They hear us, they feel for us, and they continue to offer solutions.

YOU days are in addition to Indeed’s open PTO policy, which allows Indeedians in good standing to take time off when needed without it counting against an accumulated number of leave days.

“The aim of paid time off is to get people to take more time off and, if they’re performing well and we can accommodate it, we encourage them to take the time before they hit the wall of really needing a break. We know people are happier, more productive and more engaged when they come back and we’ve still been able to manage our business effectively and meet our key performance indicators with paid time off in place,” Paul Wolfe said about the policy.

All this helps us be rested, refreshed and ready to help people get jobs.

Watch the video below to see all the ways Indeedians are taking advantage of their YOU Days.

Read more Indeedian stories on our #insideindeed culture blog.





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The weird and wonderful Indeed’s Got Talent global competition

From a Pride-inspired lip sync battle to a soulful dancing giraffe, see what talents lay behind closed doors as over 100 Indeedians battle to be crowned our winners in the Indeed’s Got Talent - Global Talent Contest.

From a Pride-inspired lip sync battle to a soulful dancing giraffe, see what talents lay behind closed doors as over 100 Indeedians battle to be crowned our winners in the Indeed’s Got Talent – Global Talent Contest.

“The arts” submission by Karen Lucky – US

Hidden talents revealed

We have an incredibly talented bunch of people inside Indeed, but what use are talents if they are hidden away behind closed doors? In an effort to bring creativity and fun to the forefront, our Employee Experience team organised a virtual Global Talent Contest.

This contest engaged Indeedians in some healthy competition to put our many unique talents on display in the hope of being crowned 2020 “Indeed’s got Talent” winners.

Hundreds of submissions. How could we choose a winner amongst so much talent?

Easy! Put the winning fate in the hands of our Indeedians.

Katie Byrne, Office Manager

“With six categories to choose from: Lip Syncing, Dancing, The Arts, Battle of the Bands, Dynamic Duos and Weird and Wonderful talents, we feel there is something here for everyone,” says Katie Byrne, EMEA office Manager. 

Looking for something to brighten your day? Watch Nicole’s soulful giraffe dance!

“The engagement around the globe has been incredible and we really feel this has created a sense of fun, creativity and togetherness,” Katie adds.

All submissions were voted on regionally so we could identify the favourites across the six categories in EMEA, APAC and the US. These winning categories were then put to a global vote across Indeed before we crowned our contest winners!

They came, they performed, Indeedians voted…

Here are the 2020 Indeeds Got Talent winners.

Watch Shintaro and Masato’s Pride-inspired lip sync battle and Tim’s weird and wonderful jump rope routine.

Do you like what you see? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to see these awesome and talented winning videos in full. They’re bound to make you chuckle!

And for more amazing stories about our talented Indeedians you can read more on our blog here.




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2455Indeedian Stories

Stuart’s story: How to be a cool work from home dad with 5 kids

Building a DIY Slip ‘N Slide, playing Fortnite and being a pseudo teacher on top of work... That’s just a regular day in the life of WFH for this Regional Account Manager.

Being able to swim, building a DIY Slip ‘N Slide, playing Fortnite and being a pseudo teacher in addition to virtual work meetings… That’s just a regular day in the life of working from home for Stuart Jones, a Regional Account Manager based in Singapore.

I clearly remember the day when Indeed announced we would now be working from home in order to reduce risk to its staff – my left eye twitched nervously.

As I write this blog, I am perched on my wife’s make-up table whilst my son is watching Octonauts on the iPad shouting out facts about the giant OarFish (have a read about it!). 

I would move to a different workspace but other rooms are taken up by the five kids we have at home: preschoolers jumping around to PE (Physical Education) videos on YouTube, a primary schooler who shouts his responses during his school Zoom calls, teenagers who basically ignore me and eat me out of house and home… and, of course, my lovely wife working away in the thick of this chaos.

The once cosy home office is now a school-room-cum-Youth-Club-cum-feet-stabbing-Lego-brick minefield. 

The reality is that WFH for me is not standard office hours or even a standard day.

It’s rebooting laptops, changing light bulbs and finger painting like a champion. 

How have I managed to stay positive and productive? With the support of my manager, team and clients.  

My working hours are broken up so I can spend time with the little ones. By this, I mean being submerged in the pool, being the bad guy in Cops and Robbers and being the hero after creating a Slip ‘N Slide in the yard.

With the older boys, I’m the embarrassing dad playing Fortnite, cool dad when talking old school sneakers and pseudo teacher when discussing Science and English (not Math, never Math). 

When I’m on virtual work calls, a small face might pop into one or two of the calls and that’s openly accepted here with our teams and with our clients at Indeed which mentally relaxes me.

Indeed allows me to work on realistic time frames that fit with this new way of living. 

Finally and quite possibly the most important, to improve the sanity of my family we used the Indeed WFH allowance to buy an additional router.

As we transitioned to work from home, Indeed provided us with an allowance to make working from home as comfortable and effective as possible. This WiFi boost that we got our hands on equals more bandwidth and less arguments #blessed 

We also have 3 dogs… but that’s a whole other blog post.



For more stories on #insideindeed, follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.





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Indeed’s Got Talent: The Great Indeed Cooking Challenge

See what Indeedians whipped up to show off their culinary creativity during our "Great Indeed Cooking Challenge."

See what culinary creations Indeedians have been whipping up at home as part of “The Great Indeed Cooking Challenge.”

Historically our offices around the globe have played a significant role in keeping employees fed and fueled. With this new work-from-home reality, we’ve had to adjust how we feed our hungry bellies so we can continue to unleash our talents day-to-day.

Although our working environments have changed, our appetite for good food has not! To celebrate our rich diversity and keep Indeedians connected, our Employee Experience team challenged us to our first ever #Ratemyplate competition.

Hundreds of recipes were submitted from all around the world with the hopes of making the final cut to be featured in our inaugural “Great Indeed Cookbook.”

Brona Crinion, Dublin Office Manager

“We hope these delicious creations will inspire employees and will be recreated in kitchens across the globe. Our team also hopes that this cookbook will showcase the culture, diversity and sense of a global community we have at Indeed,” Dublin Office Manager, Brona Crinion explains.

“No matter what circumstances we are facing, togetherness is always at the forefront of our agenda.”

With more than 200 submitted recipes and 86 dishes created, “we’re pretty confident that Indeedians will be spending their spare summer time cooking up a storm,” Brona adds.

86 delicious recipes, 3 winners

Below are the winners of our global competition broken down by region. We’ll let these mouth-watering dishes speak for themselves.




#1 EMEA Winner

Bulgur Risotto with baked Salmon


Submitted by:

Rick Hokke, Senior Sales Director





#1 APAC Winner

Pani Puri



Submitted by:

Raksha Sriram, Senior Business Recruiter







#1 US Winner Beef Brisket



Submitted by:

Andrew Brown, Senior Account Executive




Feeding a feeling of togetherness

We are continually amazed with the talent and creativity displayed by Indeedians. The response and participation has been incredible! One of the main goals of our Employee Experience team is to continue to build upon the amazing culture that resonates across Indeed no matter where we are.

According to Brona, “Even if they have not submitted, they have enjoyed seeing the dishes and taking part in the voting, creating a sense of ‘togetherness’ even though we may be physically apart. It also has provided opportunities for employees’ families to potentially take part and enjoy the Indeed culture too.”

Feeling hungry and inspired?

Head over to our Instagram page for more delicious recipes from #insideindeed or check out more stories on our Inside Indeed culture blog.




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