Earth Week 2021 is April 19-23 and each year Indeed offers employees various opportunities to learn as well as get involved. We dive into why environmental sustainability is important and find out what it means to Indeedians.

Every April, Indeed celebrates mother nature during Earth Week. From panel discussions to cooking classes, we are immersed with lessons on how to decrease our carbon footprint and take better care of our planet. This year, we’re focused on laying the foundation for environmental sustainability and focusing on the crisis of climate change.

Why is environmental sustainability important?

Environmental sustainability means a dedicated effort to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems with a focus on the health and wellbeing of everyone. It’s thinking about what we can do today, but also how we can carry that into the future.

Indeedian holding litter bucket.
Sarah Bucci, Employee Experience Specialist based in Stamford, CT during a litter pickup around her neighborhood.

As a fast growing company, we recognize that how we approach issues such as climate change and clean water affect how our clients and job seekers see us, so it’s important that we are transparent about our commitment and our plans for corporate sustainability.

“There’s a piece around looking at the future and futuring-proofing Indeed, and then there’s the reputational piece too. There’s reputational risks for not addressing environmental sustainability,” says Indeed’s Head of Environmental Sustainability, Valeria Orozco.

“I never say ‘it’s because it’s the right thing to do.’ There are so many things that are the right thing to do, but we need to frame it in the business continuity piece as well.”


Environmental sustainability goes beyond just good business. Indeedians care about these issues and want to help make a difference. Our Employee Experience team, along with a dedicated Environmental Sustainability function within Indeed give us the tools and resources to join the fight.

Employee holding a salad.
Jill Wong, Operations Specialist in Singapore committed to one “meatless day” a week.

While the Environmental Sustainability function officially began in April of 2020, sustainability has been a focus for Indeed for a long time. Indeed’s Green Team (iGreen) is a group of like-minded Indeedians with a deep passion for the environment who come together to plan sustainable action initiatives. iGreen played a key role in the rollout of Indeed’s Zero Waste program.

The “zero waste” approach seeks to maximize recycling, minimize waste, and reduce consumption, as well as ensure that products are made to be reused, repaired, or recycled back into nature or the marketplace.


Sustainability from home

And while we continue to work from home it’s important we keep sustainability in mind. There are so many little things we can all do to begin to decrease our carbon footprint.

“Read your utility bill, really read it, read the four pages that they send,” Valeria recommends. “Get a sense for what percentage of fossil fuels are being consumed to power your home or your neighborhood. Starting with the basics of really getting an understanding of kilowatt hours can go a long way.”

Hear more about Valeria’s work and her recommendations in her interview on our #insideindeed Culture Matters podcast below.

Climate Ride

Biker atop a mountain.
Ethan Avey, Product Manager in Austin Domain

While so many amazing sustainability initiatives happen inside Indeed we’re lucky to have Indeedians who are also passionate about this in their daily lives.

Ethan Avey, Product Manager in our Austin Domain office, participates in Climate Ride, a nonprofit organization that organizes life-changing charitable biking, running, and hiking events to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes.

Employee in desert holding bike above head.

“I have participated in 8 Climate Rides throughout many locations like Death Valley, Glacier, and Big Bend National Parks as well as international locations like Bhutan! Over the course of these 8 rides, I have raised $35,000+ for 10 non profit organizations.

Ethan is sharing his enthusiasm for sustainability and active transportation and hopes others will join in as well!

“Looking towards the future, I have a personal goal of raising $1,000 for my California Weekender Climate Ride in May, and I also have a goal of bringing 10 Indeedians along for a virtually-coordinated ‘Climate Rise’ bike ride on 4/24/21. We are going to bike 15-25 miles on the South Walnut Creek trail.”

DIY detergent

Monica headshot.
Monica Dahlgren, Client Success Specialist in Stamford, CT.

While Ethan gives back by going out and being active, others are helping the planet from the comfort of their own homes. Monica Dahlgren, Client Success Team Lead in Stamford, CT, has started making her own laundry detergent which is not only better for the environment, but also saves her quite a bit of money.

“The products I buy all together cost $18 and those will last me over 6 months,” says Monica. “To be generous, let’s say I spend $45 a year which is a savings of over $100! And if I had the space to store it, I could buy these products in bulk and save even more money!”

Through her research Monica has discovered making detergent is 10x cheaper than buying. And in addition to that, it saves a lot of plastic and waste.

“There are also other options like soap nuts and DIY liquid detergent! For the dryer, I use wool balls and essential oils and I have not missed dryer sheets in the slightest. Which is good because they are terrible for the environment!”

Monica’s DIY Detergent Recipe:

2 cups washing soda

1 cup borax

1 cup citric acid

DIY detergent products

Monica’s DIY Dish Soap Recipe:

1 cup Borax

1 cup washing soda

½ citric acid

½ salt (for scrubbing action)

“You can use the same products to make dishwasher soap too! There are many recipes out there for DIY dishwashing pods, liquid soap, or even Borax-free powder, swapping Borax with lemonade packets, but this is the easiest version for me and it works great! If you are trying to get some extra shine in you can also put a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack facing up!”

Earth Week events at Indeed

While celebrating Earth Week virtually this year, we participated in various interactive and informative sessions. In addition to Indeedians getting involved by making their own personal commitment to environmental sustainability, our Employee Experience team organized workshops on topics such as how to reduce waste, composting, and home gardening, as well as classes on how to create DIY paper bowls and sustainable floral designs..

Thank you to Indeedians and everyone around the world working to build a more sustainable future for us all. Happy Earth Week!

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