Earth Week 2022 was April 18-22 and each year Indeed offers employees various opportunities to learn and to get involved. This year we focused on energy and learning about renewable sources.


Every April, Indeed celebrates Earth Day globally by producing content, events, and seminars for the entire week, known as Earth Week. The goal is to bring awareness to Indeed’s corporate climate change action and to educate Indeedians  and inspire them to commit to adopting sustainable practices at the office and from home. 

The theme for this year’s Earth Week was Energy. This theme was both appropriate and relevant given the rising cost of fuel around the world. Various activities, discussions and initiatives provided to Indeedians throughout the week promoted the importance of energy efficiency and switching towards renewable sources of energy.

“More than anything, I see Earth Week as a time to reflect,” said Valeria Orozco, Head of Sustainability at Indeed, “on what we have done over the last year, of what we hope to do over the next year and how our challenges continue to evolve. “

Indeed employees outdoors picking up liter
Indeedians cleaning up in Dublin

We have made many great strides at Indeed over the past year. In early 2021, Indeed announced its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by the end of the year. Carbon neutrality means a business supports carbon offset projects in the same amount as its carbon emissions. Not only did we reach this goal, we did so five months ahead of schedule. Read more about how we achieved carbon neutrality

Speaking of what she hopes will come from Earth Week, Valeria adds the events are “just the beginning of what I hope will be an ongoing dialogue and, even better, a year of actions, no matter how big or small.” 

Earth Week 2022 Events

Yosemite moutain
Yosemite taken by Indeedian Dakota Floyd

For this year’s Earth Week, Indeedians were treated to a plethora of options to get involved, informed, and inspired. 

The festivities kicked off with the “Energy for Nature” photo contest. Employees were able to submit their favorite photos they have taken out in nature. 

Visited Yosemite last year, and took this wonderful image of El Capitan,” said Dakota Floyd, Office Manager in Foster City. “After watching Free Solo, then seeing this massive slab of stone in person it was truly awe-inspiring.”

Donna Bungard, remote Marketing Accessibility Program Manager at Indeed submitted a photo as well and shared, “I always think of Energy from Nature as something circular. This little fellow is sitting atop my compost bin noshing on an apple core. What he and his friends don’t take their energy from will compost into rich soil that will grow food in my garden, feeding my family and additional wildlife. Any extras will go back to this compost, starting this cycle again.”

Squirrel in nature
Taken by Indeedian Donna Bungard

On Wednesday of Earth week, Indeedians from our Dublin Capital Dock office got together to clean the streets outside of the office. Our offices have been opening up again and this was a great opportunity to reunite in person for a good cause. 

As a part of our Here to Help Series, CEO Chris Hyams was joined by Silvia Ito, Senior Sustainability Project Manager, to discuss Indeed’s progress on our sustainability commitments announced last year and how each of us can take action to help address the climate crisis. Topics covered include: the climate crisis, advocacy and action, inclusion and belonging, and much more. Take a listen to their conversation here. 

To cap off the week, Mike Di Paolo, Indeed’s Energy & Sustainability Manager hosted a discussion about the current state of global energy and explored the most up to date ways for reducing your home utility bills. As well as this, Valeria Orozco hosted the “Indeed Sustainability Partners” discussion panel. 

Learn more about our environmental goals and commitments at Indeed

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