Amulya Bandikatla is a Staff Software Engineer at Indeed Hyderabad. She has a passion for mentoring and shares her experience in tech and working at Indeed.

If you are a Software Engineer, a woman in tech or looking to get insights on the tech industry, this episode of our Culture Matters podcast may be an interesting listen for you. 

As part of the Indeed Apply team, Amulya helps people get jobs by ensuring job seekers can apply to the jobs they want with ease.

“I design the backend systems for Indeed Apply to improve the performance of the system and to work on one that is highly scalable so our job seekers can have their applications delivered to the employer in the way they want and to the right job,” Amulya shares in a podcast conversation with Inside Indeed

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In the interview, she shares what inspired her to become an engineer and the support she has gained to achieve the work life balance she has today.

“I’ve been in a room with 20, 25 people where I was the only woman in the room but I think this is evolving. In my opinion, family support is very important,” Amulya says. 

Amulya shares in her experience, unless there is proper support at home, it’s difficult for a female member of the family to step out to work.

“Indeed has been very flexible in understanding the kind of requirements a working mother and working woman has. The management is helpful enough to check in with me if I’m comfortable or if there’s anything they can improve on their end to make things better at work.”

In the interview, Amulya also delves into some of the systems and structures in place at Indeed to support Indeedians in harmonizing their professional and personal life. 

Amulya speaking at Pycon India 2019 about Indeed’s Endeavor to “Push on Green”. Click to watch the full video.

With an interest in mentoring, she explains in the podcast how Indeed designed a mentoring program to coach an intern into a moving from a Software Engineer role to a Developer role.

In addition to that, being an Indeedian gave her the opportunity to educate and share her knowledge with tech communities such as speaking at tech events.

In a brief video below, Amulya shares why she joined the company and what it’s like working at Indeed.

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