Indeed’s SMB Engineering team shares how they help small and medium businesses hire and what they love most about their jobs.

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of local economies around the world. These are the business owners you see everyday at your local coffee shop, neighborhood stores, restaurants, medical providers and so many more. 

Many of them rely on Indeed to help them tackle the unique challenges they face in hiring the right people for their businesses. That is why we have a dedicated team of talented Engineers and Product Managers specifically focused on solving the hiring challenges of SMBs.

A team dedicated to helping SMBs hire

Often these SMB owners don’t have an expertise in recruiting or the resources for a dedicated HR person, so hiring can be daunting. That’s where our SMB Engineering team comes in. 

“We want to create a simple, but effective enough experience that guides employers from start to finish,” says Product Director, Laurie Sheflin who is based in Seattle

“We go through, for example, all the issues that we are working and we have a bunch of code reviews that we go through. There’s some design reviews that we go through as well,” adds Gaston L’Hullier, Senior Manager of Software Engineering in Sunnyvale.

The team uses data and market research to identify problems and solutions to bring job seekers and SMB owners together. The impact on their communities is not lost on the team.

“If you’re in a position where you can help someone find a job and that job can transform their lives, you are in a really powerful position to do good in this world,” VP of Engineering for SMB, Madhu Kurup says.

“I feel like we are very, very connected to them,” Tokyo-based Software Engineer, Xuanyao Jiang adds..

Get to know the team and what they do in the video below.


 One way Indeed is adapting to a changing world and workforce to help job seekers and employers is by revolutionizing the interview process. Over the last year and a half, we have been focused on delivering quality video interviews to not only address the limitations of in-person interviews during COVID-19, but to also greatly simplify the hiring process for SMBs into the future.

“A big goal for us on our team is to deliver interviews for small businesses and job seekers. And to do that we had to invest in new products and features to not only deliver job applications to employers, but to allow them to actually host the interviews,” Laurie explains.

Grow with us

To continue this process of innovating and solving challenges facing SMBs now and into the future, we need to hire more people who are passionate about making a positive impact on their local businesses, communities and economies. 

“So the things that I’m looking for the most in a candidate are the things that are really hard to teach. We can teach skills, we can teach, learning different languages, different academic skill sets, it’s really hard to teach the passion,” Sebastien Beresniewicz, Senior Manager of Software Engineering in Seattle, explains.

“We are looking for candidates who are not afraid of challenges. We like to hire people who would like to challenge our system and see if they can bring something new to our team,” Xuanyao Jiang adds.

If you’re looking for a place to grow your skills while helping small businesses grow and thrive, Associate Product Manager, Diamonde Henderson has advice for you. “There is a lot of growth opportunity at Indeed in terms of your skill set. And so if you are eager to expand your toolkit, then Indeed is the place for you.”

Interested in joining a global team dedicated to helping SMBs hire better? Check out our open roles.