Rachel Seo is a part of Indeed’s Sourcing team in Tokyo and is responsible for finding and attracting top talent to Indeed.

I came to Indeed one and a half years ago with a 3-year old. My husband has a wonderful job that we are proud of, but it sometimes requires him to travel a couple of months out of the year. Plus, just like some international families, both sides of our families live quite far away, which means we only have each other to raise our son. 

For these reasons, continuing a full-time role in the situation was frightening. I was unsure if I would be available for my kid for any sudden notice from a childcare center on behalf of my husband.

Family photo of author with her husband and son

I worried a lot, but Indeed didn’t let my worries set me back. Indeed has a great policy for both working mothers and fathers. My managers have also been understanding and embraced the “family comes first” mindset. 

There was once where I received a call from a childcare center that my kid had a high fever. I quickly shared the situation with my manager and said I needed some time off to pick him up. 

Author and family at the beach

Unfortunately, my son had come down with a flu so I couldn’t put him back at the daycare center for a few days. I was grateful my managers were all very understanding and supportive, and had no problems with me working remotely while taking care of my son at home. Being able to access remotely from my company laptop enables me to work from home with no disruptions. 

It’s in these small ways that Indeed has helped both my career grow and my kid thrive. He’s a frequent visitor to our office and loves to come and sit with my team. 

I owe a lot to Indeed as I am able to manage my work and childcare thanks to the great support of my team, the flexibility, benefits, and work-life balance commitment from Indeed.

Indeed would never allow its employees to be in a dilemmatic situation whether they have to choose a family OR a career. There is a common understanding that family comes first and that we all work better when our home life is peaceful. I look forward to sharing these amazing experiences with other working parents at Indeed and future Indeedians!

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