Since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, Indeedians around the world have been working remotely until conditions prove safe and stable for everyone to return to the office. In April of 2021, the Senior Leadership Team announced flexible work options to allow employees to decide what works best for them once a return to office is an option.

The three options provided are:

  • In-Office
  • Flex (scheduled or unscheduled)
  • Remote

These options allow employees to decide where they feel most comfortable and productive. 


Man in office sitting in egg shaped chair

The in-office option is eligible for any employee living within a commutable distance from an Indeed office. This person will have a 5-day office work week but occasional work from home days may be permitted. Those who opt for In-Office will have their own assigned desk in the office. 

Fully Remote

Fully remote employees will not be expected to regularly go into an office however occasional visits for collaboration or training may be required. Employment terms are specific to the city/state/province and country where the employee is hired. If an employee lives where Indeed does not have an office they will be automatically noted as remote. 


Woman working from homeThe flex option is available to employees who live within the metro area of an Indeed office. Depending on the department, employees may be required to be in the office on specific days of the week while other departments do not have set days. 

Flex Unscheduled employees perform their responsibilities from home and the office, and may be required to go to the office as determined by their org. Flex Scheduled employees perform their responsibilities from home and the office, and are expected to be in the office 1-4 days per week. The number of days required in office per week is determined by each organization and team.

The benefits of flexible working

Through extensive research, our Senior Leadership found that flexible work has multiple business, societal, and environmental benefits to increase employee productivity and work happiness while allowing us to hire talent outside of where we have offices. This decision will also help to reduce travel and commuting costs as well as Indeed’s carbon footprint to make us a more sustainable workplace in the future. 

Work from Home Allowance

For Flex and Remote employees Indeed offers an annual $1,500 (USD) stipend. This is designed to help you cover expenses while working remotely. Some examples of those expenses may include high-speed internet, furniture, utilities, care for children or parents, meals and snacks, and home office supplies.

Health and Safety First

Initially, Indeed planned to begin reopening offices in June 2021, however, with the rise of the Delta variant, we have adjusted the timing. Flex workers will not be required to go back into offices until July 2022. Full-time in-office employees will begin to go back to offices once we have deemed it is safe to do so. The health and safety of Indeedians and their families always comes first and as we anticipate a new normal in the near future, we have options to ensure we’re able to work comfortably when that time comes. 

Learn more about flexible work options at Indeed and the benefits we offer around the world.