Man posing under Indeed neon signAlan Lim, a university recruiter at Indeed Singapore, knows how daunting opportunities in tech can seem, and so built the #GradInTech series of events to help students navigate the challenges of securing that first big career step.

At Indeed, we pride ourselves on Helping People Get Jobs. It certainly isn’t an easy path and we acknowledge it takes a whole lot of effort to find that job which suits your skills and interests, especially one that matches your career aspirations.

The most common questions I come across as a university recruiter is how do students know if this job is for them.

Everyone has an ideal type of job but there isn’t a sure fire way to know exactly what is right for you. That is why I came up with #GradInTech.

#GradInTech is a series of webinars designed to help individuals understand more about various aspects of working in the tech industry, be it for interviewing or finding more about the jobs to diversity within the industry. We kicked off with a workshop addressing the most common hurdles, a technical interview.

A technical interview is amongst the most challenging parts of getting a job in the tech industry.

Often, candidates come up to me telling me about how unprepared they are for an interview, not knowing what to expect and where they can find resources to prepare for one.

In this workshop, we touched on topics like how engineering teams are structured within Indeed, ways to prepare for an engineering interview, where to focus for whiteboard exercises and the best part, first hand tips on how to prepare for Indeed’s interviews.

While interviewing is a huge part of the job search journey, there is also the path to finding what kind of jobs are suitable for you.

During #GradInTech, we dove into the world of being a software engineer, a Marketo specialist and an UX Designer. Each Indeedian shared their career journey, the work that they do on a day to day basis, challenges they face and ultimately, why they chose to work with Indeed.

Starting your first job would no doubt be nerve wrecking and we all have had the same experience at one point or another. In the webinar ‘Your First Step’ (linked below), four of our graduate hires from 2019 spoke about their experience on how they coped with the first few months at work, the doubts they had and how they ultimately overcame the difficulties.

Aside from finding out how you can cope with your first job, there are also questions about how they can excel in their career and move up the management level.

We invited guest panelists in various stages of their software engineering and marketing professions across the business to talk about their career journey and how their decisions have shaped their growth. Below is the session with senior software engineers!

Last but not least, ending the #GradInTech Series was a panel discussion about diversity within the tech industry. There has always been the impression of how the industry was mainly male-dominated.

In recent years, the landscape has changed fairly and we are seeing a more diverse pool of applicants. We had the pleasure to have with us female Indeedians from different teams who chose a career in the tech industry and how the landscape has changed since then.

Check out all of the webinars for #GradInTech below: