Halloween decoration in out Tokyo Azabu office, 2019
Halloween decorations in our Tokyo Azabu office, 2019

Learn why Halloween has become one of the most highly anticipated Indeed celebrations each year as Indeedians bring their most creative and creepy costumes and characters to life.

Every October things get spooky inside Indeed offices around the world. Halloween has become one of our biggest celebrations each year with a majority of Indeedians sewing their wildest and most creative oats. 

It’s not unlikely to walk by a conference room and see a cast of characters from a classic movie deep in discussion. Or to wait for the next elevator to arrive because someone’s zombie make-up is a little too spot on. Halloween at Indeed is always filled with food, fun, treats and a great deal of creativity. 

Halloween: A haunted history

A skeleton at the reception desk in Paris
A skeleton greets guests at our reception desk in Paris, 2018

Historically, our Employee Experience team has pulled out all the stops to transform offices around the world into Halloween extravaganzas. Decorations cover common areas, kitchens, and conference rooms to immerse employees in a fun and lighthearted but still spooky world. Halloween playlists also help to set the mood throughout the day. 

Each year there are office exclusive contests for best individual and group costumes, as well as a global competition for each category. This year will be a little different as we celebrate from home, but the creativity and enthusiasm remain. As we gear up for another year of fun and festivities, let’s take a look back at the haunted history of Halloweens past at Indeed.


As Indeed has grown, so have our Halloween celebrations throughout the years. 2016 wasn’t the first year we had Halloween festivities at Indeed, but it was the first time it was documented on #insideindeed. That year, Saturday Night Live characters won our group contest in Austin and Jigsaw from the horror movie “Saw” won the individual prize in that office.

Check out the video below for all the frightful festivities from our Austin Champions office in 2016.



The costume coverage truly became a global affair in 2017 on #insideindeed and the puns were plentiful. The Backstreet Boys group costume was so good it even got shared by the official Backstreet Boys Instagram and the Cruella Deville on the phone closing deals is a classic.

Lego characters in Toronto
Lego characters in Toronto
Cruella Deville costume answering phones
Cruella closing deals







Backstreet Boys costumes
Backstreet was back briefly in 2017












The creativity kept coming in 2018 with another spot on 90s group costume channeling the Spice Girls and killing it. And check out the detail and effort in those individual costumes. We especially appreciated the “We help people get jobs” Willy Wonka.



A creative costume worthy of Frida Kahlo





A “We help people get jobs” Willy Wonka






This team has a “Clue” about good costumes





A thoroughly-crafted Thanos




Last year was a Halloween for the ages. We had an amazing Ursala appear in Dublin, a gold metal group of Indeed trophies in Stamford, Stranger Things popped up in San Mateo and a productive pack of Picachus in Tokyo.



Amazing Ursala in Dublin






Stranger Things in San Mateo






A cross-country Forest Gump 




A gold-metal group in Stamford




Stiff competition

A Ghoulish Growth Team in Dublin as Alice in Wonderland, 2019

A Sales team in one of our Dublin offices went above and beyond with their scary take on Alice in Wonderland, which landed them in first place for the global group costume competition! 

When asked about the inspiration and preparations Jeanne Coupel, Senior Account Executive, shared, “The idea is to find a universe with my colleagues in order for there to be different characters to create the best scary version.”

“The challenge for us was that at first look, everybody knows who we are,” she adds. “This special day we were those personas. We helped each other with the make-up for the costume details. It was a real team project.” 

Nicole Kachelmeier, Lead Learning Experience Designer in Austin, TX, took home the prize of best global individual costume dressed as a giraffe.

“I really do just like animals in general, and giraffes seem to have a way of making people happy,” Nicole says, “My colleagues gave me a lot of fun support, and many of them dressed up too. It was an entertaining day!

Check out Nicole’s soulful giraffe dance from our Indeed’s got Talent Global competition

The kids get involved in our Dublin Halloween Celebration

In year’s past, the Halloween work day ends with an all out Halloween celebration. Halloween themed food, desserts and beverages are served as Indeedians gather to admire each other’s costumes and have a great time.

Indeed also makes it a family affair allowing Indeedians to bring their children decked out in their costumes as well! They are treated to candy, magic shows, dancing and face painting. 

Some GOODdeeds treats for those in need

Group of volunteers in Stamford, CT giving back during Halloween, 2019

For all the fun that is had inside the offices during Halloween, it’s also important to spread Halloween cheer into the community. Last fall, a few of our Stamford, CT Indeedians participated in an event sponsored by our charity matching and volunteering program GOODdeeds. 

Indeed purchased costumes for underprivileged children and the volunteers were on hand to help them pick costumes and also decorate trick-or-treat bags.

“Two words that come to mind are accessibility and appreciation,” Andrea Emery, Senior Account Executive in Stamford says about her experience giving back.

“We forget that there are people who are less fortunate than us and do not have access to certain items and resources as we do. Some may not think twice about spending $7.00 on a trick or treat bag for their children, while others have to determine if that $7.00 should be spent on their child’s dinner.”

Andrea Emery helping a young girl decorate her trick-or-treat bag, 2019

“The group of kids that I interacted with truly humbled me. Their genuine excitement to participate in arts and crafts was fun to be a part of and witness. Although they weren’t able to go to the store and pick out their own Halloween outfits, these children were beyond excited to receive ones that had been pre-selected for them. I will always remember this day. It reminds me to be creative, generous and kind.”


This year provided unique challenges to keep the Halloween spirit alive inside Indeed, but Indeedians were up to it, dressing up and strutting their stuff from home. In addition to the remote costume contest, we also participated in thrilling virtual dance classes, spun spooky musical playlists, shared festive recipes and more. 

Check out the video below for highlights from our virtual Halloween festivities this year.

Halloween at Indeed always allows for us to flex our creativity muscles to the max and this year was no different! 

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