Formal headshot of Indeed SVP, Paul WolfeIn this podcast, Chris Hyams, Indeed CEO, speaks with Paul Wolfe, Senior Vice President of HR, about how Indeed has been responding to and managing the effects of the pandemic as it has unfolded. 

Paul Wolfe, Indeed’s Senior Vice President of HR, describes the beginning of what we now know as a pandemic, and the challenges he faced while taking charge of keeping everyone focused on our mission: 

“The whole experience has been mentally taxing. Our jobs have changed. It’s no longer just what we’re doing from an HR or people perspective.”

He said: “It is day-to-day, hour-after-after, decision-after-decision, with sometimes not great or not a lot of information as we are still learning about Covid-19, the new protocols and advice coming out each time. Adapting is the best word to describe it, but there’s mental fatigue dealing with it every day.”

He added the senior leadership team made sure to keep in touch with employees and ensured that they were supported the right way, in addition to closing the office.

“We were careful in our communications, and we let our employees know as much as we could. We were transparent without breaching confidentiality, and without divulging and sharing confidential information. Medical choices are personal choices. We don’t always know what’s going on,” Paul shared.

“We need to be as transparent as possible, as it’s not only impacting the business but also impacting people’s lives… and that’s a scary thing.”

Paul also talks about the relationships that have been built, the people at Indeed and how they have responded to uncomfortable situations.

“There are a group of amazing people who have worked bizarre hours, crazy days and weekends and done things they never thought they had to do and have pivoted to do whatever they could,” Paul said. 

“This whole pandemic, for companies and people… you truly see people and their core when they are dealing with a crisis. You have a deeper appreciation of people around you.”

To find out more on how Indeed managed to stay focused in times of uncertainty, listen to the rest of the podcast here:

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