With the Olympics just around the corner, we talk to Indeedians about how and why Indeed Career Coach was put together to support Team Ireland athletes with their next career steps long after the Olympics has finished.

Indeed believes the world works better when people are given every opportunity to maximize their potential. It’s why every day Indeed helps people find jobs that match their experience and skills, enabling them to fulfill their potential and unleash their talent.

In partnership with the OFI Athletes’ Commission, Sports Institute Ireland, and Bernard Dunne, Director of the Irish Athletic Boxing Association, we have developed the Indeed Career Coach program, designed to help athletes transition their talents into other jobs after they retire from competing.

As a former World Champion Boxer, Bernard knows all about the need to plan for all stages of an athlete’s career and advocates, “when we all try new things, we find out things that surprise us.”

Quite often, athletes spend their lives dedicated to their chosen sport and they often don’t consider life or work beyond competing, creating several concerns when later searching for a job. The Career Coach program provides hands-on guidance for athletes ready to transition their career and helps tackle common issues such as:  

  • Planning – Encouraging athletes to consider how their skills are transferable to different roles 
  • Transitioning – Expanding their horizons into other passions so they don’t feel they are moving from the top of their game to the bottom of the workplace 
  • Identity and self-worth – Helping athletes identify themselves through a separate lens beyond being ‘an athlete’ and supporting their personal growth  
  • Tunnel Vision – Highlighting the importance of thinking beyond training, competition and results with a bigger picture view of their lives 
Conor Byrne, Marketing Director - Dublin
Conor Byrne, Marketing Director – Dublin


As the world’s number one job site, we are experts in helping people get jobs. We have designed the Career Coach programme to tackle the specific challenges former athletes face when changing careers,” says Conor Byrne, Marketing Director at Indeed.



Peter Sherrard, CEO of the Olympic Federation
Peter Sherrard, CEO of the Olympic Federation


Peter Sherrard, CEO of the Olympic Federation of Ireland also says, “We have been working closely with Indeed to create this programme that will benefit all Irish Athletes. Naturally, a huge amount of our focus is on athlete performance, but athlete care and transition post-games is a strong priority for the OFI and our Athletes’ Commission. Indeed’s strong commitment to providing tools and career transition advice to support Team Ireland has been a vital part of this strategy.”   


Using a bold approach to a changing future 

The Career Coach programme was developed by our Learning and Development team, who work tirelessly to support the development of employees #insideindeed. With over 10,000 employees worldwide, this team has a proven track record of developing training programs that cultivate and enable staff to flourish at all levels from graduate positions right through to Senior Leadership.

The team set out to design, develop and deliver successful learning and development series using innovative and blended learning methods. Their bold approach to a changing future ensures athletes are equipped with the real-world skills they need to ease their transition into a new, non-sporting career path.

The aim was to offer support to athletes who find it difficult to transition from competitive sports/athletics into the workforce with unique skills and not the standard work experience.

Sarah Doyle, Learning & Development Program Manager
Sarah Doyle, Learning & Development Program Manager

“Using Indeed’s resume builder allowed us to keep things simple. Our aim was to keep all content relevant for athletes, and we focused heavily on transferable skills” says Sarah Doyle, Learning & Development Program Manager.  She goes on to say that the most rewarding part of the project was “getting to meet incredibly talented and driven people with different skills and goals to mine, understanding more about the pressures of being an Athlete in competitive competitions and feeling like I made a small but impactful contribution to helping them grow a new career.”



Ramy, Senior Learning Experience Facilitator
Ramy, Senior Learning Experience Facilitator



“We are the leaders in our field and I think it is important we utilise the skills and people we have within our amazing company to support those who need support with their career search,” adds Ramy, Senior Learning Experience Facilitator.




Keara Masterson, Learning and Development Specialist
Keara Masterson, Learning and Development Specialist


”Utilising Indeed’s Job Squad team was paramount in my opinion to ensure athletes could use Indeed’s job search and set up online profiles effectively for their job searches,” say Keara Masterson, Learning and Development Specialist.






The result

“Career Coach got me thinking more seriously about my future career and made me more aware of my options. Also, by doing it with other athletes I learned about the varying paths they had taken and it made me realize that everyone did not have everything figured out. It was in a sense reassuring to know that people were in the same position” Team Ireland Cyclist.

Indeed Ambassador and two-time World and European Champion rower Sanita Puspure admits the shift to life after sport is daunting.

“I’ve thought about how I am going to transition into the real world, and it is quite scary… I don’t know where life is going to bring me”.

Listen to more of Sanita’s story on our Culture Matters podcast below.

Unleashing talent in times of uncertainty

At Indeed we believe some things are best kept to ourselves, but not our talent! It needs to be expressed, to be given a platform, to be set free. A talent kept in check is a talent wasted, and the world is a lesser place. We know the world is certainly big enough for everybody’s talent, and while winning is always great – such moments are temporary, the real victory is that you unleash yours on the world. 

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