How Indeedians made Earth Week a family affair

Earth Week is always big for us at Indeed. Historically, our offices across the globe take part in education initiatives, eco-friendly activities and raise money for sustainable causes. While the goals remain the same, we had to approach this year a bit differently. 

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’ve had to adapt to some unique challenges in our current socially-distanced reality.

Nicole Lemaire, New York City Office Manager

Going green while staying home

Lucky for us, our employee experience team was up to the task, finding creative ways to engage Indeedians at home. Along with her fellow Office Managers across the globe, New York City Office Manager, Nicole Lemaire, drove the initiative to create an engaging work-from-home Earth Week experience. 

According to Nicole, the team had to adapt quickly and think differently than in previous years.

“One core challenge was to find the best ways to celebrate that would allow employees to do so easily from home. Certain ideas were great but were not ideal for all our Indeed offices, such as learning how to compost — different cities and countries have specific limitations,” Nicole explains. 

“Other ideas were not able to be easily facilitated from home — ie, asking employees to go to the grocery store, hardware stores, having employees go outside for trash cleanups, etc,” she adds.

“While it was tougher than usual, adapting to the virtual method forced us to think simple, yet out of the box.”

The good news is Nicole and team had the Indeed spirit on their side. Whether it’s helping people get jobs or lending a helping hand to Mother Earth, Indeedians have an innate passion for helping to improve the world around us.

Activities and initiatives

Up close of a flower with the Indeed logo in backgroundThis year’s Earth Week theme was “Climate Action.” From Earth Week tips and trivia to providing steps for Indeedians to get their hands dirty and build their own gardens at home,  Indeedians were provided a number of resources to help support this theme. 

Nicole took on the garden challenge herself, building her very own “victory garden” of lettuce and green onions, something that is a bit out of her comfort zone, but so far has been a success and a learning experience.

“I’m pleasantly surprised considering I’ve never been able to keep a plant alive before!”

Indeedians were also challenged to Reduce, Reuse & Upcycle, turning items that would otherwise be unused or thrown away into functional tools around the house. The logic behind it is simple.

“When we reuse and repurpose clothing, home goods, etc., this reduces pollution and waste, benefiting the earth and the climate. This process also aids in promoting a more sustainable way of living, which truly benefits our planet and the fight against climate change,” Nicole explained in her call to action in an internal blog post to Indeedians.

Here are a few helpful Upclycling tips Indeedian Emily shared on Instagram:Repurposed candle jars holding makeup brushes

# 1 – Repurpose jars

# 2 – Repurpose candle jars! (Place the candle in the freezer. Once cold, use a butter knife or spoon, and pop out the wax. If the wick is stuck due to strong adhesive, soak in vinegar. Wash or wipe clean.) 

#3 – Repurpose cards! (Lovingly enjoy the original card. ❤️ Cut off the written end. Keep the design side and use the back for a quick note.) 

Perhaps the most unique and engaging project was to build a do-it-yourself bird feeder to support the bird populations threatened by climate change.

Again, simplicity was key. The project required minimal supplies, so Indeedians and their families could do something productive for the environment without having to gather tons of supplies. 

Building a sustainable future

Indeed Director of Sustainability, Valeria Orozco

Another major step Indeed took recently to show our continued dedication to sustainability was to hire our first-ever Director of Sustainability. Valeria Orozco joined our team just in time for our Earth Week festivities and she sees a lot of opportunities for the future of sustainability at Indeed.

Valeria comes with an extensive resume guiding major companies in their sustainability efforts. She says the key is striking a balance between profits and environmental impact. Her approach is to make data-driven decisions that are independently verifiable.

In other words, the impact must have tangible and/or intangible value for Indeed and make fiscal sense in order for it to be successful.

She will bring this approach to all of her initiatives moving forward, with the end goal being to make Indeed a leader in corporate sustainability.

Silver linings and lessons learned Indeedian's son building a bird feeder out of upcycled items

Although it was challenging to adapt to the new work-from-home world we currently inhabit, there were some silver lining in all of this, according to Nicole, including making this year’s celebrations a family affair.

“Indeedians were able to share this Earth Week with their families and loved ones in the comfort of their home. They got to share a taste of what would have normally been an in-office only event! In doing so, I think we were able to make this global event even more impactful than before.”

Lessons learned that can be built on in the future.

“I learned that anything can become something, and now tons of Indeedians and their kids are coming up with awesome ideas and suggestions to support Earth Week!”

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