Andrew at the White HouseAndrew Dennis is the Lead on our Indeed for Military team and is based in Austin Texas. He focuses on helping transitioning military, veterans, and military spouses find gainful employment. He has been at Indeed for over 5 years and has traveled to 43 states for personal and work adventures. Andrew is a certified dog behaviorist and his favorite pastime is gardening and landscaping. He recently became a first-time dad in June 2021.

Andrew smiling in his Indeed swag on a mountain top Helping Veterans get jobs means the world to me and is something I think about 24/7. Since I was a little kid, it has always been my desire and passion to serve this country, but unfortunately due to medical reasons, I was not able to. However, having the ability to serve those who have served has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done in my life. 

Before joining Indeed, I was working at display advertisement start-ups in NYC and at the time I knew a few college colleagues who worked at Indeed. They loved the company, culture, and the mission, so I decided to take a chance and apply for an Inside Sales role at Indeed. Five years later, the rest is history! 

The need for military talent

Andrew helping a veteran use IndeedIn 2016, I joined the Inside Sales team. During that time, I noticed that employers kept asking for military talent, but we did not have much of an offering to present them. So right after joining our Veterans & Allies Inclusion Resource Group (IRG) as Treasurer, I made it my mission to help the military community. 

In Q4 2017, I left Inside Sales in NYC and moved to Austin to work on a project called “Indeed Military” through Indeed Incubator where we focused on building solutions to help military job seekers have an easier time transitioning careers using Indeed. 

Learning with Indeed Incubator

Indeed Incubator is an opportunity for Indeed employees to leverage Indeed assets, pioneer opportunities for growth, and to measure and assess those new ideas. Through Incubator, we learned a tremendous amount about these job seekers, even though the project wasn’t picked up for further development. 

Knowing that there is still work to be done, I asked to join the Global Product Commercialization (GPC) Team as a Military Strategist.

Andrew at a military hiring eventGoing from sales and business development to building a product and solution to help job seekers made participating in Indeed Incubator a tremendously valuable experience! I got to conduct first-hand research and interview hundreds of job seekers with military experience and employers looking to hire this talent to really understand their pain points. 

Many of their stories have stayed with me because even though not every transition is the same, there are consistent underlying troubles many of them faced. What we learned from the Incubator research has been implemented in our Indeed for Military Strategy and we’re excited to continue to help the military community find jobs.

Indeed for Military

Andrew speaking at Hiring Our Heroes Career Summit
Andrew speaking at Hiring Our Heroes Career Summit in Europe

My current role as Lead on the “Indeed for Military” team, is to ensure that each day, Indeed is helping transitioning military, Veterans and military spouses find gainful employment by connecting them with employers hiring this sought-after talent. We do this through product enhancements, partnerships, marketing and sales efforts, and more.

Personally, I love to lead webinars for job seekers in the military community. It’s so exhilarating to see people’s excitement as they learn new tips and strategies in their transition or career switch. Each event is usually followed up by personal messages of gratitude, which helps me to stay motivated to work hard each day. 

I think the most important thing our team does is work on helping both the military-experienced job seeker and employers looking to hire this talent. From a product perspective, we are working on new ways to enable employers to find the right military-experienced job seekers. We also partner with the leaders in the military community, such as Hiring Our Heroes, Job Path, MOAA, and others to create an impact. 

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Highlights from 5 years at Indeed

Andrew visiting the White House with SVP and GM, Maggie Hulce
Andrew visiting the White House

Being with the company for 5 years now has definitely garnered me some epic #insideindeed moments! I think traveling to Europe for the Hiring Our Heroes Career Summit was the best experience I’ve had at Indeed. There, we partnered with 50 other employers to visit US Military bases in Italy and Germany. 

Soldiers and military families that transition out from those bases have a more difficult time because they are not even in the same country to interview! 

I also had the opportunity to visit the White House multiple times in 2019 ahead of the Hiring Our Heroes and Stand To conferences which was an amazing experience. The history, grandeur, and knowing how many prominent figures have walked those halls really made it a fun experience to take in. 

Andrew and fellow Vets & Allies IRG members in 2019
Andrew and fellow Vets & Allies IRG members #insideindeed Austin

Indeed is a great workplace that has a mission and vision to help people get jobs. Having that as the backbone every day really helps drive you to work your hardest to create an impact for job seekers looking for their next career. It’s truly fulfilling work knowing that you have the ability to positively affect someone’s day or life by helping them land a new job or even a higher-paying job. 

Looking for Veteran help resources and tips to land your next role? We’ve built out a great military job seeker landing page with new content, a link to a free resume review, and more! 

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