In this podcast, Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed, and Graham Loew, Director of IT Solutions, talks about how Indeed navigates through the complexities of working at home, especially from an IT perspective and what we’ve learned along the way.

Graham Loew, Director of IT Solutions, shares how some of his team’s processes were already being streamlined, even prior to Indeed’s move to working from home, to help Indeedians across the globe work more efficiently in the changing times.

“The biggest thing we were focused on was (and still is) IT solutions… the idea of productivity and ensuring that all Indeedians are as productive as possible,” Graham shared.

“A big part of our strategy to do that was to focus on reducing the inefficiencies in IT so we can focus on productivity of employees.”

He added another thing the IT team was focussed on even before the pandemic was reshuffling the organization structure so the team was well set up to handle surges, spikes and volume.

Unsurprisingly, the IT team had to manage challenges across multiple types of offices, including supporting the Tech, Sales and Customer Success teams, which all had differing sets of issues to overcome as they moved to working remotely. 

Chris and Graham also walked through the process of how Indeed managed one of their very first offices where all of the Indeedians had to work at home – can you guess which office that was? 

To find out the answer and to listen to the rest of the podcast, click here or listen via the Soundcloud player below.

We’re hoping this series will give you a little insight into some of the learnings Indeed has gathered so you can learn from our experiences. We’re here to help. 

You can also watch our Here to Help series trailer to see how Indeed is navigating through the complexities of working at home.

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