Learn about the two key innovations that led to Indeed being featured on Fortune’s “Change the World 2021” list.

Innovation is a core value at Indeed. That is why we are thrilled to announce our inclusion on Fortune’s “Change the World 2021” list. The annual list honors companies who have made a positive social impact with innovations and initiatives that are part of their core business strategy. Indeed is featured for its commitment to removing barriers to employment by using technology to make the hiring process simpler, faster, and more human. 

“Indeed’s mission is to help people get jobs. We are committed to using our resources to drive innovations that reduce barriers many job seekers face during the hiring process,” said LaFawn Davis, Group Vice President of Environmental, Social & Governance at Indeed. “It is an honor to be named to Fortune’s “Change the World” list for the work we are doing to make job opportunities more evenly distributed so current and future generations can thrive.”

Indeed is committed to transforming hiring and has set several goals aimed at providing equal access to employment. As a way to further accelerate the achievement of these goals, the company has already kicked off initiatives, established partnerships with key organizations, and recently introduced two new solutions: The Indeed Hiring Platform and the Work Happiness Score. 

  • Indeed Hiring Platform shortens the hiring process from weeks to days and provides job seekers with more transparency into the job application process. Since employers set objective screening criteria, job seekers know immediately where they stand as those whose skills are a match have the opportunity to interview. The platform also helps remove the time spent on manual tasks like scanning resumes, pre-screening talent and confirming candidate interviews so employers and job seekers have more time to make human connections. 
  • Indeed Work Happiness Score is a new measure for how people feel at work, and why, displayed publicly for thousands of companies on Indeed. Fueled by the world’s largest study of work happiness2, the Work Happiness Score aims to help job seekers discover workplaces where they can thrive and helps employers better understand how their workforce feels so that they might identify ways to improve it.

“This last year has made our mission more vital than ever. We have accelerated our innovation in order to simplify the hiring process so connections between job seekers and employers can be made more quickly,” said Maggie Hulce, Senior Vice President at Indeed.

“We are delighted to be on the “Change the World” list for our efforts, and plan to continue to provide transparency into the hiring process so job seekers can identify the workplaces where they will thrive, and have a direct path to showcase their skills and qualifications to recruiters and hiring managers at those companies.” 

Fortune writers and editors, with help from the Shared Value Initiative, evaluated Indeed and other winners on the list by four factors: measurable social impact, business results, degree of innovation, and corporate integration.

To view the entire list, please visit: https://fortune.com/change-the-world/