Indeed’s Security team shares how they help safeguard the personal data of job seekers and employers, and what they enjoy about working at Indeed.

Security is an essential and unseen piece of helping people find jobs. When applying for a position, job seekers need to share personal data with the employers they hope to work with. With technology’s fast and ever-changing growth, we want to ensure that we stay up to date on how to keep job seekers safe from virtual threats. 

The goal we’re trying to achieve as a Security team is to secure the job seekers’ and employers’ data to maintain the trust they have put in Indeed.

Ensuring Indeed’s Products and Processes are Safe

The Security team partners with various stakeholders throughout the organization. Indeed’s fast-paced and innovative culture is exciting. To keep up, we ensure that Security is not an afterthought. We do our best to integrate early into the product development life cycle so that Security is an intentional part of the product. 

“There are always new challenges. When the development team is working on something new, they reach out to us to see if there are any security concerns. We usually run through a threat exercise to identify issues and provide guidance and recommendations based on that. As a Security Architect, we get to help influence the entire organization with our ideas for what to build and how we recommend executing on those ideas,” says Security Architect, Pinky Tejwani. 

Pinky & Security Architect Team at Indeed
Pinky and the Security Architect Team at Indeed

The Security team is able to tackle large problems and find the right innovative solutions. At Indeed, we welcome the challenge.

 Sarah standing by a We help people get jobs sign
Sarah, Security Risk Engineer

“I have been lucky to be given the opportunity to work on developing risk management frameworks to tackle the ever-growing landscape of third-party vendor management. It’s a problem that everyone knows about since the Target breach via an HVAC third party, and we have to think about it every day,” says Security Risk Engineer, Sarah Triplett.

“Our list of partners and vendors grows on a weekly basis, and we have to make sure that we are addressing the risk that is posed by these third parties. It is definitely a challenge, but it’s such a fun problem to solve, really giving our team the capability to solve this puzzle with security best practices and forward-thinking solutions,” 

Support in Career Growth and Leadership

Having leaders and managers who understand the importance of Security and are willing to invest in a good program is essential to our success. 

“Our management team empowers us to come up with our own ideas. They don’t try to enforce what we do. Those ideas are embraced by the team, and then we work collaboratively to make those ideas even better. At Indeed, I’ve been supported to pursue my goals. If I need to attend a conference, training, or event, Indeed will help me attend these to get the certifications and knowledge I need to grow my career,” says Pinky.

Benefits of Working at Indeed

Indeed's Security team outing in Austin
Indeed Security team outing in Austin (pre-pandemic)

Work/life balance was a major reason why Security Engineer, Roberto Mendez came to Indeed.

“When asked why I considered Indeed, my response was “I need to be a better husband, I need to find a job where I can go home and not be mad.” 

Security Technical Writer, Kay Miles, enjoys the work flexibility and opportunity to have time to recharge regularly. “During the pandemic, Indeed has given us a YOU day each month, in addition to our open PTO (paid time off). This is one day where the entire company gets a day off to ensure we are taking care of ourselves. This one day a month has empowered me to take time for my well-being and mental health. It shows that Indeed sees their employees as human beings.” 

“Indeed offers virtual exercise classes. You can join them at specific times, but they also record them so you can watch them later. I begin every morning doing those exercises, which has made so much difference in my life. I’m not able to go to the gym due to the pandemic, but we have so many virtual exercises available. If I miss it, I can always go to the recordings,” Pinky adds.

Join our team

Sarah & team at Indeed Pride 2019 in Downtown Austin
Sarah & team at Indeed Pride 2019 in Downtown Austin

“I was really excited about the opportunity to work on developing a security risk management team from scratch and watching it mature and grow as time went on! I could really tell when I interviewed, and even more when I officially started, that I was going to learn so much from my peers, about the security landscape and industry, and that still excites me to this day,” says Security Risk Engineer, Sarah Triplett, reflecting on the growth of her team at Indeed.

To support our growth and to achieve our goals, we need to hire people who are excited and passionate about Security. The security organization seeks people who will be a part of inventing and maintaining the solutions that will keep Indeedians, job seekers, and employers safe, not only today, but in the future. 

Katrina Dvorcek, Senior Recruiter at Indeed, and her dog
Katrina, Senior Recruiter at Indeed, and her dog

Senior Recruiter, Katrina Dvorcek shares whats makes a good Information Security candidate and some tips on how you can shine brightest.

“Stay curious! Being a continuous learner and willing to develop new skills is of utmost importance in this field. The world of cyber security is continuously evolving, and therefore the most important quality in a security hire is someone who can do the same – someone with a natural curiosity that will lead to continuous learning,” Katrina explains.

“You will stand out from other candidates if you bring in knowledge of how you stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies and processes within the security industry and constantly be thinking of new ways to improve and secure the environment you are supporting.”

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