Formal headshot of authorDermot Malone is a Sales Team Lead in Dublin. From 9-5, you’ll find him helping people get jobs before leaving straight for training. In our first installment of “Indeed’s Got Talent”, Dermot shares his journey of pursuing his passion for football while working with Indeed. 

Originally from Monaghan, it’s hard to believe Dermot Malone once worked as a bricklayer. After a stint on the trowel, he knew it wasn’t for him and headed into the world of sales. He joined Indeed’s Sales team in Dublin three years ago.

“When I’m not working behind a desk, I have an immense passion for Gaelic football. I play in my spare time and I’ve secured a slot on the Monaghan team for almost 10 years at a senior level,” Dermot says. 

“I feel very fortunate to be part of the teams in 2013 and 2015 that won the Ulster title in Ireland.”

Dermot Malone after scoring a goal during the semi-finals

Juggling a full-time job with a passion could be ambitious for some, but having a positive mindset is key to succeeding on and off the pitch.

“Playing with the Gaelic Athletic Association can sometimes feel like a second job. But building lifelong friendships whilst representing your local community gives me the ultimate satisfaction when I pop that jersey on, so it’s worth the effort,” he says. 

Some might ask, is it really possible to chase a dream while working in a full time job?

“Being honest, I don’t think it’s that grueling to juggle both. A good attitude will stand you in good stead with both,” he says.

“In sales we have set working days Monday-Friday and the weekend off. I’m so fortunate that I can put my foot to the floor during the day and when the time comes at 5 or 6 o’clock, I can close the laptop and enjoy my evening/weekend so that makes juggling both that bit easier.”

He adds he is lucky to be working for an organisation that cares for its people, and has found utilising the benefits on offer to employees at Indeed has been paramount to improving his performance as an athlete.

“The combination of free snacks, healthy breakfasts coupled with a state of the art gym leaves me with no excuses and that’s something I’m extremely grateful for,” Dermot says.

“This support has been outstanding for me!”

So has Dermot grown much as a person as a result of all of his efforts? 

“I have grown continuously over the past few years. My mentors and directors throughout my 3+ years in Indeed have been unbelievable. Their guidance has been instrumental to my career on and off the field!”

The Monaghan Football Team at the 2015 Ulster Finals

For anyone who has a yearning to follow their talent or passion, Dermot advises them to give it thought, and weigh up all the pros and cons.

“Make your decision based around that,” he says. “If I had a passion that I was considering, I’d want to make sure I can give it 100%.”

Hear Dermot speak more about working in Sales in Dublin in the video below.

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