Indeed’s Scaled Business Team provides assistance and products to employers who may not have the resources to conduct recruitment the way they would like. In this blog, you’ll learn more about this team and why it’s important at Indeed that we tailor our approach to the unique challenges of different customers.


Here at Indeed, we help people get jobs and it is important for us to remain adaptable because not all employers work the same way. In April of 2021, we launched our Scaled Business Success (SBS) Team to better serve our customers who may not have all of the resources in-house to dedicate to the recruiting process. SBS customers are companies who typically have less than 100 employees. In some instances, it may be the owner acting as the recruiter or hiring manager and they do not have a lot of time to delegate towards finding the right candidates. Many of these businesses may also have unique hiring needs. Our approach for these employers needed to change. The SBS team focuses on finding the challenges our customers are facing and match them with the correct Indeed products. 


“My manager, Nolan Farris, the Chief Revenue Officer at Indeed, likes to describe it as a business within a business,” says Declan Carville, VP of SBS, “we hope to achieve scalable success for our customers to help them recruit efficiently. If this happens jobseekers will be successful and Indeed will be successful.” 


The SBS team acts as the first line of communication for many employers as they are there to help our customers from account creation through to making hires. They use machine learning models to target specific opportunities to the right client at the right time. They are able to use data to make educated decisions as to which Indeed products will work best for their needs.

The SBS team is made up of three teams that are driven by opportunity.

Client Activation

Client Activation educates and assists clients during the onboarding phase through outbound communication. Their goal is to increase customers and the number of jobs posted on our site.

Client Development

Client Development educates clients on Indeed’s solutions while driving adoption and retention through outbound communication. 

Client Optimization

Client Optimization engages with customers via phone, email, and chat and is focused on account activation, troubleshooting, and campaign setup.

“Establishing and building relationships across the team is really important to us and If somebody asked me about the atmosphere on the team I’d say it is open, helpful and communication is easy for us. There is always enough room for a joke or two too!” – Bianca Kraus is a Client Optimization Specialist

To learn more about our SBS team take a look at the video below.


You can also listen to our Culture Matters Podcast featuring VP of SBS Declan Carville. 



The SBS team has multiple career paths and opportunities. There are positions available for recent college grads, individual contributors all the way up to directors. The roles range from customer support, sales, strategy, analytics, to digital engagement. 

If you are interested in a role on one of our SBS teams take a look here