Halloween decorations in office
Decorations in our Dusseldorf office, 2019

Learn how Indeed celebrated Halloween virtually this year. Indeedians around the globe showcased their creativity and Halloween spirit through various activities provided during the week. 


Each October Indeedians around the globe eagerly await our highly-anticipated Halloween celebration. Last year’s virtual-Halloween proved that just because we’re not together in the office doesn’t mean we won’t take the opportunity to show off our creativity and become some of the most beloved fictional characters. 

From October 25-29, various events and competitions were offered to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. From costume contests to see who will pull out all the stops, to Zumba with a spooky twist, our Employee Experience and Facilities teams ensured there was something everyone can take part in, even children. Take a look at how Indeed celebrated Halloween virtually in 2021. 



Global Scare-Tacular Halloween Contest

Woman in skeleton make
Glenda, #insideindeed Dublin

Indeedians were given the chance to showcase their creativity and celebrate their Halloween spirit through 4 categories: individual, group, pets, and Halloween/autumn decor. The contestants were voted on by their colleagues globally and the winners received special prizes.

Also on Monday was Zombie Zumba adding a spooky twist to the virtual fitness class. 



Wizardly Magic Show

Magician Dan Berlin hosted a virtual magic show that amazed viewers with his phenomenal tricks and treats. It proved to be a great show for family and friends to join in on as well.


Two painted pumpkins


Kahoot Trivia Challenge

Using Kahoot, Indeedians were quizzed on all things Halloween where the winner was treated to a special prize. 




Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

Indeedians were given a shopping list of all of the materials they would need to participate in our virtual pumpkin carving tutorial. During the session, they were given tips and tricks for creating a spectacular, standout Halloween pumpkin. 



Group dressed as Peter Pan characters
Peter Pan team costumes, Stamford 2017

To end the week, our internal communication platform was filled with ideas for fun Halloween activities at home including Halloween crafts, team and group games that can be played at home, and more. We were also given delicious Halloween-themed recipes like spider web brownies, ghost strawberries, and creepy cookies.

While we anxiously await the chance to celebrate Halloween together again, this yearly celebration still proves to be one of our most popular. 

To learn about the history of Halloween at Indeed check this blog.