Vijay Nelludi is an Optimization Manager based in Bangalore and is part of the Scaled Business Success (SBS) team. Here, he shares his experience being part of Indeed’s SBS team in APAC and what he loves about working at Indeed.

The SBS team is part of our Client Success team, and supports all clients in our small business segment at different points in their life cycle with Indeed. Growing small businesses is one of the keys to our success as a team. 

I am an MBA graduate from Central Queensland University, Sydney and I am very passionate about market analysis and customer relationship management. When I joined Indeed, I was really impressed with the unique product and the culture of the company. The same brought me here and the regular update on both products and ‘employee-first’ policies made me stick with Indeed for 5.5 years now and counting!

Everything I do in my day today will lead to a result of hires. 

This makes me, as well as the team feel proud, and it really motivates us to keep going despite the challenges we face. We try to keep Indeed’s orange chair in mind as it acts as an anchor when we have team meetings around jobseeker success and hires. This helps us keep the jobseeker in mind at all times.

In addition to this, every time I interview candidates for any of our roles, I would prefer to wear my favourite Indeed t-shirt with our mission of helping people get jobs. I feel showcasing our mission, especially on day one builds confidence in the candidate. 

Interviews can be nerve-racking, so it always helps to ensure that the candidate feels comfortable and knows that I’m here to help!

I am responsible for overseeing the team and ensuring they achieve their goals, as well as learning my leadership style and figuring things out along the way to solve issues. Of course, we have helping hands and tools, but we still lean a lot on testing and learning in our day-to-day job.

Some of the challenges we face in the team range from product performance and bugs, managing client expectations, as well as internal coordination. We collaborate with our internal teams on product performance and we do our best to keep our clients informed on the progress of the work that we do. 

At Indeed, we are given a lot of ownership to make decisions, and this helps us keep our customers happy. We are free to refund, suggest clients to switch to free services, as well as offer some promotional credits. Indeed trusts employees and gives us the responsibility to make the right decisions based on the situation. 

Indeed believes that when the employees are taken care of, the employees will take care of the business and the customers. 

In addition to having a great deal of ownership, one of the best things about working at Indeed is their Open Paid Time Off policy. It’s a nice feeling to have when I don’t have to keep track of my leave as much while planning my vacations.

If you’re interested to be part of our SBS team in APAC, check out our open roles here.