One of the ways to keep up with current times is personal and professional development. Two Indeedians share how they have used Indeed’s Tuition Reimbursement Program to upskill themselves. 

Raj Lalwani is a Senior Product Manager based in Singapore and is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Computer Science through the Tuition Reimbursement Program, which subsidizes part of the course.

“As a Product Manager in tech, it is very important to keep upgrading myself with technology, and taking this course has enabled me to be clearer about machine learning and AI models,” he says. 

Selina Ng, a Content Acquisition Market Lead based in Sydney, has also taken up the Tuition Reimbursement Program as she always wanted to further her studies after graduation. 

After joining Indeed and discovering the program, she completed a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management last year.

Taking up this program meant both Raj and Selina had to juggle between work, studies and life. 

Selina shares time management was the biggest challenge for her, and the most difficult part was when she had tight schedules at work while her assignments were due. 

“I am very grateful my manager was really supportive and understanding. I benefited greatly from the flexible work arrangements. I had classes every Wednesday night and the commute was about an hour to get to campus from the office (when we were working from the office)… my manager agreed that I clock off earlier on those days so I could attend my classes,” she explains.

Raj also shares all his weekends are now spent studying: ”I don’t have time for regular social activities or entertainment. I study out of my working hours, but the financial support I’ve gained through this program has helped tremendously.” 

Selina with the team in Sydney last year

Through their experiences, Raj and Selina also share advice on taking up a course while working and balancing life. 

Selina believes in starting something small as it wasn’t an easy feat to study again after 10 years. She wasn’t sure if she could handle it, so she started with some short courses, evaluated her interest and assessed her ability to manage work life balance. After completing the short course, she then knew she could commit and successfully took on and completed annual courses.

For Raj, he sees the program as a great opportunity to take up a course that enhances his skills. 

“It doesn’t matter what you want to learn… Growth mindset is more important than enhancing it in one dimension,” Raj says. “I have noticed that when I start to learn something new, sooner or later I tend to pick the skills which are important to me and grow into that.”

For both, the tuition reimbursement program isn’t the only perk at Indeed they are grateful for. Selina particularly enjoys the health insurance benefit and You Days offered where it allows her to take the time to recharge. 

Raj adds: “The best thing about the perks at Indeed is that we are agile and measure the needs of our employees. For example, we used to offer very good food, drinks and snacks at the office (for free!). But as we now work from home, we have prioritized flexibility at work in terms of time, and have introduced You Days as it serves a better purpose for us.” 

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