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Meet the humans behind Indeed’s HR team

Most employees in any organization would be familiar with its Human Resources (HR) function, but do you know what it really takes to be an HR practitioner? Read on to find out about our APAC HR team - what they do and what it takes to be successful. 

Most employees in any organization would be familiar with its Human Resources (HR) function, but do you know what it really takes to be an HR practitioner? Inside Indeed speaks to the company’s APAC HR team to find out what they do and what it takes to be successful. 

The Human Resources (HR) team is one that tends to do their best work behind the scenes. Sitting at the core of any organization, HR teams are usually responsible for a myriad of things, including compensation, employee welfare and team performance. 


“In my role, I support the leaders, managers, employees, and also the HR team in this region so they can maximize their performance and experience,” Atsushi Shizuno (left), Indeed’s APAC director of HR, says.

Atsushi, who joined Indeed in early 2021, shares the most exciting part of his job now is helping cross-functional and cross-regional teams work as one – no easy feat with Indeed’s headcount of nearly 2,000 in APAC, across four key countries. 

He is supported by a team of HR business partners based in local Indeed offices, who help oversee many of the day-to-day responsibilities. 

Isaac Ong, senior HRBP for Indeed Singapore, shares his daily tasks include everything from helping build the organization’s people capabilities, to shaping and implementing effective people strategies and activities.

But it does come with its challenges. Isaac says: “The most difficult part of my job is shifting mindsets and capabilities among both HR and business leaders. My advice is always to start with small steps!” 

Kyoko Kasama, senior HRBP at Indeed Tokyo, adds another way of overcoming challenges is to stay curious. 

“Curiosity has helped me a lot in learning different ways of thinking, and different ways of handling a difficult situation,” she says. For her, the ability to meet and work with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences also doubles up as a plus. 

“I enjoy getting to know people, and it is interesting to hear different thoughts and ideas.”

The past year in particular has been particularly challenging for Indeedians, including the HR team. 

The APAC HR team on a recent Zoom call

“2020 presented quite a few challenges for us as an organization and as individuals when it came to dealing with the global pandemic,” Susan Dong, HRBP for Sydney, says. 

“Indeed has been fantastic in pivoting and supporting staff and the transparent communication from the SLT was second to none, but individual struggles with working from home, family situations and just general mental wellbeing for employees during this time was very real.”

As an HRBP, Susan recalls how tough it was to hear how some employees were struggling during the early days of the pandemic. 

“Being able to support and provide options to staff as an organization, being an empathetic ear and working through concerns was very rewarding,” she says. “It’s so important to have a strong support network during challenging times as you wade through uncertainty!”

Sushmita Surabhi (below, left), a senior HR generalist based in Bangalore, agrees the sense of community at Indeed is a huge part of why she loves her job.

“When we take care of our people, they take care of our business,” she says. “I also work with some very incredible people across teams and locations so everyday is a new learning from them.

Goutami Suguru (below right), another senior HR generalist based in Hyderabad, adds: “Indeed understands that its most important assets are its employees and does not hesitate to take risks and invest in them.”

“It reflects in the company’s strategies, initiatives like flexible programs, generous paid time off, performance management processes and development of leaders.” 

Susan agrees, calling Indeed’s work culture “fantastic”.

“Our people are genuine, open and transparent and like to have fun. I also really enjoy meeting people from other offices and feeling like a truly connected global organization,” she says.

At the end of the day, Atsushi says the biggest role of the HR team at Indeed is to help make sure the company continues working towards its mission of helping all people get jobs, as that is where the HR team’s biggest value lies. 

“We should remember that HR is a job that can have a huge impact on both the employees and the organization,” he says. 

For anyone looking to join an HR team like Indeed’s, Kyoko says a big attribute to helping them be successful is working as a team, with Sushmita adding: “If you want to work in HR, you have to be adaptable to change, have empathy and most of all have fun!”

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