Jiayee Lim, a software engineer based in Indeed Singapore, reflects on her first year at Indeed.

It has been a year since I joined my first team at Indeed. I am now a software engineer in the International Employer Engagement team, helping employers help people get jobs! But when I started at Indeed a year ago, I joined through the New College Graduate (NCG) program in Singapore.

I’m doing great now but my first few months at Indeed sure wasn’t a walk in the park. 

Jiayee’s set up on her first day at the Indeed office

There are many clever development tools and integrations at Indeed, and it took me a while to gain sufficient exposure to them. I am still learning about them now as we speak. In addition, both my team and teammates were new.

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In our first few months at Indeed, we had to deliver our products while learning how to work together and establishing team processes which can optimise our productivity.

We also had to familiarise ourselves with the various support teams in Indeed so that we can focus more on our products. It wasn’t easy but we made it.

Jiayee with the International Employer Engagement team

Some of our notable projects included automating personalised email marketing campaigns through data pipelines and accelerating the localisation of emails through my team’s email localisation manager platform.

Our next challenge is to remove ourselves from the data pipeline by enabling marketers and product analysts to build and run personalised campaigns through a user interface. My team and I are motivated to make personalisation of experiences for customers accessible to Indeedians.

A unique hosting opportunity

In addition to my duties as a software engineer, I am now also a host of ‘Demos, Demos Demos’ – or Demos^3 for short – for the Singapore office.

Plate of homemade tacos

In a nutshell, Demos^3 is a platform for knowledge sharing which is open to all Indeedians… anyone can share anything they have learned or find interesting and want to share. Past presentations ranged from demonstrating prototypes, running through product decks, code deep dives to saving money on electricity and even a live cooking demonstration on how to make tortillas.

Currently, with all Indeedians working from home, we have been hosting a joint Demos^3 with the Hyderabad, Singapore and Tokyo offices.

It has been an enjoyable experience as we now get to see a greater variety of demos and we get to understand what Indeedians from the other offices have been working on.

Although there are more participants to manage, we also have more hosts from the different offices so when one of us is unavailable, someone else can take over.

Adapting to becoming a full time engineer

I believe that the skills I honed while in college and my past internship experiences were key to helping me learn and adapt to the work at Indeed. 

In college, I was expected to take charge of our learning so I had to be independent and resourceful; during my internships, I learnt to communicate with my team and work together to deliver software products. To me, both of these experiences have helped me with my role at Indeed.

The past year of working at Indeed is rewarding, as I get to ease people’s (job seekers, employers and even Indeedians!) lives through technology, get involved with activities and initiatives in my office (e.g. Demos^3, Hackathon, etc.) and am recognised for my contributions.

Participants of Indeed’s virtual Summer Hackathon 2020

Looking forward, in my next year with Indeed, I hope to be one of the main driving forces in bringing my team’s projects to fruition, benefitting Indeedians and employers who hire through Indeed.

For any young engineers or fresh graduates looking to join the industry, my biggest piece of advice for them is to stay motivated, strive to improve and to always pursue their passion. It is important to derive meaning and satisfaction from a job so that we are more than willing to deliver our best and grow to become better employees and contributors to society.

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