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How an Indeed Team Summited Mt Fuji and Came Down GoodDeeds Heroes

Jon-Carlos shares an amazing story of ascending Mt Fuji with fellow Indeedians for charity.

Jon-Carlos Mayes is a Manager of Global Infrastructure, based in Indeed Japan. Here is his amazing story of ascending Mt Fuji with fellow Indeedians for charity.

About a year ago, a group from my team at the Tokyo Tech Tamachi office and a few from other teams were having lunch together and the conversation turned to challenges we had faced. I started to talk about a Fuji Sea to Summit charity walk that I did a few years prior. Others expressed interest in wanting to do something similar at Indeed. As most people drive about halfway up Mt. Fuji and then start to climb, the team felt that it would feel more authentic to summit it from the bottom to the top, and we set about making it a reality.

To practice for the challenge, the team scheduled a walk via the Yamanote Train Line, which is a 42km train line that circles Tokyo. Many members started walking from their houses a few times a week.

While we were training in mid-July, we also talked about what charities were close to our hearts and health care charities continued to come up. The whole team decided to support Mind, a great organization in the UK that one of the members had used before and Cancer Research UK, which is the world’s largest cancer research charity in the world and also a charity that was on GoodDeeds.

We asked the GoodDeeds team if we could create a friend-raising opportunity to raise as much as we could. The team in Dublin worked hard to create our page and advertise it on Wonka Vision, via newsletters and Slack. I contacted the managers of the team members in other regions and  asked for donations. Everyone helped and we got a great response.

Quick Summary 

Start:  Fuji City in Shizuoka Prefecture at the ocean 0m above sea level
End: Top of Mt. Fuji 3776m above sea level
Route duration: 2 nights, 3 days
Route Length: 42 KM

Later in July, we started our mountain trek by hiking 41 km (25 miles) from 0m to around 2,400m (7,800 ft). We made it to around 1,500m (5,000 ft) and the challenge became a little too much, and as a team, we decided to return and regroup. The team stuck together and helped each other with encouraging words and physical support where needed. It was certainly a low point as we were unable to reach the very challenging destination that we had anticipated.

On our return to Tokyo, we got together and reflected on the challenge and with a new sense of purpose, we started to train even harder. At this time, charity donations were pouring in, and we already surpassed our goal, which helped our resolve to see this challenge through. The support and encouragement from others helped the team focus to train two months and go again near the end of the hiking season.

We started to watch the weather and found a break in the rain again. We gave options for the walkers to start where we finished or to go from the beach. Sadly, due to illness, one had to drop out and another was also unable to make it. Two members decided to walk from the beach and the other three decided to continue where they left off.

On September 1, the weather from the beach was wonderful and very warm. The walkers headed off around 5am to ensure not to be hit by the strong heat throughout the whole trip.

The view of Mt. Fuji from the ocean was spectacular and really set the mood for the walk.

As we got closer, the beauty of Mt. Fuji kept us motivated. We walked a total of 29km (18 miles) and from an elevation of 0m to 1,500m (4,900 ft)

After arriving in the early afternoon at the campsite, where we stopped on the first try, we relaxed at the cottage and rested up for the big trek the next morning.

After a great night of rest, the team took off from the campsite together and we started our walk up the road with the next goal of making it to the backwoods. We found a great spot to see Mt. Fuji just prior to heading into the woods — our goal was in view!

After hiking through the backwoods, we quickly got tired of the uphill climb through the woods. We finally reached the trails showing us directions to the Fujinomiya, where we would start to ascend at a steeper rate and it showed us the slow progress we were making.

The trails offered really beautiful views and help distract us from the task ahead.

After more hours of constant uphill battle, we finally reached the 7th Station, which was up 14 km (8.5 miles) and at an elevation 2780m (8900 ft).  We enjoyed a wonderful curry dinner and saw a really cool rainbow between some clouds and then took a nap until 10 pm.

One of the team had to  pull out sadly at this point and he stayed overnight at the hut to get his energy back and safely headed down to the parking area.

After our respite, we left the hut and started the final ascent. We had another 4 km to walk and most of that was fairly straight up. We were very relaxed and rested, and so our ascent to the top was a lot quicker than what we had thought, and we actually arrived at the top 2.4 hours quicker than anticipated. This would have been fine, except that the wind was blowing very hard and it was right at freezing temperatures. We walked from the Fujinomiya side to the Yoshida side of the mountain and then had some hot miso soup and Cup o’Noodles. It all tasted so wonderful in the freezing weather! From the top, we saw a beautiful sunrise and some of the best views this world has to offer.

We decided to take Indeed T-shirts and the Indeed flag to the top of the mountain and at the sea and get some pics. We learned, however, that the T-shirts were fine at the bottom of the mountain, but didn’t provide enough warmth at the top to withstand wind chills of -1c (30 F).

On our descent from Mt. Fuji, we headed down using the Yoshida trail and that took about three hours to make it to the parking lot where we enjoyed a quick bite and then caught a bus to the station. All of us were tired and worn out, but we all had a lot of energy as the adrenaline from the accomplishment was still pumping through our veins.

When we got back to work the next day, we checked our GoodDeeds page and saw that the final calculation was $2,362.72 (equivalent to (255,500 JPY, 2,134 EUR, 1,913 GBP). The team is so proud at how much was raised for and split between our two charities. Indeedians accounted for $949.65 of that, with $949.65 being matched from Indeed itself!

We learned quickly from this experience that this was a challenge indeed, and although the first attempt was not what we had hoped for, we proved that failure is not the end, but the beginning of the journey.

And we overcame that failure by training harder. The team helped and motivated each other.

I would tell anyone wanting to start anything like this to just start it! As you can see, a small group of us were able to raise a wonderful amount of money for charity and push ourselves mentally and physically to accomplish it. Now that it is done, more are aware of our journey, and we are already being asked if there will be another event soon. The team is excited to make the event larger next year to triple our donations. Indeed was so wonderful at supporting and assisting us to ensure that this was a great event, and from our perspective, it was 100% perfect!

Hope to see you at next year’s walk!

To find more Indeedian stories, why not head to our YouTube page



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Indeed Earth Week 2020: Staying home, going green

Learn how Indeed's Employee Experience team took up the challenge of adapting Earth Week to the work from home world and made it a family affair

How Indeedians made Earth Week a family affair

Earth Week is always big for us at Indeed. Historically, our offices across the globe take part in education initiatives, eco-friendly activities and raise money for sustainable causes. While the goals remain the same, we had to approach this year a bit differently. 

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’ve had to adapt to some unique challenges in our current socially-distanced reality.

Nicole Lemaire, New York City Office Manager

Going green while staying home

Lucky for us, our employee experience team was up to the task, finding creative ways to engage Indeedians at home. Along with her fellow Office Managers across the globe, New York City Office Manager, Nicole Lemaire, drove the initiative to create an engaging work-from-home Earth Week experience. 

According to Nicole, the team had to adapt quickly and think differently than in previous years.

“One core challenge was to find the best ways to celebrate that would allow employees to do so easily from home. Certain ideas were great but were not ideal for all our Indeed offices, such as learning how to compost — different cities and countries have specific limitations,” Nicole explains. 

“Other ideas were not able to be easily facilitated from home — ie, asking employees to go to the grocery store, hardware stores, having employees go outside for trash cleanups, etc,” she adds.

“While it was tougher than usual, adapting to the virtual method forced us to think simple, yet out of the box.” 

The good news is Nicole and team had the Indeed spirit on their side. Whether it’s helping people get jobs or lending a helping hand to Mother Earth, Indeedians have an innate passion for helping to improve the world around us.

Activities and initiatives

This year’s Earth Week theme was “Climate Action.” From Earth Week tips and trivia to providing steps for Indeedians to get their hands dirty and build their own gardens at home,  Indeedians were provided a number of resources to help support this theme. 

Nicole took on the garden challenge herself, building her very own “victory garden” of lettuce and green onions, something that is a bit out of her comfort zone, but so far has been a success and a learning experience.

“I’m pleasantly surprised considering I’ve never been able to keep a plant alive before!”

Indeedians were also challenged to Reduce, Reuse & Upcycle, turning items that would otherwise be unused or thrown away into functional tools around the house. The logic behind it is simple.

“When we reuse and repurpose clothing, home goods, etc., this reduces pollution and waste, benefiting the earth and the climate. This process also aids in promoting a more sustainable way of living, which truly benefits our planet and the fight against climate change,” Nicole explained in her call to action in an internal blog post to Indeedians.

Here are a few helpful Upclycling tips Indeedian Emily shared on Instagram:

# 1 – Repurpose jars

# 2 – Repurpose candle jars! (Place the candle in the freezer. Once cold, use a butter knife or spoon, and pop out the wax. If the wick is stuck due to strong adhesive, soak in vinegar. Wash or wipe clean.) 

#3 – Repurpose cards! (Lovingly enjoy the original card. ❤️ Cut off the written end. Keep the design side and use the back for a quick note.) 

Perhaps the most unique and engaging project was to build a do-it-yourself bird feeder to support the bird populations threatened by climate change.

Again, simplicity was key. The project required minimal supplies, so Indeedians and their families could do something productive for the environment without having to gather tons of supplies. 

Building a sustainable future

Indeed Director of Sustainability, Valeria Orozco

Another major step Indeed took recently to show our continued dedication to sustainability was to hire our first-ever Director of Sustainability. Valeria Orozco joined our team just in time for our Earth Week festivities and she sees a lot of opportunities for the future of sustainability at Indeed.

Valeria comes with an extensive resume guiding major companies in their sustainability efforts. She says the key is striking a balance between profits and environmental impact. Her approach is to make data-driven decisions that are independently verifiable.

In other words, the impact must have tangible and/or intangible value for Indeed and make fiscal sense in order for it to be successful.

She will bring this approach to all of her initiatives moving forward, with the end goal being to make Indeed a leader in corporate sustainability.

Silver linings and lessons learned

Although it was challenging to adapt to the new work-from-home world we currently inhabit, there were some silver lining in all of this, according to Nicole, including making this year’s celebrations a family affair.

“Indeedians were able to share this Earth Week with their families and loved ones in the comfort of their home. They got to share a taste of what would have normally been an in-office only event! In doing so, I think we were able to make this global event even more impactful than before.”

Lessons learned that can be built on in the future.

“I learned that anything can become something, and now tons of Indeedians and their kids are coming up with awesome ideas and suggestions to support Earth Week!”

Want to learn more about life inside Indeed? Check out our culture blog.



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Indeed’s Got Talent: Irish football champion and full-time Sales standout

In our first instalment of “Indeed’s Got Talent”, Dermot Malone shares his journey of pursuing his passion for football while working in Sales at Indeed.

Dermot Malone is a Sales Team Lead in Dublin. From 9-5, you’ll find him helping people get jobs before leaving straight for training. In our first installment of “Indeed’s Got Talent”, Dermot shares his journey of pursuing his passion for football while working with Indeed. 

Originally from Monaghan, it’s hard to believe Dermot Malone once worked as a bricklayer. After a stint on the trowel, he knew it wasn’t for him and headed into the world of sales. He joined Indeed’s Sales team in Dublin three years ago.

“When I’m not working behind a desk, I have an immense passion for Gaelic football. I play in my spare time and I’ve secured a slot on the Monaghan team for almost 10 years at a senior level,” Dermot says. 

“I feel very fortunate to be part of the teams in 2013 and 2015 that won the Ulster title in Ireland.”

Dermot Malone after scoring a goal during the Ulster semi-finals against Tyrone FC

Juggling a full-time job with a passion could be ambitious for some, but having a positive mindset is key to succeeding on and off the pitch.

“Playing with the Gaelic Athletic Association can sometimes feel like a second job. But building lifelong friendships whilst representing your local community gives me the ultimate satisfaction when I pop that jersey on, so it’s worth the effort,” he says. 

Some might ask, is it really possible to chase a dream while working in a full time job?

“Being honest, I don’t think it’s that grueling to juggle both. A good attitude will stand you in good stead with both,” he says.

“In sales we have set working days Monday-Friday and the weekend off. I’m so fortunate that I can put my foot to the floor during the day and when the time comes at 5 or 6 o’clock, I can close the laptop and enjoy my evening/weekend so that makes juggling both that bit easier.”

He adds he is lucky to be working for an organisation that cares for its people, and has found utilising the benefits on offer to employees at Indeed has been paramount to improving his performance as an athlete.

“The combination of free snacks, healthy breakfasts coupled with a state of the art gym leaves me with no excuses and that’s something I’m extremely grateful for,” Dermot says.

“This support has been outstanding for me!”

So has Dermot grown much as a person as a result of all of his efforts? 

“I have grown continuously over the past few years. My mentors and directors throughout my 3+ years in Indeed have been unbelievable. Their guidance has been instrumental to my career on and off the field!”

The Monaghan Football Team at the 2015 Ulster Finals

For anyone who has a yearning to follow their talent or passion, Dermot advises them to give it thought, and weigh up all the pros and cons.

“Make your decision based around that,” he says. “If I had a passion that I was considering, I’d want to make sure I can give it 100%.”

Hear Dermot speak more about working in Sales in Dublin in the video below.

Read more stories about life inside Indeed on our culture blog.



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2376Client Success

Virginia’s story: Client Success, AGE inclusivity and having dinner with the Indeed CEO

I just feel very fortunate and grateful that I work for a company that cares about the wellbeing of all the employees. Additionally, what I love is...

10 Questions with Virginia Campoy

Virginia is a a Client Success Specialist in Scottsdale, Ariz.  She is also a site lead for All Generations Empowered (AGE), Indeed’s inclusion resource group focused on age diversity at Indeed and beyond. April is AGE’s inclusion identity month where we share the stories of the members of that group.

How do you help people get jobs? 
Currently, I am a Client Specialist for Blue Value, Scottsdale. On our team our mission is to consult with clients and provide tips and tricks to allow for the best experience and return on investment for our clients. As a result we offer churn findings to help in our shared mission to prevent churn and increase client satisfaction!

Where is your office and what do you love about it?
Currently, I am WFH

What do I love about what I do? I just feel very fortunate and grateful that I work for a company that cares about the wellbeing of all the employees. Additionally, what I love is the ability to continue providing service and produce quality results feels so rewarding.

What was your first job?
I sold stationery at the age of 10. My mom was creative with implementing incentives to keep me busy. She signed up to be a door to door representative and sell stationery, but after the book of products arrived, she handed it to me. Together we would walk the neighborhood to sell stationery to our neighbors. I gained repeat business.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? 
One thing people would be surprised to know is about my love of horses and horseback riding. I always loved to ride and did it often. I was able to acquire my first horse when I was 18. Oh, I also play guitar.

Why is AGE important to you? 
AGE is important to me because I value the mission of All Generations Empowered (AGE). We provide opportunities for networking, community outreach and education while exploring the benefits and challenges of a multi-generational workplace.

Where was your favorite vacation?
I was fortunate to visit and experience the town that never sleeps. The energy, culture of food in New York City is a thrill to experience. I return as often as I can.

What’s the best thing about your Indeed team? 
We are committed to our mission and rally together. We are a bright creative team and our manager has a knack to bring out the best in us.

Are there any causes you’re particularly passionate about? 
I am passionate about ending Domestic Violence and was an executive board member for a shelter in Orange County, California for more than 15 years.

Virginia with Indeed CEO, Chris Hyams

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given?
The best career advice I have ever received reflects two motto’s suggested by two different directors I had the privilege to work under.

    • “Be brilliant with the basics”.
    • “Rejection is protection”.

What do you consider your greatest Indeed achievement to date? 
My greatest Indeed achievement to date reflects two opportunities:

  • Voted Above and Beyond Client Specialist Share Q3 2019. This vote is based on case notes that are presented anonymously and voted by peers.

  • Because of fulfilling the Site Lead for AGE, I was privileged to enjoy a dinner with CEO Chris Hyams when he visited Scottsdale for the first time — what a pleasure.

Learn more about our AGE inclusion resource group in the video below.

Check out our official Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging page for more on our inclusion initiatives and read more Indeedian stories on our Inside Indeed culture blog.



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Fighting for age diversity while helping people get jobs at Indeed

Find out how Don went from developing film to helping jobseekers develop themselves all while fighting for age diversity at Indeed and beyond.

10 questions with Don Nguyen

Don is an Account Executive based out of  our Foster City office. He has been with Indeed for more than a year and is the site lead for the All Generations Empowered (AGE) Inclusion Resource Group in that office. April is AGE’s identity month, where we will be celebrating this group and its members.

  1. How do you help people get jobs?
    I help people get jobs by volunteering my time at local job seeker events. I was the site lead for my local Job Market Kickoff event, and I am a Job Guide and Job Squad volunteer. My blue “I Help People Get Jobs.” T-Shirt gets a lot of use!
  2. Where is your office and what do you love about it?
    The Foster City office is in the heart of the bay area about a half hour away from San Francisco and San Jose (without traffic of course). The one thing I love best about the office is the amazing views of the nearby bay!
  1. What was your first job?
    My first job was at Longs Drugs (now CVS) where I was a photo lab technician when people were still developing film.

  1. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
    I am an avid world traveller. Every chance I get, I try to visit a new country/place. I am on my third passport and plan on getting more stamps in my book in the future.

  1. Why did you choose to get involved in All Generations Empowered (AGE)?
    Being involved with AGE is important to me because I want to be part of the movement of eliminating the social stigmas of growing older. In many parts of society, growing older is seen as a detractor. I feel like as you get older, it only makes you stronger as a person.

  1. Where was your favorite vacation?
    My favorite vacation was when I traveled to Vietnam for the first time. As a child of immigrant parents, it was amazing to connect the dots of where my parents grew up with what I was able to experience during my time there.

  1. What’s the best thing about your Indeed team?
    The best thing about my Indeed team is that they are literally like family. When I took time off for paternity leave, the team was really supportive. I have brought my son into the office a few times, and my son has occasionally joined my team meetings since the team started WFH! My son has become an unofficial Indeedian!

  1. Are there any causes you’re particularly passionate about?
    I am passionate about empowering our youth because they are the future leaders of the world. I am currently an Alumni Scholar Mentor at UC Berkeley (my alma mater). I help review entrance essays and conduct interviews each year to grant dozens of scholarships for incoming students.

  1. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given?
    My best career advice has been: “Be yourself. Don’t try and be someone you’re not; at some point it’ll catch back up with you.”

  1. What do you consider your greatest Indeed achievement to date?
    My greatest Indeed achievement to date has been organizing the Job Market events in the Bay Area. The non-profit I was working with had RSVPs that surpassed the capacity of the room and the feedback from the event was so positive. I have received lots of hugs and follow-up emails from participants that said the event helped them get their current jobs. I believe there’s nothing that can compare with that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when one hears that!

The mission of our All Generations Empowered (AGE) Inclusion Resource Group is to provide opportunities for networking, community outreach and education while exploring the benefits and challenges of a multi-generational workplace. Watch the video below to learn more.

Learn more about our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging team by visiting their official web page. Find more Indeedian stories on our Inside Indeed culture blog.



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