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How part-time Sales at Indeed supports my side hustle

“Once I kicked off the job search, I began to realise how tough it was to find part-time work in Dublin that did not involve working in retail or behind a bar."

With the recent opening of part-time sales roles in Dublin, Indeed is showing our appreciation for the value of flexible working. The goal is to find a place for talented sales people who may have ambitions or obligations outside the office.

Formal headshot of authorTim van der Gouwe is our first part-time Account Executive in Dublin. He is originally from the Netherlands where he built his first startup, a speech-to-text translation platform. During his 3 years in Dublin, he’s worked in full-time sales roles for multiple companies, but recently found himself missing life as an entrepreneur.

“Something in me knew that I had to get started again. I was no stranger to the fact that combining a full-time sales position and setting up my own business would be hard work, but I knew I had to find a way to get started!”

Tim decided a part-time gig was the way to go. The problem was, the type of flexibility he was looking for was hard to find in Dublin.

“Once I kicked off the job search, I began to realise how tough it was to find part-time work in Dublin that did not involve working in retail or behind a bar. This process was quite strange for me, as back home in the Netherlands, part-time jobs are widely available.”

With Indeed having just begun offering part-time work, the stars aligned and he found a sales role at Indeed…on Indeed! At first, he was understandably concerned about how he would fit in as a part timer.

 “Applying for part-time work can be tough as you can’t help but feel you may be treated differently to a full-time employee, however, this could not be further from the experience I’ve had since joining. My manager and teammates have been a huge support for me!”

 So how exactly does he juggle all of those responsibilities inside and outside the office?

“My week consists of 4 hours work per day where I get the opportunity to sell Indeed’s products to new and existing clients and the rest of my spare time I spend building my own business outside of the office. I feel privileged to have been onboarded and given identical sales training that’s on offer for full-time employees, which not only helps me to better my sales skills in work, but will also benefit me when I decide to launch my own business in the future.”

It’s not easy.

 “There is certainly a lot going on for my career right now as I still need to meet my sales KPIs when I’m in the office, but I try to focus myself to Indeed in the mornings and my business work in the afternoon.”

 The flexibility and support Indeed has provided is already paying off as he tries to get his latest startup, User Sense, off the ground.

 “Looking back over the past few months, I now know how to tackle difficult sales conversations, which will be so helpful for future conversations when I launch my new business!”

 So what has Tim learnt from this experience besides how to be a better salesperson?

“Apply and be honest about your motivations. The people inside Indeed really understand that you might leave the company eventually, so it really helps to have that clear image of where you want to go with your own career.”

Want to hear more of Tim’s story? Check out the full podcast here or explore part-time sales roles at Indeed in Dublin.



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