How has Indeed’s internal Talent Attraction team adapted to the “new normal”? We speak to three recruiters in APAC to find out. 

The past year or so has been an interesting one for the recruiters at Indeed. 

Not only did hiring goals change as a result of the pandemic, but all Indeed employees began – and still are – working from home (WFH) in early 2020.

That did not just change the way the team worked, but also the recruitment process as many knew it. 

“The biggest shift for us overall was moving all our recruitment processes to online and remote interviewing, which was a big shift,” Gerard Matthew Noakes, a tech recruiter based in Indeed Tokyo, says. 

Gerard, in orange, with team mates in Tokyo

“You inevitably lose some elements of nonverbal communication that we would usually have doing these face to face, but everyone is in the same boat now.”

Lionel Wong, a fellow tech recruiter in Singapore, adds: “With the pandemic, Indeed has taken a very progressive approach to remote and WFH work which directly translates allowing us to hire talent from more geographic locations.”

“We’re now only really limited by legal jurisdiction and time zone differences so if someone could invent a time machine, we’d be set!” 

For Karen Thomas, a talent attraction (TA) specialist based in Singapore, one of the benefits that did come out of recruiting from home has been the added flexibility. 

“It has allowed me to take calls more conveniently outside of working hours,” she explains. “In case a candidate is not able to take a call during office hours, I would be able to accommodate a call slightly after office hours which previously I would be travelling home from the office.”

Across engineering, product, business, corporate roles and more, Indeed globally is currently poised to hire more people into the organization than ever before. 

Within APAC, Indeed’s largest head counts are in Japan and India, and Gerard shares he is particularly excited for the growth opportunities there this year. 

Singapore-based TA team back in 2019

“In the space I recruit in (engineering leadership), it is great to see new ideas and talent come and join Indeed, and help us to keep building awesome products that really impact job seekers and customers,” he shares. 

Karen adds Indeed’s mission of helping people get jobs is even more relatable to those in the recruiting function. 

“We are usually the first point of contact all candidates speak to when they are interviewing with Indeed,” she says. “When speaking to candidates, I like to bring their focus back to our mission statement and try to relate how it is important with regards to the role which they are applying for.”

To support the healthy growth targets, Indeed is also in the process of growing its internal talent attraction team, including recruiters, sourcers and coordinators. 

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When hiring for their own team, Lionel says one attribute they look out for in successful candidates is adaptability. 

“Our organization is constantly changing and doing new things so adaptability really is key,” he says. 

Gerard adds the ability to work with ambiguity is another trait that would serve new TA team members well. 

“With all the growth we have experienced in the last few years, things change so quickly and having the ability to be flexible and come up with solutions to problems where there is no definite answer is really important,” he says, adding an understanding of recruitment metrics will also help improve someone’s strategy to hire good people.

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