Sustainability at Indeed 

Indeed is on a mission to transform the world of work, creating opportunities for current and future generations to thrive. Supporting the longevity of the planet forms a vital part of this endeavor. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is directly tied to Indeed’s mission to help all people get jobs. We are dedicated to supporting our communities and our environments to make the world — and the world of work — better. 

We have a vision for an equitable world of work, one where job seekers from underserved communities have equal access to quality opportunities. We also know that climate change disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable. To help all people get jobs, especially those facing barriers, we must do everything in our power to tackle environmental issues and support the transition to a global low-carbon economy. 

“Without the planet, there are no people.”
– Valeria Orozco, Head of Indeed’s Environmental Sustainability

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Turning a Vision into Reality

So, what is Indeed doing to put these values into action? 

We first achieved carbon neutrality in 2021 and will continue to track and maintain that neutrality annually while working towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To reach net zero, we’re: 

  • Moving towards renewable sources of energy and increasing the operational efficiency of Indeed facilities and assets
  • Collaborating with suppliers across our supply chain to collectively reduce our impact
  • Adopting green software engineering practices to reduce the footprint of our products
  • Supporting our employees in reducing their business travel, employee commuting, work from home, and other processes that impact their individual footprint
  • Supporting and engaging job seekers and employers to contribute towards a just and equitable green transition via green jobs, jobs that have a positive impact or mitigate negative human impact on the environment

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iGreen is an employee-led program of 600+ Indeedians that work to embed a culture of sustainability across Indeed. Founded in 2019, iGreen evolved from an affinity group to a stand-alone program in January 2023. iGreen has and will continue to educate and engage employees around the importance of sustainability, create intentional partnerships, and get involved in local communities to make an impact.  

“Protecting the environment is not a sacrifice we make for the planet, but an investment we make in our future.” – Kimberly Forte, Green Team Lead

iGreen recently welcomed a dedicated, full-time Green Team Lead, Kimberly Forte, who will serve as the voice of iGreen within the Environmental Sustainability team. She will work closely with all iGreen chapters to build and support environmentally sustainable initiatives across Indeed and oversee iGreen’s governance and management as a standalone program. Anna Rowe, VP of User Experience, recently joined as iGreen’s Executive Sponsor. Anna will further champion sustainability and amplify the work iGreen drives at Indeed and beyond. 

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Taking Initiative 

iGreen has been working diligently on various initiatives to support the longevity of our planet. Often working in local communities, their regional efforts will make a difference globally. 

AMER (Canada, North America, South America)

  • In 2022, iGreen partnered with Indeed’s food waste vendor, Curbside Compost, to create an educational event showcasing how they divert office food waste into compost.
  • Created an iGreen book club where members read several educational books on the environment and sustainability.

APAC (Asia Pacific Region)

  • In 2020, iGreen held a plastic-free challenge encouraging Indeedians to avoid single-use plastic for a month.
  • Held an educational session in 2022 to review where Indeed’s emissions come from and share how employees can help reduce them.
  • Hosted a workshop in 2023, allowing Indeedians to create a compost heap in leftover compostable containers.

EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)

  • iGreen has ongoing volunteer opportunities that allow Ireland-based Indeedians to clean up litter and log their volunteer hours on Good Deeds – Indeed’s volunteering platform.
  • Held an educational event in partnership with the Ireland chapter of Sea Shepherd, a nonprofit that fights to defend, conserve and protect the ocean.
  • In 2023, 15+ Germany-based iGreeners will plant 500 trees in collaboration with the Plant My Tree initiative.


  • This year, iGreen will lead celebrations for Earth Day, April 22, and World Environment Day, June 5. Indeedians will come together and contribute to a greener Indeed and world of work by engaging in various events and activities centered around the theme of Environmental Justice.
  • iGreen was instrumental in the recent foundation of the Green Engineering Guild, which works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from Indeed’s use of information and communications technologies. The guild will meet this goal by operationalizing sustainable practices within the engineering function and advancing initiatives that embed sustainability in Indeed products.

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Building Relationships

On top of employee-led educational events and goals, iGreen has also been intentionally creating partnerships to address the health of our environment. 

  • iGreen recently initiated a partnership with the city of Düsseldorf aimed at co-developing solutions that improve the city’s sustainability.
  • In 2022, iGreen and Recruit Holdings’ Sustainability Transformation team joined forces with Tokyo River Friends, a local non-profit organization, to host a river clean-up in Arakawa, Tokyo. Dozens of volunteers came together to remove plastic pollution from the local environment, combating the amount of pollution flowing downstream into the sea. 
  • iGreen collaborated with University College Dublin in 2020 to promote the WeCount project, which provides local communities in the Greater Dublin area with the tools to measure traffic in their neighborhoods and ultimately combat air and noise pollution. 

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