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Celebrating Indeed’s 16th birthday with gratitude

November 26th is Indeed’s birthday. It also happens to be Thanksgiving in the US this year. With that, Indeedians around the world express their gratitude as we celebrate our 16th year of helping people get jobs.

2020 has bought its share of ups and downs as the world continues to adjust to life in a global pandemic. Indeed is no different, but as trying of a year as this has been, we believe there is still so much to be thankful for. These are our stories of gratitude.


People first

Simon smiles
Simon Kelly, Director of Client Success – Sydney

“I am so grateful to Indeed for so many different things, but above all, the most important thing is that the company, Senior Leadership and Indeedians all live and breathe a culture of ensuring our employees are the number one priority,” says Simon Kelly, Client Services Director based in Sydney, Australia. 

“The benefits that Indeed provides are second to none, especially when I speak with friends about health insurance, paid time off, YOU days, working from home stipends, bonuses and parental leave. It leaves them in awe.” 

The relief our benefits provide came in handy earlier this year when Simon had to take medical leave to have surgery. 

“During the process, I needed flexibility to meet with my surgeon, get scans prior to surgery and I was provided this opportunity by management without any hesitation. It was a relief and made me feel very at ease to know I had that flexibility,” he tells us.

Simon also welcomed a new baby boy to the world recently and explains how much he appreciates Indeed’s paternity leave benefits. 

Simon poses in nature with a deer“We are so excited to have Ben join the family. He has made a couple of zoom meetings already! Parental leave at Indeed is one of the greatest benefits we have. From speaking to a lot of people at other companies, it is one of the most amazing perks provided.”

Explaining how leave works, Simon shares, “There are two options, 6 weeks leave in one chunk or broken up or if you are a primary caregiver, you can take 4 months paid paternity leave. The latter option is what I will be taking in March/April of 2021 as my wife goes back to work after 6 months.

I’ll be able to spend a solid 4 months with Ben. This is such an amazing benefit as being from Ireland, but living down in Australia thousands of miles away from family, allows Ben to be just that little bit older before he will have to go to daycare.” 

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Unplugging to appreciate the important things

Chris and child dressed as characters from The Hangover
Chris and his mini-me

IT Senior Manager, Chris Powell, shares a similar sentiment about how Indeed has supported him as his family has grown during these complicated times.

“In the middle of everything going on throughout the world, my wife and I welcomed our first daughter, Waverly Love Powell,” he wrote in a post on Instagram. 

“I am incredibly thankful for the six weeks of parental leave and have entirely unplugged from work! While that is harder than I thought it would be, having my accounts turned off makes it easier as having a newborn keeps you plenty busy!”

Waverly Love Powell reaches for the stars
Waverly Love Powell reaching for the stars

He also appreciates the little gestures to congratulate him on welcoming Waverly to the family.

“We have received messages and gifts from coworkers and, most recently, an Indeed newborn box that had some great gifts for Waverly. I am very thankful and fortunate to be a part of a company that cares for its employees the way Indeed does!”

In May, Chris celebrated his fourth anniversary at Indeed and he says he’s never been more excited about the future here!


Supporting each other through good times and bad

Stephen poses in Indeed sweatshirt
Stephen Clair, Sales Director – Dublin

Sales Director, Stephen Clair in Dublin also  took the time to show his appreciation on social media as he celebrated his seventh year at Indeed, talked about the growth of the company and his career as he’s grown into a leadership position.

“A lot has changed since my start here back in 2013 when Indeed Dublin felt like a start-up with about 50 people! Since then we’ve built a high-performing culture together and helped build the foundations for the Indeed UK & the Ireland business,” he recalls.

“There have also been so many highlights, including the business supporting me on my journey into leadership!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing though as I was diagnosed with cancer in mid-2019. I am so thankful for the support Indeed has shown me in this time that has allowed me to fight this illness. 

I would like to give special thanks here to all my colleagues in the UK sales team for their support and I’ve learned that there are more important things in life than work and I am grateful to work for a company that also lives this!”


Reflecting on growth and hope for the future

Rick’s progression through Indeed

On his 6 year work anniversary, Sales Director in Amsterdam, Rick Peters adds perspective on our mission and those who live it every day.

“When I started in 2014, I could never imagine that we would grow from 4 people in the Amsterdam office to the 100+ nowadays. I learnt so much and got to manage the best team I’ve ever worked with. Together, we’ve built the foundation for inside sales in the Amsterdam office. So many memories and even more people (both colleagues & clients) to thank for where I’m at today,” he explains. 

“I’ve been blessed to work at such a great company with a powerful mission. And if it’s up to me, it’s not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end… yet the end of the beginning. On to the next 6 ;-)”


Staying Connected and Included with a Global Team

Domenique Onishi, Product Manager - Tokyo
Domenique Onishi, Project Manager – Tokyo

Domenique Onishi, Project Manager in our Tokyo Tech Tamachi office, says she is most grateful for the people she gets to work with across the globe. 

“Working in an organisation whereby the culture is very much people driven and supportive. In addition, the openness to help one another cross function and location is something I am thankful for.” 

Domenique is based in Japan and recently joined a team that is based in the United States. While working with teammates across the world obviously presents challenges, Domenique explains how Indeed helps the team stay functional and cohesive. 

“Understanding and flexibility are two words that come to mind. I have appreciated the support from my Manager amending times of meetings to ensure I felt included especially with a 12-13 hour time difference. With this flexibility, what I have found is that my colleagues will record meetings, take very detailed meeting notes to ensure a cohesive team environment.”

And while she continues to navigate working with a global team, she remains grateful to Indeed for always offering resources to help her continue growing. 

“As someone who has lived away from my home country for nearly 10 years, learning about different cultures, working styles and practices is something that Indeed has supported me on my learning journey.” 

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Succeeding with Indeed

Hillal Julien Mostefaoui, National Account Manager
Hillal Julien Mostefaoui, National Account Manager – Paris

Hillal Julien Mostefaoui is a National Account Manager located in Paris, France. He was working for a competitor in Italy when he applied to Indeed through a referral. Getting the job allowed him to relocate to Dublin where his journey in sales began. He attributes the growth he’s seen in himself to his experiences at Indeed.

“Today, I have to say that Indeed gave me the opportunity to grow, I’m not the same Hillal that I was 3 years ago,” he says. “ I’m so grateful for the people I met. In Dublin HQ, more than a thousand people are part of your daily life, it’s such an amazing experience. 

Honestly, I feel safe at Indeed, I’m not afraid of losing my job, I’m not afraid of being in a bad situation. It helps me a lot and helps me to help other people (family, friends, customers, and many others).” 

Hillal's team
Hillal’s team

His hard work was rewarded with a trip to what is known at Indeed as Top Gun, a trip to a beautiful location for top performing sales reps around the world to celebrate their success. 

“Last year, I had the honor to be a regional winner for this prize. It means that I was one of the 10% best sales in EMEA,” he shares, “It was a real pleasure because a large part of my French team won this prize and we were so proud and happy to share that moment. We won a trip to Morocco, but sadly, COVID-19 decided that it wasn’t for us in 2020.

Instead, Indeed surprised us and decided to give us an extra bonus on our pay to replace the trip.”


The freedom to be you

Shannon Banks smiles
Shannon Banks, Americas co-chair for iPride Inclusion Resource Group

Shannon Banks appreciates how Indeed’s dedication to Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging helps him be his most fabulous self. 

“Indeed consistently goes above and beyond, top down from Senior Leadership, to make it explicitly known that Inclusion & Belonging are part of our core values. Learning the stories of our SLT and hearing how and why Inclusion Resource Groups (IRG) matter has empowered me to be the signal booster for my community,” he says.

“Where else could a 30 something, gay Black male from the South pull off the baddest Lizzo Halloween costume and be celebrated by the entire office?”


Lucky, Indeed

A man meditates while wearing I help people get jobs t-shirt in a beautiful beach setting
Finding gratitude

Through the trials and tribulations of 2020, Indeed has been committed to putting the physical and mental health of its employees first. From benefits such as open PTO and work from home stipends to spruce up our home office spaces to helping our careers and families grow, there is so much to be thankful for. We are lucky, Indeed!

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