Recapping the top 7 #insideindeed stories of 2021

 “Before I agree to 2022, I need to see some terms & conditions.” – unknown

Work from home shirtLast year I equated 2020 to taking a test I didn’t study for in a language I don’t speak. It was a year of constant change and adaptation for the vast majority of us. If I continue that metaphor to describe 2021, the last year has felt very much like taking the same test over and over again where I thought I knew the answers, but the questions had changed.

Although many things were out of our control this year, Indeed stuck with what got us through 2020: Focusing on the health and safety of Indeedians first, innovating our products to meet new workforce challenges and striving to create a more flexible, equitable and sustainable world of work for Indeedians and the job seekers we serve.

Looking back on the top stories of the last year, I realized that while it may have felt like we were standing in quicksand a lot of the time, Indeed made huge strides that will benefits Indeedians and job seekers well into the future.  The following is a list of my top 7 stories from #insideindeed in 2021.

#1 The future of work is flexible

Since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, Indeedians around the world have been working remotely until conditions prove safe and stable for everyone to return to the office. In April of 2021, the Senior Leadership Team announced flexible work options to allow employees to decide what works best for them once a return to office is an option.

Employees in Hyderabad gather in the reception areaThe three options provided are:

  • In-Office
  • Flex (scheduled or unscheduled)
  • Remote

These options allow employees to decide where they feel most comfortable and productive. 


The in-office option is eligible for any employee living within a commutable distance from an Indeed office. This person will have a 5-day office work week but occasional work from home days may be permitted. Those who opt for In-Office will have their own assigned desk in the office. 

Fully Remote

Fully remote employees will not be expected to regularly go into an office however occasional visits for collaboration or training may be required. Employment terms are specific to the city/state/province and country where the employee is hired. If an employee lives where Indeed does not have an office they will be automatically noted as remote. 


The flex option is available to employees who live within the metro area of an Indeed office. Depending on the department, employees may be required to be in the office on specific days of the week while other departments do not have set days. 

Through extensive research, our Senior Leadership team found that flexible work has multiple business, societal, and environmental benefits to increase employee productivity and work happiness while allowing us to hire talent outside of where we have offices. This decision will also help to reduce travel and commuting costs as well as Indeed’s carbon footprint to make us a more sustainable workplace in the future. 

Read more about our flexible work options.

#2 From DI&B to ESG

In 2020, Inclusion & Belonging was defined as one of five core business values at Indeed. This year, we took that commitment even further to identify ambitious goals that encompass Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to help us make a positive impact on each other, our communities and our planet.

The following are the six pillars on which our ESG initiative are focused:

  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DI&B) – Creating fair and unbiased opportunities for Indeedians, job seekers, and our clients. We use data, insights and education to evaluate and improve every stage of the employee life cycle and drive cultural accountability with the support of our Inclusion Resource Groups (IRGs). 
  • Social Impact – Expanding access to opportunities for millions of job seekers facing barriers around the world. This pillar works to better the products on the Indeed platform, manage large-scale partnerships, and initiatives in cities where Indeedians live and work.
  • Environmental Sustainability – Transforming how Indeed operates to achieve Indeed’s commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
  • AI Ethics – Collaborates with teams across Indeed to advance data science applications that promote fair and inclusive hiring. 
  • Product Inclusion & Accessibility – Embed inclusive thinking and practices throughout the business so that all Indeed products and offerings are inclusive and equitable
  • Governance – Build sustainable equity for our people and policies and ensure we achieve our objectives sustainably and consistently. 

We have well-defined goals under each of these pillars to help guide us toward actionable change. Initiatives such as this are driving forces behind why many Indeedians are passionate about the work they are doing every day. 

Training Program Specialist, Jamie Brawer, explains. “So many people with barriers face challenges searching for a job and are overlooked by companies. Our commitment to helping those with barriers get hired feels like we are making a big difference.”

We already achieved one of our big goals this year by becoming a certified carbon neutral company – five months ahead of schedule!

Learn more about our ambitious goals for ESG in this blog post.

#3 Indeed makes Fortune’s Change the World list

This year Indeed was named to Fortune’s “Change the World 2021” list for the first time. The annual list honors companies who have made a positive social impact with innovations and initiatives that are part of their core business strategy. Indeed is featured for its commitment to removing barriers to employment by using technology to make the hiring process simpler, faster, and more human. 

Indeed is committed to transforming hiring and has set several goals aimed at providing equal access to employment. As a way to further accelerate the achievement of these goals, the company has already kicked off initiatives, established partnerships with key organizations, and recently introduced two new solutions: The Indeed Hiring Platform and the Work Happiness Score. 

  • Indeed Hiring Platform shortens the hiring process from weeks to days and provides job seekers with more transparency into the job application process. Since employers set objective screening criteria, job seekers know immediately where they stand as those whose skills are a match have the opportunity to interview. The platform also helps remove the time spent on manual tasks like scanning resumes, pre-screening talent and confirming candidate interviews so employers and job seekers have more time to make human connections. 
  • Indeed Work Happiness Score is a new measure for how people feel at work, and why, displayed publicly for thousands of companies on Indeed. Fueled by the world’s largest study of work happiness2, the Work Happiness Score aims to help job seekers discover workplaces where they can thrive and helps employers better understand how their workforce feels so that they might identify ways to improve it.

Read more about the award.

#4 Introducing RSUs

In 2021, Indeed began offering Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) as a way to reward employees who contribute to the long-term success of Indeed.

RSUs are equity-based incentives issued by an employer in the form of company stock shares. At Indeed, our RSUs are stock shares in our parent company, Recruit Holdings, which is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan (6098.T)

Our RSU long-term incentive program has three goals in mind

  • To encourage employees to think like owners
  • To align incentives with company performance
  • To reward employees for the company’s financial success

Delve deeper into how our RSUs work.

#5 A more inclusive brand identity

On February 8th 2021, the biggest update to Indeed’s brand identity in the company’s history — came to fruition.

Designed to integrate the look and feel of our products and solutions, the new identity reflects the pace of our evolution and helps us deliver on our belief that Indeed is here to help everyone get jobs. All people. All skills. All levels.

Dave Nguyen, Senior Creative Director of Brand Systems, led the project with his team working cross-functionally with a variety of collaborators from UX to Product to Marketing. Working alongside our executive leadership team, they integrated the core values of our company into the new look and feel of the brand.

“Everything, from the foundation of our in-product design system to the ways our brand is expressed through color, was done with a data-driven approach. This allowed us the opportunity to create accessible and inclusive designs focused on providing the best experience for both job seekers and employers everywhere,” Dave explains.

Using a data-driven approach, Dave and team created a new look and attitude for our brand while maintaining an empathetic tone, focusing heavily on accessibility and inclusion.

“We have to live out our story through our brand behaviors and through our advocacy, to make the undeniable connection between what we believe, who we are, and how the world perceives us,” Jennifer Warren, VP of Corporate Marketing adds. “It’s not enough for us to believe it. We have to be about it.”

Find out more about our new brand identity.

#6 Focus on mental health

Throughout the pandemic and working remotely, many have found themselves feeling isolated or overwhelmed trying to keep up with work as it becomes increasingly merged with our home life. From talking openly about our struggles to finding healthy ways to manage stress, anxiety and depression, our mental health has been a major focus for Indeed this year.

On top of providing free counseling sessions, virtual fitness and meditation classes, and open PTO and YOU Days to help us recharge, Indeed has also created a culture where it is not taboo to talk about mental health issues.

Helen climbing Snowdon in Wales with Indeed swag

I saw this first-hand when my boss, Helen Durkin, shared a very personal story about her struggle with mental health. This spurred a vulnerable and open conversation between us, which helped me take a step back from the day-to-day grind and view those around me, as well as my own situation, more empathetically.

Many of us were also working through personal tragedies. Fatima, a Benefits Team Lead based in Australia, shared how Indeed supported her through the loss of her mother.

I will never cease to be blown away by the courage Indeedians continue to show in sharing their personal stories. This has become part of the fabric of Indeed’s culture over the last few years, and for me, it is what bringing your full self to work really means. I will always be grateful to Indeed for letting me know there are companies that care. Let this be a reminder to us all that a little empathy goes a long way, so #BeKind.

Read Ashley’s story of her life-long battle with her weight and how Indeed helped her become a healthier version of herself.

Learn more about Indeed’s benefits.

#7 We’re Hiring!

Through all the ups and downs of 2021, Indeed has still been able to grow and hire a ton of talented, passionate people across the business who will surely make an impact for years to come. We expect 2022 to be an even bigger year for growth as we add thousands of new Indeedians around the world to bring their unique voices and perspectives to our mission of helping people get jobs.

Looking for a new career in the new year? Check out our open roles!