Andrew McGlinchey moved to Singapore 14 years ago from Canada and has extensive experience building impactful products. He is a Senior Product Director at Indeed Singapore and started the Singapore Product Delivery Centre more than three years ago.

In this episode of our Culture Matters podcast, he shares his story, how he started the Singapore site and what it might look like in the future working at Indeed.

Many of you might be wondering what we do at Indeed? Or maybe you’re interested in finding out more about the products our teams work on and why we do what we do. 

If you’re excited about building impactful products and curious to find out more about what we do and how we help people get jobs, this podcast is for you.

In this candid discussion with Inside Indeed, hosted by Singapore-based technical recruiter Lionel Wong, Andrew gives us an overview of his role as a Product Manager. 

“It’s basically the person on the Engineering team who figures out what and why we’re doing what we’re doing, and helps clear roadblocks for everybody else… especially engineers but also UX and operations, and all the different parts of the software engineering team,” Andrew shares. 

“The product person is kind of the glue that holds it all together in some way.” 

He continues to walk us through his career starting as a Software Developer, and how he found himself in a Product Management role where he carried on for about 20 years (until now!)

“At the moment, my day job is to help Indeed make all the products work right outside of the US,” he says. “Like a lot of companies, we started with our home market in the US, and we try to take the products and make them work everywhere around the world… one size doesn’t fit all (that’s well known), but what size does fit each market? The task of my team within Indeed is to retrofit a lot of the different parts of it so that we can adapt things per country and do that adaptation.” 

Andrew and Lionel also discuss some of the teams working on global products, as well as why and how they started the Singapore office. 

“Indeed’s general thinking is wherever we can find great engineering talent, let’s see if we can accommodate that,” Andrew shares.


To find out more, listen in on this episode of the Culture Matters podcast. You may also be interested in reading more about Andrew’s take on the potential of AI and the future of work here.