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Why I chose to work at Indeed in Düsseldorf

Fabian Trost joined Indeed in March 2020 as an Account Executive in Düsseldorf. In this blog, he shares why the mission "We help people get jobs" was critical when choosing Indeed as an employer and gives advice for finding a company that aligns with your passions.

Fabian Trost joined Indeed in March 2020 as an Account Executive on the acquisition team in Düsseldorf. In this blog, he shares why the mission “We help people get jobs” was critical when choosing Indeed as an employer and gives advice for doing research about a potential employer.

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Fabian Trost, Account Executive in Düsseldorf

Fabian Trost, Account Executive in Düsseldorf

My professional career started 10 years ago as a retail salesman at an international telecommunications provider. After my apprenticeship there, I held many positions from account manager, field sales representative to sales promoter and regional sales manager within the industry.

Sales appeals to me because I have a passion for communication and simply enjoy working with people. Nevertheless, in my past roles, I sometimes lacked the passion for the products and services I was selling. Picking up the phone, selling products, making revenue — that sounds simple — but what I really wanted to find was a company that really cared about employee happiness where I felt I could be truly successful over many years.

In search of a powerful mission

I wanted to be part of a success story and work towards a clear, common goal, which led me to a book called “The Big Five for Life” by John Strelecky. What I learned from this book was that companies, which set a very specific and precise goal were the ones significantly more successful in the long run than other companies.

I very specifically researched companies that had a clear mission and quickly came across Indeed. “We help people get jobs.” I liked that. It wasn’t just a clear statement, it was more. I was now really curious about Indeed, so I researched further and came across a video from Indeed in Düsseldorf on one of the #insideindeed social media channels.

The spirit showcased on the video really blew my mind. I could sense a real digital working atmosphere, but I remained skeptical. After reading through Indeed’s employer reviews, I decided to reach out to an Indeed team member myself to find out how authentic the video was.

Reaching out

It wasn’t difficult to find an Indeed employee on social media. By chance, I came across Lukas Aschemann, a Senior National Account Manager in Düsseldorf, and I simply messaged him and asked what the working atmosphere at Indeed was like and if he was happy with his employer. 

The contact with Lukas – who was a complete stranger at that time – was really nice and he not only answered all my questions in a phone call, but also gave me some insights that encouraged me to submit my application to Indeed.

What also impacted my decision was the chance to join a tech company in a digital environment that offers innovative product solutions – I finally found what I missed for so long.

Achieving goals

My biggest achievement in my first year as an Indeedian was definitely presenting a client story in front of all team members in a DACH-wide meeting. 

Every Monday, all employees in the DACH market, approx 300 Indeedians, come together in a virtual meeting to get the latest updates in the business. When I started, I set myself the personal goal to present a success story about one of my clients. And it only took me a few months to achieve it.

What’s next?

My next goal is to “go green” and become a Senior Account Executive. Career development at Indeed is transparent. If a Sales Representative – regardless of department – is “green” for four quarters in a row ( i.e. has met or exceeded his or her quarterly goals), then we automatically reach the senior level. 

I have a clear goal in sight and a strong team behind me. With that I’m convinced I can make it happen.

I am grateful that it all worked out and that I can contribute to Indeed’s mission of helping people get jobs. It’s our common goal and this mission is what connects Indeedians around the world. I particularly like the fact that Indeed focuses on helping all people achieve careers success whether they’re #insideindeed or out.

Knowing that this mission is what it’s all about drives a special spirit in my team and the company as a whole.

Advice for finding a company that aligns with your passions

I encourage anyone who is interested in working for Indeed or any other company to do your research. There are many resources such as videos, company reviews and social media to find employee stories. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone at the company to verify that these stories are true to their experience.


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