Jonathan, Account Executive in Dublin
Jonathan Schicklin, Account Executive in Dublin

Jonathan reflects on the path that brought him to Indeed and shares his recipe for Sales Success

In 2019, I started to feel that I needed a change from life in France. With several years Sales experience, I knew I could move onto a new work opportunity anywhere in the world and felt a calling to do so.

At the time I was receiving numerous emails from recruiters and I was close to making a decision to move to Asia to pursue my career. That being said, I felt drawn to speaking with Indeed when I saw a message come through from Florent, one of the recruiters here. I had heard about the company and thought I would speak to somebody before making my decision to pack up and jet to Asia.

What started as an exploratory chat quickly turned into an exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relocate to Ireland.

I’d not known much about Ireland before picking up the phone that day, but I knew this calling to start a new life was stronger than it had been thanks to this recruiter.

I spoke with my girlfriend soon after the call and we agreed I should definitely take the offer to interview and see what happened. Deep down I felt drawn to this opportunity of an exciting new adventure. From my first call with Florent through to my final interview and job offer, it was no more than two weeks.

The whole recruitment experience was fast, convenient and one of the best candidate experiences I’ve received from any company in my career to date.

How could I say no to this opportunity?

Relocation to Ireland

I arrived in Ireland in November 2019 alongside my girlfriend Pauline and my cat Michel. Indeed covered my first couple of weeks rent and the whole relocation package offered to me was a fantastic help and support to get me started on my adventure.

My first apartment was in Dublin’s city center and was very convenient for getting into the office when I was working there, however, I quickly ran into some problems. It turned out that rental properties in Dublin are not too fond of cats, so as a family it was a difficult situation to be in as I knew I had to find a home that could accommodate us all.

I’m on a boat!

Jonathan's boat house
Jonathan’s boat house

We began our search for cat-friendly properties in and around Dublin and commuting towns nearby, and we had a choice of three properties, one of which was a beautiful wooden boat on the canal outside of the city.

One thing about me is that I always crave adventure and excitement, so I couldn’t resist this property when I saw the memories we could make in such a unique living space.

From the Indeed office to working from home

It was December 2019 when we moved into our new accommodation and we really started to embrace the Irish lifestyle and felt really happy with our decision to relocate here.

I had the opportunity to see and experience the Indeed office for my first few months onboarding, but what nobody could have planned for was the announcement that took place in March 2020 for all Indeed employees to work from home due to the pandemic.

It was a little different than what I had anticipated when relocating to Ireland I’ll admit, however, I felt fortunate. I had a job and my current accommodation was so beautiful that I could spend my days working from the boat in the sunshine.

Jonathan's view from the boat
Jonathan’s view from the boat

My conversations with clients definitely felt easier as they were intrigued about my surroundings and envious of the sunny days and the stunning atmosphere that surrounded us.

One thing I believe a lot of us have learned from the pandemic and working from home is the importance of structure so we can maintain a good work-life balance. As I did my best to embrace working as an Account Executive from home, I created a workday structure that ensures I have time for my clients, my colleague, my girlfriend and allows me to feel fulfilled in my work. 

My daily routine

Jonathan selfie7:00 am – Wake up – three times a week I do yoga with my girlfriend if I don’t feel like curling back up in bed

8:00 am – Work starts. Usually, my day begins by reviewing my client’s accounts  

08:15 – The team huddle. We have a 45-minute Zoom meeting where we catch up and talk about issues and be social with each other. (Before the pandemic, our huddle was 5 minutes but we had the whole day in the office to socialize, now this 45 minutes is really important to our team building!)

09:00 am – 11:00 am – I call my clients (We are free to organise ourselves though, I just find this time works well for me)

11:00 am – 12:00 pm – In Ireland, it’s 11 am, in France it’s 12 pm so it’s not a good time to call clients, so we use this time as a team to catch up and talk about ideas and new products 

12:00pm – 01:00pm – Lunchtime! 

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm – During this time I have appointments with my clients and have my Client Success rep with me. We work together and have a consultative style with our clients. We could be working with clients that have 10k employees to companies with 2 employees. There is a huge variety in my work and clients so it never gets boring.

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm – This is my admin time to catch up on Adhoc items before finishing up for the day

My new normal

It’s been a year with many changes but I really enjoy working from home and feel I could work like this forever. I would enjoy seeing my colleagues from time to time, but I hope to work remotely full time if I can when the pandemic is over.

We have since moved off the boat as the winters in Ireland are not as kind for working on a boat, but Pauline, Michel, and I have found a new place to live, and together have learned we really can adapt to anything we put our minds too.

If I could summarise my Indeed experience to date I would say that I have finally found the right company for me.  I feel safe, supported, and continue to love helping people get jobs each and every day.

If you’d like to join Jonathan or one of the growing teams #insideindeed visit here.