Sarah is the Global Wellbeing Team Lead at Indeed. She is based in Austin but works on a global team managing the global wellbeing strategy and benefit programs and building connective tissue between Benefits and DE&I.

Sarah Holick in the I Help People Get Jobs TeeHow I support Indeedians

As the Global Wellbeing Team Lead, my work is a dynamic interplay of listening to feedback and data analysis, strategizing, and program management. I love connecting people with resources and solutions, collaborating with my colleagues to solve problems, and finding synergies to help us thrive #insideindeed. 

What this looks like day-to-day is building and managing the global wellbeing strategy, working closely with our Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) teams to advocate for inclusive benefit programs and policies, managing global programs like family forming and support, the employee assistance program (EAP) and inclusive care advocacy, and most recently building support for employees who view sensitive content and may experience trauma as part of their job at Indeed. It’s an incredible job, and I am so proud to work for a company that places employees (job seekers) and equity at its heart. 

What this means for you

Accepting a job offer can be one of the most exciting experiences in your life – it can fundamentally change your career, improve your health and provide freedom. But how do you find the right role, the right company, the right culture? Ask questions. The hard ones, the easy ones, and the uncomfortable ones. Having curiosity and conversations about the benefits, policies, culture and work styles is as important as the work responsibilities and goals.

When you ask about Indeed’s benefits and culture, you can trust that we’ve benchmarked with competitors, collaborated across teams, worked closely with our vendors, and applied employee feedback to provide Indeedians and their families with holistic care and coverage to help you thrive.

  • You have a voice: We welcome feedback and strive for transparency through cross functional councils, informal focus groups and formal engagement surveys
  • You have options: From extensive family forming and caregiver benefits to  licensed clinicians available 24/7 for immediate counseling or concierge-style referrals to support your multiple demands. From Care Advocates to walk you through complex medical decisions to live and unparalleled onsite amenities and perks a plenty
  • You have flexibility: We offer multiple options for ways of working and time off like open PTO and a company-wide day off one Friday a month to spend on YOU. We provide generous caregiver leave policies covering birth, adoption, bereavement and return to work programs that support the unique needs of coming back to work
  • PTO flexibility: We offer open Paid Time Off (PTO) as part of our benefits and perks package. That’s right! We trust employees to manage their time off, and as long as it doesn’t negatively impact productivity, the team, or the business, there is no cap on how much time can taken off. A manager’s approval is required in advance for any time-off requests.
  • You have representation: We have an ESG goal of workforce representation of women globally to 50% by 2030,  and in the last year, Indeed has increased the women  leadership workforce in the U.S. from 40% to 43%. We have 10 employee resource groups including Parents & Caregivers, Women at Indeed and iPride & The Gender Identity Group
  • You have fair pay and total compensation: We regularly evaluate competitive salary, bonus and Restricted Stock Unit structures and conduct annual pay equity studies
  • You have growth opportunities: we have several leadership programs for women, tuition reimbursement, mentorship programs, and more to support your growth mindset and encouraging your next job to be at Indeed

Learn more about how Indeed is cultivating a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging to build a stronger company through our 2022 DI&B Report.

All of this and more comes together in a package of comprehensive and competitive benefits that meet you where you are, no matter your stage of life. You can hear how our employees talk about our benefits in videos, but looking through our latest benefits site and by searching #insideindeed on social. 

I am proud of all of the work we do and our commitment to evolving and helping people thrive. Best of luck on your job search, and I hope to welcome you to Indeed one day soon!

Employee Stories

Grainne, Team Leader for Mid Market Sales in the UK, began her journey with Indeed almost six years ago. Hear how she’s utilized and benefited from Indeed’s Open PTO, flexible work, and, most recently, working remotely from another country.

Grainne and her family posing for a photo

As a family, we had a few celebrations to mark this year. My husband and I had significant birthdays and celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Also, my youngest son finished school, a huge milestone! 

We decided we would celebrate with an extra memorable holiday. At Indeed, we can work remotely from another country where we have work authorization for up to six weeks a year.

In July this year, I worked from Malta for two weeks and took two weeks of open PTO. What a fantastic opportunity!  My husband, our sons, and my eldest son’s girlfriend got to visit, and we had some quality family time. We had an amazing month!  

I am so grateful to have been able to do this. Thank You Indeed!

Becoming a parent changes you down to the core.

Stacey, Director, Client Success, talks about her experience becoming a parent, and the benefits #insideindeed that aided her through her journey.

Stacey and her kids posing for a photoWhen you have a child, your entire world changes. Ligaments stretch, organs shift, joints loosen, and the gray matter structurally changes in your brain. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect before my children were born, but I did know that I would need time to adapt. I was so excited to have 16 weeks of Parental Leave through Indeed to get to know my little ones, make memories, and learn who I would be as a parent. 

I knew that it would take time to heal after I’d given birth to both of my children, but I didn’t realize how drastically different each experience would be. Where the Parental Leave with my first child was more relaxed and focused on my baby; my second round of Parental Leave was focused more on my own healing and recovery. 

I developed Postpartum Depression and Anxiety after my second child was born, and quickly learned that healing would include more than just the physical changes this time around. Having 16 weeks of Parental Leave helped me to prioritize my own health and well-being, and that didn’t stop once I was set to return to work. Indeed’s 4 week transitional schedule helped me to ease back into work after my 16 weeks of Parental Leave, and slowly regain my footing in my role. Additionally, I was able to take advantage of Maven to find recommendations for sleep consultants to help us through the sleep regressions both of my kids were going through. Indeed also offers access to therapy through SupportLinc, which was crucial for managing my Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. 

Becoming a parent changes you down to the core. Working for a compassionate company with benefits, resources, and supportive leaders was so valuable throughout both of my pregnancies and postpartum experiences. I’m so thankful to work for Indeed! 

Laura, Project Manager on Indeed’s Global Enablement – Virtual Meetings team, shares her experience using Maven, Family Forming, and Support Programs.

Laura and her kids sitting on the ground blowing out birthday cake candles

A friend in my organization told me about Maven, and I decided to download the app during my kid’s bedtime. I have three little girls, ages six, five, and two – each with different personalities and needs that are ever-changing as they grow and develop. Juggling motherhood and work is a challenge for most parents, and I’m always looking for ways to improve in my role at Indeed and at home as a mom.

Maven set me up with a parent coach who, like me, has three little girls. My coach and I had an intake call, and we instantly hit it off. Since my initial call, my Maven coach and I have spent time analyzing my strengths as a parent and my family members’ strengths. The support of services like Maven is beyond valuable! I’m so glad Indeed provides these services to us as employees.

Mental health isn’t just doing nice things for yourself; it’s also doing the hard and scary things we often avoid to grow.

Rebeca, a Client Success, Manager, reflects on her personal journey towards becoming a better version of herself through SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program.

Starting therapy was a difficult decision. As someone who internalizes and works through things alone, I never thought anything was sufficiently “wrong” with me to need a therapist. It wasn’t until I saw a close relative going to therapy regularly that my perspective changed. I realized that therapy might not be just for those who are outwardly suffering. I noticed how great she would feel after her sessions and found myself wanting the same. Then, I started to ponder if I was truly “okay” and what I would like to talk through. 

I knew therapy was something beneficial, but I always found an excuse. Where do I start? How can I find a good therapist locally? What if they don’t take my insurance? How much does it cost? What if I don’t like them? I even searched for local therapists who accepted my insurance but couldn’t fully convince myself to book a session. 

Once Indeed announced that they would provide a no-cost employee assistance program via SupportLinc during the chaos of the COVID pandemic, I took action. It was extremely easy to sign up, choose a therapist, and schedule a session. The convenience and ease of utilizing SupportLinc completely solved all of my doubts and excuses that had previously kept me from self-improvement. 

I’ve seen a therapist consistently for more than a year, and what started initially as a venting session has turned into talking with a confidante. Not only do I feel like I have someone helpful in my corner, but I’m able to uncover and address issues that I didn’t realize were limiting me personally and professionally. Therapy is now something I look forward to and get excited about as the themes we cover continue to evolve, much like I have seen myself grow during this time. 

It’s safe to say that my friends and family were excited to hear that I leaped toward becoming a better version of myself, and over the last year, I’ve learned how to foster and grow my closest relationships. Mental health isn’t just doing nice things for yourself; it’s also doing the hard and scary things we often avoid to grow. Indeed’s services like SupportLinc have helped me do that.