John Abraham joined Indeed in 2018 and is a Client Success Specialist based in Bangalore. He is an enthusiastic Brand Ambassador and is into health and fitness.

In this Culture Matters interview with Lynn Chang from the Employer Brand team, John shares what he’s excited about when working at Indeed and how Indeed has supported him not just in his career but also in his passion for health and fitness. 

“Ever since I joined, Indeed supported me in every way. Be it career development, or anything related to the job or even outside of the job,” he shares. He also talks about Indeed’s open working culture and how it keeps our teams connected. 

“The best part about Indeed is that everyone is so appreciative. Even the smallest achievement that we get here, everyone celebrates it together, and they care about how we achieved it”

John (bottom right) with the Brand Ambassadors in Bangalore

He also talks about what made him join Indeed and shares a bit about his interview experience before joining the team. In their discussion, John gives us an overview of his team and his role at Indeed. 

“I work in the Dedicated Client Success team. We are an 18-member team and I help employers find the right candidate for their jobs by helping to share data and insights to employers,” he explains. 

In their conversation, John dives deeper into his role and gives examples on how they help clients as a client success team. As they discuss his role, they also talk about the misconceptions about working at Indeed, the challenges in his role and how he overcomes them as well as his favourite Indeed perk. 

To find out more about John’s experience and what it’s like to work in the Client Success team, watch this video here.

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