Headshot of authorVidhem Chhabra graduated with an Integrated Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) in Delhi. He had his first (and second) experience with Indeed as an intern, and later joined as a new graduate. He then grew his career with Indeed and is now overseeing a team as a Staff Software Engineer at Indeed Hyderabad.

Today, there are so many tech companies for Software Engineers to choose from to grow their career. 

If working on global products at scale gets you excited, or if you would like to find out what it’s like working at Indeed Hyderabad, you may want to listen in on this episode of our Culture Matters podcast.

Vidhem shares why he chose to join Indeed, walks us through how he has grown in his career and gives us insights into his world as a Staff Software Engineer on the Indeed Apply team.

Vidhem and team clowning around at an Indeed event

He explains one of the reasons for joining Indeed was because of the incredibly positive internship experience he had with Indeed. “The level of ownership that I had during my internship was pretty unheard of! I also spoke to other peers who interned at different companies… The kind of work I did during my internship really made an impact in the real world and truly made a difference in the lives of jobseekers,” Vidhem shares.

Vidhem also talks about some of the misconceptions about his role and working at Indeed. One of the misconceptions he shares is that Engineers based in India do not work on significant or critical products as compared to the rest of the company. 

Vidhem's team at Indeed

“That is a very big misconception. We get to build and own software that helps people all over the world get jobs. The level of impact that we make out of Hyderabad is as significant as any other location. It’s a world class engineering office and we have top notch engineering talent working on those products,” Vidhem mentions.

In his conversation with Inside Indeed, he continues to share more about the Indeed Apply product, the challenges he faces in his role and also provides tips as an interviewer at Indeed.

To find out more about Vidhem’s experience and advice, listen in on this episode of our Culture Matters podcast.

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