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Indeed’s Got Talent: Pablo ‘follows the light’ in song and Client Success

Pablo Sánchez Acero is a Client Success Specialist at Indeed Dublin. Learn how his passion for music makes Pablo communicate better with his clients.

Pablo Sánchez Acero is a Client Success Specialist at Indeed Dublin. Pablo was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and is a passionate singer-songwriter, who goes by the moniker Sánchez Acero.⁣

Pablo Sánchez Acero is a musician with a strong professional background in marketing, having studied Advertising and Public Relations in Complutense University of Madrid while also double hatting as a drummer in the band Básico Permanente for seven years.

While experimenting with other musical genres, he eventually decided to go a step further, picking up the guitar and writing his own songs.⁣

In December 2015, he released his album ‘Follow the Light‘, inspired by the time he spent in Iceland, where he worked as a volunteer on a farm.

“To me, being a musician means that you have to be creative, see the world from different perspectives, know how to communicate what’s inside of you, and, probably the most important thing, keep trying, no matter how many times you fail,” Pablo says.

“I’d say that those points are applicable to many different jobs, and all of them are also applicable to Client Success at Indeed.” 

In his current role at Indeed, Pablo is able to unfold his creative mind in many ways and mentions a few examples: “We frequently monitor our internal processes and how we can improve them and sometimes I come up with new ways and creative ideas.”

“Sometimes this is a process within the whole team,” he shares.“A sense of flexibility and creativity is also helpful to adapt in a fast-paced environment that is always changing.⁣”

When Pablo joined Indeed and moved to Dublin, he was slowly composing some of the new songs that are now available on his new album.⁣

“What I love about Indeed is its work-life balance, which allows you to dedicate time to your job, but also to other things you’re passionate about.”

“When I worked in Spain, I worked overtime most of the time (this is something quite typical in the Spanish culture), so it was hard to find some time for composing, rehearsing, recording and so on.”⁣

In July 2019, he released three singles. A new album, Emerald, has been released in March 2020. The album has been produced and recorded by Pablo Sánchez Acero in Dublin, starting the first recordings in 2017 and ending the full album in 2019.⁣

“As a Client Success Specialist, you have to communicate with your clients and help them in every way possible on how to make the most out of Indeed, and as a musician, you communicate through your music.”

“Both are different ways of communication, but in both cases, if your message is heard, you will be successful,” he says. “How you communicate is also very important, especially working in a client-facing role and with a product that not all the clients are familiar with.”

He adds: “The way you communicate and the ability to adapt to your clients is key for their success (and yours too).” 

“If you are honest, the rest will follow,” he says. “And I know this sounds cliche, but keep trying, thinking outside the box and escaping your comfort zone will take you to success, sooner or later.”

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2780Career Growth

How I Became An… Account Executive in Düsseldorf

Katja was originally a client of Indeed, today she is working as an Account Executive at Indeed in Dusseldorf. Hear her story of why she switched sides and where she wants to go next.

Katja Fuchs has been an Account Executive at Indeed Düsseldorf since February 2019. She comes from Innsbruck, Austria and was originally a customer of Indeed’s. Katja was so enthusiastic about Indeed that she wanted to offer the products that she was using to help other clients. Hear her story of why she switched sides.

Klick hier um den Blog auf Deutsch zu lesen.

Au pair, student, clerk, stewardess, online marketing manager. These are some of the positions that Katja has held in her career. Today, Katja is an Indeedian!

In her hometown, Katja was most recently employed as marketing manager in the advertising department of an international company. One day, Katja was entrusted with the job adverts of the company.

Back then, Katja’s colleague said to her: “Hey, there is a guy from Indeed who keeps on calling us. Why don’t you talk to him?”

That “guy” was Jakob Chwalczyk, who is now Katja’s team mate. Jakob was the one who explained Indeed’s pay per click model to her.

From her current job, Katja was already familiar with search engine marketing. Therefore, her enthusiasm for the Indeed products and the search technology was enormous – she really wanted to partner with Indeed. 

Katja presented to the management what she learned from Jakob and how their company could benefit from Indeed. She was able to convince her managers which paved the way for working with Indeed. 

As time went on, she enjoyed working with Indeed more and more, and built up an excellent relationship with Jakob, who always had a solution to Katja’s questions.

When Jakob talked more about his work and Indeed as an employer, Katja became curious. However, Katja did not necessarily want to leave her hometown, and moving from Innsbruck to Düsseldorf, Germany would be a big step for her.

Months later, Indeed’s National Account Manager came to visit Katja in her office in Innsbruck. Katja thought it was great how he presented the products and who said  “You can do that too.”

Katja then decided to send over her CV without any expectations… But suddenly everything happened very quickly.

Shortly after, Katja had a telephone interview, which was followed by an invitation to a personal interview in Düsseldorf. She didn’t hesitate and boarded the next plane that Indeed booked for her. After the interview in the office, she had a few hours left before heading back to Innsbruck – meanwhile Katja received the confirmation for the job before she even arrived at the airport.

When the recruiter made the offer and explained the contract, Katja thought she was dreaming. It was all too good to be true! Katja was also supported by Indeed during the preparations for the move from Austria to Germany.

“Indeed engaged a moving company for me. They packed all my belongings into boxes for me and all I had to do was handing over the apartment key,” she recalls.

Throughout the entire time, Indeed stayed in touch with Katja to make sure everything was running smoothly.

“I have everything I need in the office, I can concentrate fully on my work and don’t have to worry about anything else,” Katja adds. “That’s the way it should be!” 

Katja with her Team Lead and Director

Even though Katja really enjoyed her previous job, she has no regrets. Compared to her home country, she has excellent earning opportunities with Indeed, and is in a fulfilling job with a lot more free time due to the Open PTO policy which is far above the Austrian average.

For Katja however, the team culture is priceless and the reason why she looks forward to going to work.

“Everyone on the team is so social and empathetic. We celebrate each other’s successes, and you help and support each other,” she shared. 

Especially in her first few weeks, it was a good feeling to know that she could rely on her new colleagues.

“My team and director are always there for me. In the beginning I had a lot of questions and my colleagues always took the time to answer everything” she recalled.

Award ceremony at the DACH Kick Off

Katja has displayed courage and shown what she is made of. In her very first quarter, she reached her sales quota. At Indeed we call that “going green.”

In the following three quarters of 2019, she continued her success. She was even given an award for her outstanding performance.

Katja is proud that she is growing beyond in her career and that she receives a lot of encouragement from her director and her teammates.

Her next goal is already clearly in sight: “I want to be “green” again in the next quarter. Then I would have achieved my sales goals every quarter since I started at Indeed and will be promoted to Senior Account Executive.”

Katja also has an idea for her next job – of course with Indeed: “Being abroad is always an enriching experience, personally and professionally. Maybe I’ll take the chance to go abroad again and move to Dublin. 

Katja adds: “Indeed as an employer offers a lot of flexibility and support with internal mobility and I see a lot of potential for my further development here.”

If Katja is relocating again, she would take more time to look for an apartment. “Back then I was incredibly relieved to find an apartment right away. However, I later found out that is wasn’t great for commuting.”

Her advice for those looking to relocate: “First of all, you should familiarize yourself with your new home. Find out how to reach the office, where you want to meet your new friends after work, and which areas you like. Next time I move, I’ll take more time researching before I settle down.”

To learn more about the perks & benefits Indeed has to offer, click here. Visit our Inside Indeed culture blog to hear more Indeedian stories.




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2768Adrienne pregnancy photoPerks & Benefits

How an expecting mom helped expand home birth coverage at Indeed

Adrienne shares how research and initiative led to quick changes to Indeed's birth option coverage for her and other expecting Indeedians

Adrienne shares how research and initiative led to quick changes to Indeed’s birth option coverage for her and other expecting Indeedians

Adrienne is a Learning & Development Strategist for Indeed Hire and the Regional Co-Chair for Latinx in Tech. She began her Indeed journey in June 2013 in San Mateo, Calif., in Inside Sales and is now on the Training and Development team in Scottsdale, Ariz. She is married, has a 7-year-old stepson, and just had a beautiful baby at home thanks to Indeed’s new home birth coverage!

Content warning: This story contains discussion around miscarriage and may prove triggering to some.

I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of December 2019, the day after the Indeed Holiday Party. This was my “Rainbow Baby” (a baby born subsequent to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant from natural causes) after my miscarriage in June 2019.

When I saw the two lines on the test, I was honestly scared — scared of reliving what happened just a few months before. I didn’t want to get excited because I deeply understood that nothing about pregnancy is guaranteed. I didn’t tell anyone, except my husband, until I was 14 weeks pregnant.

Once I hit week 12, I saw my baby via ultrasound, and I knew in my heart that it was now OK to be excited. It was now OK to share this gift I have been given, with the world.

Looking at Indeed’s Insurance Options 

I spend so much time memorizing the benefits offered to Indeedians, and I encourage every person to know what is available to you. The medical booklet and schedule of benefits is found directly on the insurance website and breaks down in detail our coverage and options.

Having a home birth was always a dream of mine. I had been meeting with the co-chair of Women at Indeed and the founder of Parents & Caregivers IRG around this time to discuss us approaching Indeed’s Head of HR, Paul Wolfe, to improve the offerings at Indeed regarding issues that matter to women and caregivers. We decided to put our focus on things like onsite childcare, a childcare stipend, longer maternity leave offering, and better WFH options (especially for Sales).

During our meetings I brought up issues like home birth insurance coverage, facility fees covered at Birth Centers, and coverage for a Doula (a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible).

Then it was March 2020 and COVID-19 became all and everything. Indeedians were asked to work from home, hospitals were at capacity, and toilet paper was nowhere to be found. This was such a scary time for all of us, but imagine being pregnant.

This is truly what got my wheels turning on reforming the shortcoming I had identified almost a year ago during my first pregnancy. Indeed did not offer any coverage for home births. Being pregnant, the last place I would want to go right now was a hospital. This was my shot, and I was not going to give this up.

Starting at the top

I decided to write a letter to Paul outlining my concerns. Below is an excerpt from my email.

“I think about women who are maybe 7-9 months pregnant at this time and maybe wanting to avoid hospitals or fearing what the state of hospitals will be in 2 months when they are due. Currently our insurance doesn’t cover any home birth options at all. It would be all out of pocket for that employee,” I wrote to Paul in mid-March when the COVID concerns were really ramping up.

“This is something so small but also so huge to us pregnant women and our families. Having the option if things really do get worse and hospitals are maxed out on capacity to have a birth at home with trained midwives and doulas.”

I made sure to point out that Indeed’s current policy didn’t cover home births or Doula coverage.

Even if this pandemic was not in existence, having the right to choose how we birth our babies should be our choice and insurance options should be provided at those levels, I told Paul in my email.

Quick Action

A benefits team member responded to my email to Paul the same day and said my request seemed “very reasonable,” and that they would look into this with our U.S. insurance provider. I did a dance around my house; I was so happy.

And just four days later, the team member shared with me that the insurance plan now covered home births with a licensed midwife! I ended up crying in joy and had a major feeling of accomplishment. I felt so proud of Indeed (Paul and team). It was validation that raising issues that matter to you is important (because they probably matter to others!) and having the courage to ask. I felt heard. “This is the best company on the planet,” I screamed!

How I Prepared

Adrienne and Arabelle

Adrienne and Arabelle

Indeed likely heard me because I did my research and was professional. I read books, credible articles, and framed the benefit for Indeedians as a whole, rather than just myself. I thoughtfully summarized the benefits of home birth, plus the financial implications, and shared this with Indeed to build the case. My path continues, as I will continue to advocate for birth center, doula and additional pregnancy coverage.

Welcome Arabelle Vanessa Smith

Adrienne gave birth to a healthy girl named Arabelle Vanessa Smith on August 20, 2020. She came in a 20 inches long and 7 lbs 7 oz. Congratulations to the Smith family! Enjoy the maternity leave and thank you for all you do Adrienne.

Learn more about our benefits and read more Indeedian stories like Adrienne’s on our #insideindeed culture blog.



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2856Career Growth

The secret to sales success at Indeed Australia

James Cook is a Sales Director at Indeed Sydney. He shares his journey at Indeed and how determination and ambition are key ingredients to his success.

James Cook is a Sales Director at Indeed Sydney. He shares his journey at Indeed and how determination and ambition are key ingredients to his success.

August 2014, sitting in a coffee shop (pub) in sunny Circular Quay, Sydney.

I’d just wrapped up my first interview at a largely unknown (at least locally) job search site, Indeed.com.

Buzzing… a word that accurately describes my feelings following my initial meeting with the HR Manager for the role that I have applied for.

I knew a few things in those early days:

  • I wanted to earn money;
  • I wanted clear career progression, and;
  • I wanted to make a difference

Fortunately, Indeed ticked each of those boxes with ease. 

Fast forward a few weeks and a couple of interviews later, I was walking into the sixth floor of 19-31 Pitt Street. Picturesque views of the Sydney Harbour awaited me; uninterrupted views of the Opera house to the right and the iconic Harbor bridge to the left. I was taken aback and immediately knew this ‘little’ start up operation I’d joined was anything but small. Indeed was a global powerhouse!

The office was warm with about 10 employees, jovial and going about their day with a sense of determination and hunger, which really spoke to our mission of helping people get jobs. 

The mission was significant to us as we’re part of a global team of people helping people get jobs! For anyone who’s ever been out of work, had a family or friend desperately searching, this was a big deal. 

Not long after starting, I had training at our HQ in Stamford Connecticut (an experience I’d really need to write another blog about to do justice).


There, I felt the same level of determination I felt in Sydney, a market where Indeed was second to its competitor, but only bigger as they were #1 in the US! 

Imagine: Hundreds of people helping people get jobs occupied the many floors in a building crowned with a huge INDEED logo. It was really a remarkable experience!

Fast forward to today six years on, I’m a Sales Director managing a team of seven Account Executives, two Senior Account Executives and one Team Lead in arguably one of the most impressive buildings in the Sydney CBD. 

We go to work everyday helping businesses find that needle in a haystack. This could mean working with our teams at Indeed, identifying gaps for clients, or finding the best way to get jobs out to job seekers. 

What was the journey to get here? It was pretty clear. Indeed sets out defined goals for anyone wanting to enter management, further their career in Enterprise Sales or perhaps try their hand in a totally different department.

For me, this was Account Executive, Senior Account Executive, Team Lead and then to where I am now, Sales Director.

How do you qualify? It’s sales… so performance to quota trumps all.

Performance to quota in consecutive quarters once you’ve been with the business for nine months will see you become a Senior Account Executive. After that, you’ll need to hit more back to back quarters as well as demonstrate the ability and desire to coach and better those around you.

The past five years at Indeed have literally changed my life.

I’ve made lifelong friends, saved the money needed for a deposit on my apartment and been promoted to a role where I can help others hopefully do the same. 

My advice to anyone considering a role at Indeed, or sales in general, is pretty simple.

Set big goals, never get complacent, and never get comfortable. 

Finally, I believe this applies to everything in life but learning to accept what you can’t control is huge. 

I was passed over during my first application to become a Director by a much stronger candidate. It hurt. I was devastated and while today I can say they were the better choice, at that time, I had a hard time accepting it. 

What I did next defined where I am today. I could have thrown the toys out of the pram, looked for a new role and left Indeed. OR I could knuckle down, work harder than anyone else and ensure that when that next Director role came up, I was the clear choice. 

I chose the latter, and I’m so glad I did. Because it has allowed me to lead the amazing team I do today. 

For more stories on #insideindeed, you can read more on our blog here.



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2820Sherrie reads to AmayaInclusion

Lessons learned from 6 months as a caregiver during COVID

When everything shut down in March, I found myself working from home with my 3-year-old daughter while my newly laid off husband hunted for jobs. Six months later, we’re...

Sherrie reads to her daughterSherrie shares her struggle and explains why she decided to help found the Parents & Caregivers Inclusion Resource Group at Indeed

Sherrie is a Founder and Americas Co-Chair for the Parents & Caregivers Inclusion Resource Group. She leads Product Marketing for Indeed’s small and medium business products, and she’s mom to Amaya (Dec 2016) and wife to Andy, her high school sweetheart. Sherrie enjoys puzzles, yoga, swimming, reading, and learning to be a plant mom. She was also recently nominated for the Austin Under 40 Awards in the Technology category.

When everything shut down in March, I found myself working from home with my 3-year-old daughter while my newly laid off husband hunted for jobs. Six months later, we’re still navigating this pandemic and what it looks like to work from home. 

As Indeed’s head of HR, Paul Wolfe says, “you’re not ‘working from home’ — you’re at home, during a crisis, trying to work” all while trying to care for others. 

Caring for others looks different for everyone – from laboring moms wearing their masks to the elderly seeking treatment alone in the hospital. Parents have sent young kids back to daycare with a mix of fear and relief, grade school parents are now starting the year virtually, and college parents are helping their young adults navigate independent life away from home.

Taking action

Sherrie shares cookies with her daughterThroughout all the chaos, one of the ways I felt I could help manage the situation was to control what I could at work and at home. I set up a schedule and activities for my daughter at home and blocked time on my calendar for caregiving. I also kicked off the Parents & Caregivers Inclusion Resource Group (IRG) at Indeed with an internal #wfh-parents Slack channel, which gained over 700 members in a week’s time. 

The channel is a place where parents and caregivers can share knowledge, vent about our shared struggles, and support one another.

A new reality 

Trying to lighten the mood of the moment, I recently posted the video below showing a day in the life of a caregiver, a fun and playful take that unfortunately doesn’t tell the whole story.

What it misses are the toddler meltdowns, the guilt, the tiredness that comes with balancing another’s needs with the needs of an average work day.

Ironically, caregivers know how to give care, but often neglect to take care of themselves. The reality is, parents are spending 30 hours a week on caregiving on top of their average workload.

Now, with the added role of educator for some, parents are working 3 full time jobs in a day and only getting paid for one. 

Finding communitySherrie and family

Everyone’s situation is unique. Our Slack community has provided a space to connect and be seen. Employees are engaging, vulnerable, and supportive. 

In these 6 months, I’ve met a dad who upgraded his wheelchair-bound son’s desk space to get ready for school; heard from a friend who actively tries to shield her black son from the news because he doesn’t need reminders of his lived experience; and talked to a husband who takes breaks during the day to give his wife hormone injections as they go through IVF. 

Another mom introduced herself to the group, expressed gratitude for Indeed’s fertility benefits, and then let us know she recently miscarried. One of my former teammates told me her father passed away from COVID, and she’s trying to support her mom while wrangling her 3 kids. With all of this going on, we still log on, answer that email, and collaborate with our teams; sometimes work is our break from life. 

Two truths

Sherrie's daughter Amaya at a laptop with the screen that says "I help people get jobs."

Sherrie’s daughter, Amaya, sitting next to mommy’s work mission

We love contributing to the incredible mission of helping people get jobs, and we love our family. So how do we juggle both? The truth is, we can’t. Each moment ends up being a choice, and often when it comes to keeping our children safe or an everyday work moment, it’s really not a choice at all. 

Unfortunately, work-life conflict has existed for a long time because we’ve kept our two identities separate. With remote work, the two have collided.

It’s equally freeing and painfully uncomfortable. Indeed is a place that provides a lot of freedom: incredible benefits, which includes weekly therapy sessions, parental leave, unlimited time off, and a culture of inclusion and belonging. But as with everything, we have opportunities for improvement, which is where the work of the Parents & Caregivers (IRG) comes in.

Launching an Inclusion Resource Group in a Pandemic

As the 10th and most recently formed IRG at Indeed, we find that caregiving is an intersectional identity that impacts members across all groups. We have members who care for the elderly and family members with disabilities. We have Black, Brown, Asian, Latinx, LGBTQ+ caregivers, and those who are veterans.

We also have parents of fully grown children, soon-to-be parents, and those just returning to the workplace from parental leave – our members live all over the world from Japan to Canada.

What’s Working

Sherrie and her daughter in the poolI mentioned before the power of our community. Right now, most of our engagement happens on Slack, but it’s bigger than the platform. It’s a space to be seen, connect with colleagues, and uplift one another. When I talk to members, they feel most validated knowing they’re not alone in the struggle of this pandemic. 

Our Senior Leadership Team constantly acknowledges the struggles we face, and they openly express frustration that they can’t solve this crisis as many are experiencing the effects themselves. Folks are also coming together to provide support beyond the initial #wfh-parents with channels like #wfh-school-help and #eldercare-chats. 

We also find that humor and joy are pivotal. For a few weeks, we played a game where everyone told their current home situation and replaced their kids with “my coworker”: Today, my coworker (15mo) had a meltdown and threatened to quit when she couldn’t find her bellybutton under a pair of overalls. And another game of “what do your kids say when you ask them what you do for work?”

  • Social Media Specialist: My 2 year old daughter – “I talk to peoples.”
  • Software Engineer: My 6 year old son  says “I type random words on the computer”
  • Manager, Einstein Analytics:  “ma-ma-ba-ba-ba-DADA”
  • Senior Account Executive: “make money”
  • Internal Communications for TA: “Mommy talks to her friends about how tired everyone is all the time”

Off Slack and onto Zoom, we bring our kids to the Black Inclusion Group’s Verzuz battles, in which two DJs pair up live and compete to decide who has the better playlist. It’s been a fun way to break up the work day and entertain our kids. We also attended iPride’s dance parties during Pride Month and the GenderCool Project where trans youth shared their stories. Next month, we’ll be hosting a storytime series where IRG leaders and our executives will read their favorite children’s books about diversity and inclusion.

What Could Be Better

We need allies who both recognize our struggles and validate our worth. Acknowledge our families, ask how they’re doing, and most importantly, remind us to take care of ourselves and leverage our mental health resources. Help us set attainable goals and measurable outcomes, and give us the autonomy to manage our own time.

Whether we’ve accepted it or not, we’re in this for the long haul, and we need to pace ourselves. We all need to come together to support caregivers. Our teams, our company, and our society depend on it.

Learn about some of the other challenges parents and caregivers are facing on Indeed Community.

Tips from other Parents & Caregivers

During August, we’ve been sharing tips from Parents & Caregivers on our #insideindeed Instagram. Below is the advice they gave for dealing with parenting in a pandemic.

April #insideindeed Austin

“One thing I recommend keeping in mind is that uninterrupted working time for parents is incredibly rare. What may seem like a quick, 30-minute check-in via zoom to you may be a logistical nightmare for a parent; an exercise in keeping their kids safe, adequately entertained, and quiet. Checking-in on each meeting before scheduling it and determining if the content can be handled via email instead can make all the difference.” -April, #insideindeed Austin

Patrick #insideindeed Düsseldorf

“The change that suddenly came when the kindergarten was closed was particularly difficult. It was very challenging to meet the needs of my 5-year-old son, the expectations towards myself as a father, and to make him happy with the new situation. I am sure that it hit a lot of people. Above all, for me, being part of the Parents & Caregivers Inclusion Resource Group means creating a sense of belonging and not leaving the Parents & Caregivers alone with their challenges and feelings in these times.” – Patrick, #insideindeed Düsseldorf


Maria and her daughter

Maria #insideindeed Foster City

“Not being afraid to ask for help is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. I have been fortunate to have a supportive manager and my team is one of the best set of people I have worked with. That said, support can come in multiple forms. One of the most meaningful benefits at Indeed is the virtual counseling sessions available through Support Linc. If you are a parent/caregiver – Yes, the struggle is real but know that you are not alone!” – Maria, #insideindeed Foster City

The mission of the Parents & Caregivers Inclusion Resource Group at Indeed is to foster a sense of belonging for all parents and caregivers, so they can thrive at work throughout all stages of the caregiving journey. 

Learn more about how Indeed is Here to Help parents and caregivers in the video below.

Read about Mun-Yee’s experience coming back to work post-maternity leave or Stuart’s story about being a work from home dad with 5 kids.

As we get ready for back to school, Meet the Teachers of Indeed in this post from our #insideindeed culture blog.

Learn more about Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Indeed.



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