Kate Black is an External Partnerships & Events Project Manager at Indeed. She is based in Austin but works on a global team managing the Global Partnerships Program.

Kate Black Standing in an Indeed tee

As the External Partnerships & Events PM for the Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DI&B) team, my role focuses on connecting and building relationships with organizations that share our mission and values—creating strategies for partnerships and events with organizations that will help us reach our 2030 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. ESG at Indeed is made up of five pillars – DI&B, Social Impact, Environmental Sustainability, AI Ethics, and Governance — but every team at Indeed has a part to play in achieving our ESG goals. This work is deeply aligned with our mission to help people get jobs and make Indeed and the world a better, more equitable place.



Why did you choose Mother Honestly?

When seeking partnerships with outside organizations, I look for intersectional barriers that could affect job seekers. One of Indeed’s 2030 goals emphasizes increasing our workforce representation of women by 50%. I wanted to ensure that we focused on the intersectionality of one group that the pandemic has steamrolled: working mothers. Through our partnership with Mother Honestly, we want to help women get back to the workplace and to our amazing company. 

As the #1 hiring and job search platform, Indeed is the ideal partner and thought leader for this space. Who better to help struggling mothers who want to reenter the workforce than a company that already does so much for working parents and caregivers and strives to help all people get jobs? The pandemic changed everything, some things for the better, and in other ways introduced additional barriers for jobseekers to face, including leaving working parents and caregivers bereft and often without support. 

At Indeed, we lead with empathy, giving employees the space to pilot their authentic lives and be their true selves by recognizing that we’re humans first. Combined with parent-friendly benefits like flexible work schedules, open PTO, and a generous parental leave policy, we want to ensure job seekers with barriers understand that Indeed is an industry leader in helping working parents find their way in the workplace and helping them get their next job at Indeed.

Mother Honestly has a diverse membership population (~40% of its members identify as women of color) and helps women no matter where they are in their careers. Whether they are just starting, leaders within their organizations, or simply looking to get back into the workforce after taking time away to raise their family, they need a starting point. 

How does Mother Honestly benefit Indeedians? 

Indeed employees receive completely free access to Mother Honestly memberships, including newsletters, toolkits, access to fireside chats and summits, and a supportive community of working mothers (and caregivers!) that encourage one another. It’s a fantastic community with an honest and driven mission to effect significant change in our world today. 

As a soon-to-be working mother myself, I am so thankful that I get to do this impactful work for a company that sincerely cares not only about the lives of its employees but about job seekers around the globe and the unique barriers that each and every one of us faces.