Meet Sarah Mahon, a Sales Team Lead and the Events Lead for Women at Indeed in Dublin.

My name is Sarah and I am a Sales Team Lead here in Indeed Dublin for UK Acquisition. I started at Indeed nearly four years ago on the Indeed graduate programme as an Account Executive. I joined Indeed as I was looking for a company where there was a lot of opportunity to grow, develop and learn, and I’m glad that I made the right choice.

How it started

Sarah MahonAfter my first year as an Account Executive I was promoted to Senior Account Executive and once that happened I immediately set my sights on being a Team Lead next. 

Shortly after I joined, I knew I wanted to be a Team Lead as I loved helping people on my team and anytime a new starter joined I made sure I was the first person to help them. 

As Indeed was technically my first ‘real’ job ( outside of Internships and college jobs), I knew in order to be considered for the Team Lead position, I had to educate myself on leadership. 

So I undertook a Diploma in Sales Management through DBS and Indeed covered the cost of this through the Tuition Reimbursement scheme we have. 

Then in October 2019, I achieved my goal when I was promoted to a Sales Team Lead and have been in that position since.

My advice to anybody looking to step into the Team Lead position is to always try to assume your next position. It’s important to help others on your team and lead by example in everything you do.

A typical day as a Team Lead

The one thing I love about my current role is no two days are the same. On an average day we can speak to 30 – 50 clients across different industries and locations which makes things so interesting. 

It’s important to have some sort of structure; typically each day will start off with a team meeting where the team will discuss what their plan is for the day ahead and it’s important for the team to understand what are the focus areas for the day ahead. 

After this meeting, I like to set time aside to prepare and send tailored emails to the bigger clients in my book of business to try and book calls for the day or week ahead. 

Once those emails are done, I would have a call block of around two hours with clients in my book who may be logging onto their Indeed account, creating or closing jobs. 

Sarah Mahon's team

I always try to get admin done in the morning, which entails following up with clients I spoke to on email, sending proposals or preparing for the afternoon ahead. 

Since we are currently working from home, I make a conscious effort to check in with my team members on a daily basis and would receive calls or messages from them for help or support. I love hearing from the team throughout the day as it makes you feel less isolated, which can often happen with WFH. 

The afternoon is typically when I have client demo calls booked in. Here, I bring clients through a product demonstration of the Indeed platform. We finish up every day with a team meeting to see how everybody got on during the day.

My favourite thing about working at Indeed has always been the people I work with. I feel so grateful to work for a company where everybody genuinely wants to help each other and see each other succeed. 

I am fortunate to have two Indeedian mentors who go above and beyond and ensure I have the knowledge and opportunity to excel my career. 

Women in Tech Event

Fostering a culture of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Furthermore, I love working for a company where one of its core values is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging. 

I am the Dublin Events Lead for the Women at Indeed IRG. Here at Indeed, IRGs are employee-led groups formed around traditionally underrepresented or marginalised groups in tech (in numbers or power) that actively contribute to efforts specific to Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging. 

The mission of Women at Indeed is to champion a culture of inclusion by providing a platform for advocacy, development and support for Women at Indeed. 

The goal of Women at Indeed is for Indeed to be the model for gender equality, both in its culture and product offering. To be involved with Women at Indeed is an honour for me and really makes my day to day more enjoyable as I can be involved with something I am quite passionate about.

I would advise anybody who is thinking of starting their sales journey or wants to progress in their Sales career to join Indeed. 

There is currently so much opportunity to learn and develop yourself and there is a clear promotion path so if you are an ambitious person Indeed is definitely the right place for you!

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