Katja Fuchs has been an Account Executive at Indeed Düsseldorf since February 2019. She comes from Innsbruck, Austria and was originally a customer of Indeed’s. Katja was so enthusiastic about Indeed that she wanted to offer the products that she was using to help other clients. Hear her story of why she switched sides.

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Au pair, student, clerk, stewardess, online marketing manager. These are some of the positions that Katja has held in her career. Today, Katja is an Indeedian!

In her hometown, Katja was most recently employed as marketing manager in the advertising department of an international company. One day, Katja was entrusted with the job adverts of the company.

Back then, Katja’s colleague said to her: “Hey, there is a guy from Indeed who keeps on calling us. Why don’t you talk to him?”

That “guy” was Jakob Chwalczyk, who is now Katja’s team mate. Jakob was the one who explained Indeed’s pay per click model to her.

From her current job, Katja was already familiar with search engine marketing. Therefore, her enthusiasm for the Indeed products and the search technology was enormous – she really wanted to partner with Indeed. 

Katja presented to the management what she learned from Jakob and how their company could benefit from Indeed. She was able to convince her managers which paved the way for working with Indeed. 

As time went on, she enjoyed working with Indeed more and more, and built up an excellent relationship with Jakob, who always had a solution to Katja’s questions.

When Jakob talked more about his work and Indeed as an employer, Katja became curious. However, Katja did not necessarily want to leave her hometown, and moving from Innsbruck to Düsseldorf, Germany would be a big step for her.

Months later, Indeed’s National Account Manager, Abdel Laaraj, came to visit Katja in her office in Innsbruck. Katja thought it was great how he presented the products and who said  “You can do that too.”

Audience at an Indeed event

Katja then decided to send over her CV without any expectations… But suddenly everything happened very quickly.

Shortly after, Katja had a telephone interview, which was followed by an invitation to a personal interview in Düsseldorf. She didn’t hesitate and boarded the next plane that Indeed booked for her. After the interview in the office, she had a few hours left before heading back to Innsbruck – meanwhile Katja received the confirmation for the job before she even arrived at the airport.

When the recruiter made the offer and explained the contract, Katja thought she was dreaming. It was all too good to be true! Katja was also supported by Indeed during the preparations for the move from Austria to Germany.

“Indeed engaged a moving company for me. They packed all my belongings into boxes for me and all I had to do was handing over the apartment key,” she recalls.

Throughout the entire time, Indeed stayed in touch with Katja to make sure everything was running smoothly.

“I have everything I need in the office, I can concentrate fully on my work and don’t have to worry about anything else,” Katja adds. “That’s the way it should be!” 

Katja with her Team Lead and Director

Even though Katja really enjoyed her previous job, she has no regrets. Compared to her home country, she has excellent earning opportunities with Indeed, and is in a fulfilling job with a lot more free time due to the Open PTO policy which is far above the Austrian average.

For Katja however, the team culture is priceless and the reason why she looks forward to going to work.

“Everyone on the team is so social and empathetic. We celebrate each other’s successes, and you help and support each other,” she shared. 

Especially in her first few weeks, it was a good feeling to know that she could rely on her new colleagues.

“My team and director are always there for me. In the beginning I had a lot of questions and my colleagues always took the time to answer everything” she recalled.

Award ceremony at the DACH Kick Off

Katja has displayed courage and shown what she is made of. In her very first quarter, she reached her sales quota. At Indeed we call that “going green.”

In the following three quarters of 2019, she continued her success. She was even given an award for her outstanding performance.

Katja is proud that she is growing beyond in her career and that she receives a lot of encouragement from her director and her teammates.

Her next goal is already clearly in sight: “I want to be “green” again in the next quarter. Then I would have achieved my sales goals every quarter since I started at Indeed and will be promoted to Senior Account Executive.”

Katja also has an idea for her next job – of course with Indeed: “Being abroad is always an enriching experience, personally and professionally. Maybe I’ll take the chance to go abroad again and move to Dublin. 

Katja adds: “Indeed as an employer offers a lot of flexibility and support with internal mobility and I see a lot of potential for my further development here.”

If Katja is relocating again, she would take more time to look for an apartment. “Back then I was incredibly relieved to find an apartment right away. However, I later found out that is wasn’t great for commuting.”

Her advice for those looking to relocate: “First of all, you should familiarize yourself with your new home. Find out how to reach the office, where you want to meet your new friends after work, and which areas you like. Next time I move, I’ll take more time researching before I settle down.”

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