Over the last few years, the working world has evolved to accommodate safety needs following the global COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, like many other companies, implemented a global work from home model until conditions were safe and stable for everyone to return to the office. As life approached a new normal, Indeed recognized the need to provide alternative ways of working to employees through flexible workspaces. 

In April of 2021, the Senior Leadership Team announced flexible work options to allow employees to decide what makes them feel most comfortable and productive. Indeed employees now have the following workspace options depending on job role eligibility: In-Office, Remote, or a combination of both called Flex. 


Breaking it Down:


In-OfficeIndeedian's looking at a laptop

Employees who select the in-office working option will work five days a week out of a designated Indeed office, depending on their location, and will be assigned a desk at their local office. Occasional work from home days may be permitted for those who opt for the in-office experience.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing an in-office work experience #insideindeed! Although our offices are all different, many of them feature perks such as:

  • Complimentary coffee, juice, and smoothies
  • Lunch crafted by our in-house chefs, or catered by vendors
  • Exciting events and experiences 
  • Access to our office gyms, recreational rooms, and other on-site facilities

Additionally, some employees enjoy socializing with colleagues in-person, building professional connections, and conducting team-building exercises while on site. 


Fully Remote

Indeedian sitting at a work from home deskEmployees who elect to work remotely full time are not expected to regularly commute to or work out of an Indeed office and instead can work out of their remote workspace – 90% of the roles at Indeed are eligible for remote work. Occasional visits to the office for collaboration or training may be encouraged or required. Employment terms are specific to the city/state/province and country where the employee is hired. If an employee lives where Indeed does not have an office they will be automatically noted as remote. Indeed offers specific benefits for employees who opt to work remotely! An example being reimbursement for internet expenses.


Employees who choose the flex working option will work both from their remote workspace and their local Indeed office – 99% of the roles at Indeed are eligible for flex work. Depending on which department employees work in, they may be required to work out of the office on specific days of the week. There are two types of flex workers at Indeed:

Flex Unscheduled employees are free to create their own work schedule and may choose how often they work from their designated office location. They may occasionally be required to work in-office for events, meetings, etc. In the US and Canada, a Flex Unscheduled employee’s home location may not be further than the greater of the Census Bureau Statistical Area (metro area) – “CBSA” – or 50 miles from their assigned office.

Indeedian smiling at a computer

Flex Scheduled are expected to be in the office 1-4 days per week. The number of days required in-office per week and the employee’s work schedule is determined by each organization and team. Flex Scheduled employees are not required to live within a certain area, as long as they work in their designated office on their required days per their org schedule.

Flex workers at Indeed get the best of both worlds! They’re able to  also able to take advantage of the fun perks and events that our Indeed offices offer, and the benefits of working from home.

But, why offer flex work?

Through extensive research, our Senior Leadership found that flexible working options have several business, societal, and environmental benefits. Increasing employee productivity, workplace happiness, and allowing us to hire talent outside of where we have offices are just a few of those benefits. This decision will also help to reduce travel and commuting costs as well as Indeed’s carbon footprint to make us a more sustainable workplace in the future. 

Learn more about flexible work options at Indeed and the benefits we offer around the world.